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Fun Printable Easter Games & Activities for Kids

Fun Printable Easter Games & Activities for Kids

Get ready to hop into the Easter Holiday with our exciting printable Easter games, coloring pages, and activities. Whether you’re planning a celebration with the whole family or looking for engaging easter activities to spice up the classroom or Sunday school, our bundle of Easter party games promises endless entertainment for everyone. 

Find fun printable games like Easter word scramble, Easter Bingo game, Easter Scavenger hunts, Easter Trivia, What’s Your Bunny Name, Candy Dice Game, and more. It’s a great way to entertain kids of all ages and adults! They’ll have a blast playing these fun Easter games together. 

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Best Printable Easter Games, Activities & Coloring Pages

Families will enjoy these Printable Easter Games for kids. A game bundle with 17 Easter activites like Easter Trivia, Easter Scavenger Hunts, Easter Word Scrambles, Candy Dice Games, Candy Matching, Finish the Phrase, Easter Charades & pictionary, coloring pages and more. Easy games to entertain kids in the classroom, Easter Parties, Easter dinner or Sunday school. Just download, print and play!

Get into the holiday spirit with these 17 printable Easter games. They’re a great way to entertain the whole family and make the Easter season special. You’ll find cute Easter games, coloring pages, and Easter activities. Plus an answer key for many of the games. 

What’s Included in the Easter Games

The 17 Easter games and activities are on US letter size to print and many have two 5×7 games on one page to save on paper. Check out which fun easter activities are included in the Ultimate Easter Game Bundle. 

Or Grab your printable Easter games now with a digital file you can print out and start playing today!!

Entertain the whole family with these 17 printable Easter games kids and adults will love. From Easter Bingo to scavenger hunts, Easter Trivia, Easter Word scrambles, coloring and more. A fun easter bundle to entertain kids at home or in the classroom.

Easter Word Scramble

Challenge your kids with an Easter Word Scramble Printable. This fun Easter word game has 25 word scrambles to solve all with an Easter theme. A great game to play on at Easter parties at home, in the classroom or Sunday school. Check the answer key to see who got the most answers correct. Just download, print and play!

25 Easter word scrambles to solve with the answer key included. Great word games for older kids to do in the classroom or Sunday school. There is an answer key included for this word game. 

Easter Bingo Game

9 Easter Bingo Games and Calling cards. A run printable Easter game for kids to play at Easter parties, classrooms or at home.

Young children will enjoy this Easter Bingo game that comes with a game board for 9 players and bingo calling cards. A great game to play in the classroom or a family game night during the Easter season.

Easter Clue Scavenger Hunt

There are two Easter Scavenger Hunts included in the bundle. 

Exciting Easter Scavenger Hunt clues to send your kids on an Easter treasure hunt to find their Easter baskets. Just print out the Easter clues, hide them at home and send your kids on a search of the house. They'll love the extra thrill of finding what the Easter Bunny left them!

The first is an Easter Scavenger hunt with clues for the kids to follow and solve in your house. It’s like a holiday-themed treasure hunt at home. This would be a fun way for kids to find where the Easter Bunny left their Easter baskets on Easter morning.

Easter Picture Scavenger Hunt

Fun printable Easter Scavenger Hunt with pictures to entertain your kids this Easter Season. You'll get a printable scavenger hunt checklist and pictures to cut out and hide at home or in the classroom. An easy family easter game that works for younger kids, older kids and adults. Play this at you're next Easter party!

The second Easter Scavenger hunt is a picture hunt. Print out the Easter pictures and hide them around your house, classroom, or backyard. The kids will then use the Easter Scavenger hunt checklist to find all the pictures.

The winner is the first person to find all the pictures with the fastest time. Give a small Easter prize to the winner. 

What’s Your Bunny Name?

Need a funny Easter Game? Play What's Your Bunny Name a printable Easter game that will have kids and adults laughing and comparing their funny names. An easy way to entertain the whole family at your next Easter party or Easter dinner. Just print and play.

Kids will love finding out what their Easter Bunny name would be in this cute Easter activity. 

Easter Trivia Questions

A family Easter Trivia Game printable to entertain the whole family on Easter Sunday, family game nights or in the classroom. Easter questions that kids and adults can try and answer. See who in the family can get the most Trivia questions correct. Just print and play!

How well do you know your Easter Trivia? This is a fun game for the whole family to play together on Easter. The questions are not too hard so that kids can play also. An answer key is included. 

Easter Candy Dice Game

Entertain your kids this Easter with an Easter Candy Dice game. This printable Easter game let's the kids trade their Easter basket candy in a fun and easy dice game. A great family game to play on Easter Sunday.

Fun easter dice games to play on Easter Sunday. Kids can either use it to trade candy from their Easter baskets or get Easter candy just for this game. It’s simple enough for younger kids and older kids to play together. 

Easter Candy Match-Up

Play Easter Candy Match up printable game at your next Easter party or in the classroom. See how many types of Candy you can match to their descriptions. Includes an answer key.

How well do you know your Easter Candy? See if you can match correctly the Easter candy to the correct candy description. There is an answer key for this game. 

Easter What Am I?

