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38 Printable Camping Games & Activities for Kids & Families

38 Printable Camping Games & Activities for Kids & Families

Keep your kids engaged and having a great time on your next camping adventure with fun printable camping games for the whole family. It’s an easy way to entertain your kids at campgrounds and the great outdoors with 38 unique camping-themed games.

Find a mix of outdoor camping games kids can play individually while you’re setting up camp and group games for a family campout or scouting event. Enjoy playing camp games like scavenger hunts, camping charades, word scrambles, animal track matching, minute-to-win-it games, fireside chats, coloring pages, camping trivia, and more.

These printable camping activities are designed to bring excitement and laughter to your camping experience. They’re easy to pack, ready to play, and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, making them perfect for your next camping trip.

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Fun Outdoor Camping Games for Kids

Fun Printable camping games & activities families will have a blast playing. Easy print & play camp games to pack and keep kids entertained on summer camping trips. Find campground games like camping scavenger hunts, charades, social bingo, word search, minute to win it games, seek & find, coloring, what's your camping name and more. Great for scounting games too!

A great way to keep parents from hearing “I’m Bored” from their kids at the campsite is to be prepared with a fun game to play. That’s why we love this printable camping games bundle.

With 38 fun camping activities, you’ll find a mix of games for young children, older children, teens, and adults. You’ll be amazed how competitive and exciting a game of camping trivia, Minute to Win it games or campsite scavenger hunts can be to get even the grouchiest tween or teen excited about camping. 

Younger kids will enjoy matching the animal tracks, drawing their campsite, or finding camping items in the Seek & Find. It’s a cheap & easy way to keep the whole family entertained on your next family camping trip. 

You don’t just have to use these fun camping games on camping vacation, kids will also enjoy playing them for summer camp at home activities, scouting events, birthday camping parties, or family game night. These versatile outdoor camping games can be used over and over again. 

Grab the Ultimate Printable Camping Games Bundle now or keep reading to find out which camping games are included in the 86 printable pages. You’ll get two sizes of camping games in the bundle with US letter size games and a US Letter size page with two 5×7 games.

Best Printable Camping Games for kids. An easy to play camping activity bundle filled 38 games kids can play independently and together with family and friends. An easy way to entertain kids on your next family camping trip. Just print, pack and play!!

All the games listed below are included in the camping bundle along with the answer key.

Printable Camping Games for Groups & Individuals 

Here are the best camping games for families that you can print and play. All the activities have a camping theme that families will enjoy.

There are also answer keys included for many games. These are a mix of games kids can play individually and group games to play with family or friends.

Kids & Families will have a blast playing these printable camping games. 38 easy & fun camping games like Word Scramble, Would Your Rather camping, Most Likely To, Minute to Win it Games, Camping Charades, Social Bingo and more. Great activities to keep kids of all ages entertain during your next camping trip.

1. Camping Word Scramble – Who can unscramble all the camping words

2. Camping Would You Rather Game – Family Friendly Questions to get kids talking and laughing.

3. Social Bingo – Find someone who…… Meet new friends at your campsite.

4. Camping Charades – 48 camp-themed charades words or phrases

5. Camping Minute to Win it Games – Exciting Minute to Win it games using items you’d have at the campsite. (check this before you go on your trip)

6. Most Likely To – Name the person in your group most likely to do these things

Enjoy playing fun camping games with kids on your next camping vacation. Entertain kids and adults with camping themed games like Think Quick, What Am I, Camping Unscramble, Candy Dice Game, What's Your Camping Name, Tic Tac Toe and more. With 38 printable camping games you're sure to find a few games your family will love playing.

7. Tic Tac Toe – Easy game for 2 kids to play

8. Camping Unscrambled – How many words can you make with the letters in Camping Trip

9. Think Quick – Race your friends and family to be the first to think of items for each category.

10. What’s Your Camping Name – Use the first letter of your name and your birth month to create a funny camping name.

11. Candy Dice Game – Easy dice game to trade candy or treats you have at the campground

12. What Am I? – Solve the camping riddles and clues to guess what I am.

Entertain kids at campgrounds with 38 fun camping games printables. Easy games kids can play individually while you set up camp & together as a family. Enjoy playing Camping Trivia, Guess the Animal Tracks, Guess the Price, Camping Food Match-Up, Baby Animal Match-Up , Kid friendly dares and more.

13. Food Match Up – Match up food clues to the camping food name

14. Camping Guess the Price – Can you guess how much camping gear costs and match the price?

15. Guess the Animal Tracks – Can you match the animal tracks to the animal name?

16. Baby Animal Match Up – Match the baby animal’s name to their mother’s name. 

17. Camping Trivia – Who knows the most about camping?

18. Camping Dares – Kid-friendly camping dares to do at the campsite

Fun Camping Games to play with friends and family on your next camping trip. Get 38 camping activities to entertain kids of all ages with easy games like Riddle Me This, Finish the Pharase, Fact or Fiction, Seek & Find, What Comes Next, Match the Number, Social Bingo and more. Just Print and Play!!

