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Free Battleship Printable Game Board for Kids (Paper Sheets)

Free Battleship Printable Game Board for Kids (Paper Sheets)

This fun battleship printable is the easiest paper board game for kids. Take this classic game with you on a road trip, to restaurants, in the classroom or just hanging out at home on a rainy day. All you need to play is the free printable battleship game and a pencil or crayons.

The best part is this exciting two-player game will keep your kids entertained and off electronics. They’ll love battling friends and family to see who can sink their opponents battleships first.

Keep reading to learn how to play the classic battleship game and to download and print your free printable battleship grid. 

Fun Printable Battleship Game Boards

A Fun & free battleship printable game for kids. It's an easy printable board game to play on the go or at home. Use this classic battleship game to entertain kids while on long road trips, as a classroom game, or at home on rainy days. Just print out the battleship worksheet and you're ready to play.

How to Play

You can use the battleship printable to play the game just like you would with the classic battleship board game. 

Each player will need their own game boards. Give kids the battleship board game template that has 2 grids with one for the player’s ships and one for the opponent’s ships. 

Here is your Free Battleship Game Printable PDF File

The printable battleship template has 4 different battleships to sink from an aircraft carrier to a cruiser. Each ship is assigned a color and letter so you can choose which you want to use. The big ship will take up 5 squares and the little ship will take up 2 squares on the grid. 

First, decide where you will put your own fleet on the My Battleship grid. You will fill in the grid squares with the color or letter corresponding to each ship. Once both players have this done you’re to play. 

Rules of Battleship

The first player will guess a grid location where the enemy’s ships may be. For example A1 or B5.

If your opponent says hit you found part of a ship so fill in the square. You can keep guessing until you do not have a hit. If you do not guess correctly put an X in the squares with no ships. 

Then the next player goes and guesses where the first players ships may be located on the battleship worksheet. 

Here is a sample Battleship game on the battleship grid worksheet.

Learn how to play the classic game batttleship with this battleship printable board game example. Then grab your free printable game to play at home or on road trips with kids.

How to Win

The first person to guess the location of all 4 ships wins the game. The player that wins gets to go first when you play the next game. 

Free Printable Battleship Game

Grab your free battleship game and start playing today!! Free Battleship printable template.

I hope your kids will enjoy playing battleship at home or on your next road trip. 

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Entertain kids with a fun battleship game using this free printable battleship game board. An easy DIY board game to play on long road trips, at home on rainy days, family game nights, or as a classroom game. Just download & print the battleship worksheet and you're ready to play this classic game kids love.