Challenge the kids to an Easter What Am I quiz. Read the printable clues and riddles to try and figure out which Easter item the quesitons respresent. A fun Easter game for home, classrooms and Easter parties. It comes with an answer key to check who at the Easter party got the most answers correct.

Read the Easter Riddle and clues to see if you can guess what Easter-themed item is the correct answer. The answer sheet is included to check your answers. 

Easter Would You Rather Questions

Hilarious Easter Would You Rather Questions a printable game kids will love answering and talking about in the classroom, at Easter parties or at Easter dinner. An easy game to play and entertain the whole family. Just download, print and play!

Get the kids laughing and talking about these funny Easter Would You Rather Questions. All are appropriate questions for kids of all ages. 

Easter Charades & Pictionary Words

Fun Easter Charades & Pictionary Words printable Easter game to challenge your family this Easter Sunday. An easy holiday game to play at home, in the classroom or Sunday school. Just print it out and you're ready to play!

Play a fun game of Easter Charades or Easter Pictionary with this Easter word list. All you need to do is cut out the words and add them to a bowl to play. Kids of all ages and adults will have a great time playing Charades together at Easter Parties. 

Easter Guess How Many

Play Easter Guess how many game at your next Easter party or classroom party. Super easy to set up just print out the Easter Guess how many cotton tails sign and printable guessing cards. Then add cotton balls to a large jar and let kids and adults guess how many cotton tails are in the jar.

See who can guess how many bunny tails are in the jar. Print out the guess how many sign to put by a jar you fill with white cotton balls. Then have the players write their guesses on the printable guessing cards and add them to a bowl. When everyone is done guessing see which player guessed the closest number of bunny tails without going over the amount. They’re the winner.

Easter Jokes for Kids

Funny Easter Jokes for Kids a printable joke list to read in the classroom, at home or at Easter parties. Have the whole family trying to answer these joke and see who can get it right! Just print and play!

Entertain kids in the classroom or during Easter dinner with funny Easter jokes. 

Easter Finish the Phrase

Entertain Kids &b Adults with an Easter Finish the Phrase printable game. Pair up with a partner and see how many Easter phrase you wrote that match. The team with the most matches wins. A super easy Easter game for classrooms, Easter parties or to play at Easter dinner. Just print and play!

Finish the phrase for all the Easter words and then compare with your partner your answers. You’ll get 1 point for each phrase you both match. Find out which team of two made the most matches. 

Easter Roll & Color

This Easter Roll and Color Easter activity is a fun coloring activity for the classroom, at home or at an Easter party. Kid will color the bunny, Easter basket, Easter eggs and grass based on how they roll the dice. Just download, print and play!

Another easy dice game with coloring. Kids will roll the dice and color the part of the Easter picture that corresponds with the number on the dice. 

Easter Coloring Pages

Entertain kids on Easter with printable Easter coloring pages. Kids can color an Easter Bunny, Easter basket, and design their own Easter eggs. A great Easter activity for church, classrooms or at Easter parties.

There are three cute Easter coloring pages for kids to color. You’ll find pages to design your own Easter egg, an Easter basket with Easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny.  Easy coloring pages for kids to take to Church or color during a long Easter meal. All you need are these printable pages and some colored pencils or crayons. 


Need an easy Easter Game? Grab this Easter Tic-Tac-Toe printable to entertain the kids at Easter parties, or classroom parties. Just print this classic game and play!

Enjoy the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe with an Easter theme. 

How to Use the Easter Games

You can print out and use these fun Easter games all Easter season long. Here are a few times to use the holiday games. 

  • At a family Easter Party
  • Family Game Nights leading up to Easter Sunday
  • As Classroom games
  • At Sunday School
  • Use the Scavenger Hunts as a fun way to find your kid’s Easter Baskets or Treats
  • Use the coloring pages or color-by-number page at church or during Easter dinner as a quiet activity.
In the printable Easter Game budle you will get games in two size US Letter and US letter with two 5x7 game cards.

Most games come in two sizes a full US Letter size and two 5×7 games on a US letter size. This way you can choose to use less paper and print smaller games.

Printable Easter Game Bundle

You’ll be ready for some Easter fun with this Printable Easter Game Bundle? The games are digital downloads that you can print and use as many times as you want. So you’re sure to have enough copies for everyone at your party or in your classroom. 

Click Here to Get Your Printable Easter Games

Entertain the whole family with printable Easter games for kids and adults. Fun Easter games to play at home, in the classroom, Easter parties or Easter dinner. Just print out the 16 Easter activities and coloring pages and your ready to play!

Free Printable Easter Games

Here are some free Easter games and activites your kids will also enjoy. 

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Free Printable Easter Bingo Cards – Cute bingo cards and calling cards

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Easter Basket Gift Ideas 

Find the perfect Easter basket stuffers for your Kids or Teens. You can also visit my Gift Ideas page for more unique gift ideas. 

90 Easter Basket Ideas & Stuffers for Toddlers, Kids, Tweens & Teens – Small gifts they’ll be excited to find Easter morning. 

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I hope your family enjoys the Easter Games and activities. Have a wonderful Easter. 

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Bonus, you will get free printable Would Your Rather Questions for Kids for a hilarious family game night.

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