19. Fact or Fiction – Can you guess which is a camping fact or fiction?

20. Riddle Me This – Read the riddle clues and see if you can match the correct answer key

21. Finish the Phrase – Finish all the phrases and then compare with a partner to see how many of your answers were the same.

22. What Comes Next – Complete the pattern

23. Match the Number – match the amount of camping items to the total number

24. Seek & Find – Look at the picture and find the number of each item listed.

Printable Camping Scavenger Hunts

Four unique camping scavenger hunts for kids to play at campgrounds on your next camping trip. Play a picture scavenger hunt, checklist scavenger hunt, Can your Find these list and a campground hunt to help kids explore the campsite. Just print and play to keep kids busy while setting up your campsite or play together as a family.

25. Campground Hunt – Campsite scavenger hunt to help kids explore the area and find things like the bathrooms, hiking trails, lake, picnic tables, campfire area & more. Great game to play while parents are setting up the campsite.

26. Can You Find These? – Kids search to find things like  2 pine cones, a campsite sign, a bird feather, an acorn, a smooth rock for skipping

27. Picture Scavenger Hunt – A great camping scavenger hunt for younger kids and early readers with pictures of items to find and the names below the pictures.

28. Checklist Camping Scavenger Hunt – A big checklist of items to find around the campgrounds great for older kids and adults.

Camp-Themed Writing & Coloring Activities

Fun Camping activities for the whole family. Easily entertain kids on your next camping trip with 38 printable camping games and activities. Kids will enjoy writing a camping story, telling campfire stories, writing in the camping journal, coloring, doing a word scramble, playing camping charade or minute to win it games and so much more. Great print and play games to take to your campsite.

29. Camping Journal – Kids can write down their favorite memories and what they did on their camping vacation.

30. Draw a picture of Your Campsite – Coloring Pages

31. Draw a Picture of Your Favorite Place on Your Camping Trip – Coloring Pages

32. Color by Number – Color in the camping picture with a matching color to the number on the picture

33. Camping Story Starters – Begining of campfire story ideas to tell around the campfire that kids read and then make up the rest of the story

34. Fill in the Story – Camping addition of fill in the story with kids adding in adjectives, verbs, and nouns to make a silly camping story.

35. Write A Campfire Story – Kids can use their imagination to create their own Campfire story. 

36. Fireside Chat – Conversation starters for around the campfire

37. Camping Bucket List – Families can write out their camping bucket list to help plan their trip

38. Camping Jokes for Kids – fun camping-themed jokes to make kids laugh

Are you excited about playing these fun camping games on your upcoming camping trip? They are all simple games with a camping twist making them the perfect games to take along on road trips.

The camp games come in two sizes US Letter and 5×7 both sizes are included in the camping bundle. Just print the size you want to use.

Get two sizes included with the camping games packets a US Letter size and 5x7 size.

Grab the Printable camping games now and you’ll be ready to play!!

Families will have a blast playing these printable camping games. 38 unique camping activities like camping scavenger hunts, charades, social bingo, guess the animal tracks, camping charades, trivia, fireside chats, What am I, What's My Camping Name, kids camping journal, coloring pages and more. Just download, print and play!!

More Camping Activities & Free Printables

Two Free Printable Camping Scavenger Hunt ideas for kids. Help kids explore the campgrounds with a pictures scavenger hunt for younger kids or a scavenger hunt checklist for older kids. Just print the scavenger hunt ideas and play!!

Free Printable Camping Scavenger Hunt – A fun picture scavenger hunt and checklist camping scavenger hunt

Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt, Neighborhood scavenger hunt and Teen scavenger hunt for kids. Fun outdoor scavenger hunts kids will enjoy outside. Just download, print and play!!

Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt – The perfect way to explore local hiking trails. Includes Teen Selfie hunt and neighborhood hunt too!

Explore your the outdoors with a free printable backyard scavenger hunt ideas for kids. An easy outdoor scavenger hunt that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Free Printable Backyard Scavenger Hunt – Plan to camp in your backyard? Then use this fun scavenger hunt

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Easy DIY Outdoor Games for Kids With Dollar Tree Items – Cheap & Fun outdoor games you can play on your camping trip.

I hope your family has a blast playing these printable camping games!! 

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38 fun camping games for kids & familes to play on camping trips. Print and play campground games like camping scavenger hunts, charades, minute to win it games, What's Your Camping Name, Word search, coloring pages, animal match up, camping trivia and more. Great kids group activities for scouting events or family campouts. Plus individual games for kids to play on their own while your setting up your campsite.