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Kids Favorite Printable Escape Rooms for Home & Parties

Kids Favorite Printable Escape Rooms for Home & Parties

Find the perfect printable Escape room games for your kids and teens. These kid-friendly escape rooms are a blast at birthday parties, family game nights, classrooms or just entertaining kids at home on a rainy day. You’ll find an escape room kit for every age group from younger children all the way up to those hard-to-please teens.

The escape room experiences of solving a series of puzzles are fun for kids to play together or for the whole family to enjoy.

Look through and find the right skill level for your kids, download the home escape room kit, and start playing today. It’s that easy! I’ll show you some cool escape room board games too.

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Best Escape Room Games for the Whole Family

Best Printable Escape Room Games for Kid, Tweens & Teens to play at Birthday parties, classrooms and family game nights. Different themed Escape room kits that have everything you need just print it out & play. It's that easy! Parents, Teachers & Grandparents can play too. Find the perfect Escape room game for your kids and start playing today.

What is an Escape Room

These escape kits are cool puzzle games where players solve a series of puzzles by using clues and secret messages to exit the escape room.

You’ll create a team of people to work together to read through the storyline and look at the pictures and printable clues to find the key to “escaping the room”.

It’s a great way to get kids to work together to solve these cooperative games and use their problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills. I would suggest you break the teams up into small groups so everyone gets a chance to solve some escape room puzzles. 

The catch to the game is the time limit to solving the escape room puzzle. Players have to work fast and together to find the correct answer before their time runs out. 

The best escape games are when you really get into the game. So print out the extra pictures to decorate your “escape room” and get dressed up to match the game’s theme. This will help make your own home feel like a real escape room. 

Keep in mind you don’t have to actually break out of a room. Any table, classroom, or living room floor space will work. Especially if you have several groups playing at a party or in a classroom.

The whole experience is a blast for kids of all ages and parents. Yes, parents can play too! You’re not going to want to miss out on the thrill of an escape room.

Where to Use Printable Escape Room Kits

Fun Escape Room Kits for Kids
Escape Room Kit

There are so many fun ways to use this printable escape room game for all kinds of kids’ activities. The best part is how easy escape room activities are to set up at home, at parties, or in the classroom. You just print out the play escape room kits and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy!

Here are a few ideas of where you can recreate the escape room experience. 

Birthday Parties

Easy party decorations for your Escape room birthday with streamers, balloons and escape room pictures.

Turn your kid’s birthday party into an escape room birthday party. It will keep the kids entertained and it’s so much cheaper to host this fun party at home than going to a party facility.

Ask the kids to dress up for the theme and be ready for a fun challenge.

The escape kit comes with everything you need to run the game so all you need to do is print it out, hang up some pictures and your party game is ready to go. You’ll even get a printable invitation.

To add some extra fun we added an escape room laser maze as the exit to our escape room. It was super easy with steamers and a few pictures.

Add one or two more easy birthday party games and your party is planned.

You can also pair the escape room games with a fun Detective Party Theme. Have the kids act as detectives solving the escape room cases.

Get more ideas on planning the Ultimate Escape Room Birthday Party.

Family Game Night at Home

An escape room is a great option for a family game night too. The whole family can work together to solve the puzzles and spend quality time together. Parents can play or be the game master giving out the hints for the game.

Classroom Games

This is the perfect game for school parties or a fun classroom game day. Break the kids up into smaller groups and see which team can escape the room first. It’s a fun way to celebrate holiday parties at school too.

Best Escape Rooms for Kids

We have two favorite escape rooms as our go-to games to play. We love the games from Escape Room Geeks and Lock Paper Scissors because of the great creative experience in each game and how easy they are to use. 

Each one has tons of fun escape kits with different locations, different characters, and storylines so you can keep trying new games.

You’ll find games for younger kids and older kids in the escape kit options. The older children will have more complex puzzles or secret codes to make it more of a challenge.

While the young kids can enjoy trying an escape room for the first time with simpler puzzles to solve and using parental help if needed.

Printable Escape Room

Fun Escape Room Game Kits for Family Game Nights or Kids Birthday Parties. Plan an awesome escape room experience with these easy to follow printable escape room games. Everything you need is ready to print even the birthday party invitation. Look through and find a game to match your kids age and start playing today!

Here is a breakdown of the Escape Room Geeks and Lock Paper Scissors so you can choose the best printable escape room for your kids.

For all these games you download the ready-to-play game to your computer and then you can print it out as many times as you need so that each team has a packet to play. You do not need to buy a new escape kit for each team.

Make them your own escape room by creating decorations to go with the game kit theme.

You can also use the free cell phone app for some of the games to help players with clues.

Teachers make sure to check out the Classroom History Box at the end created specifically for school history lessons with a fun twist.

Escape Room Geeks

Houdini's Secret Room is a fun Escape Room Game from Escape Room Geeks. Kids will love playing this at birthday parties and family game nights.
Houdini’s Secret Room Escape Kit

One of the first escape room games we tried was Houdini’s Secret Room kit. Our family had a blast playing it!

One great feature of Escape Room Geeks is their free app to look up clues while you’re playing the game. It really helped the older kids get into the game.

This brings the game to the next level for a tween or teen birthday party by letting each individual team look up the clues when they’re ready.

Each game also has a game master role who leads the group through the storyline. Or you can use the mobile app to give you the clues that will allow you to play along with your kids.

Supplies Needed – Scissors, Elmer’s Glue, and a Pencil

What’s Included – Step by Step guide, Free App, Posters, Invitations, Solution Guides, PlayList

Price of the Escape Kit – $29.00 per game or $49.00 for a bundle of 3 games

Types of Escape Kits:

Wooka Booka Island

Ages – 5-8 Years Old

Time: 45-60 Minutes

# of Players – 2-5 Kids per group

Price – $29.00

In Wooka Boaka Island game kids go through a mysterious door that opens up to the island of Wooka Booka. They’ll pass through four animal kingdoms completing different challenges to find the long-lost treasure.

This game has a game master called Lau Kamau which is the role of the parent or teacher to guide the kids through the escape room.

Escape From The Wizard’s Workshop

Age – 5-8 years old

Time: 45-60 minutes

Number of Players: 2-5 Kids per group

Price – $29.00

In Escape From the Wizard’s Workshop kids will pretend to be students at the International School for Young Aspiring Wizards where they will look up to its famous Professor Wumblemore. One night you will stumble upon his open office door and be faced with a talkative cat named Marshmallow.

With marshmallows help players will try and escape Professor Wumblemore’s office and find out what he’s been up to.

Project Dino

Age – 5-8 years old

Time: 45-60 minutes

Number of Players: 2-6 kids

Price – $29.00

Do your kids love dinosaurs? Then Project Dino is the adventure for them. Players will receive a letter asking for their help in discovering a new dinosaur species which will send them on a mission to Wyoming Dinosaur Institute.

A time machine has gone awry and can no longer go back in time but only forward. Can you resurrect a dinosaur in the present time?

Professor Swen’s Lab

Ages – 9-13 Years Old

Time: 40-60 Minutes

# of Players – 2-5 Kids per group

Price – $29.00

There is an evil scientist who hates winter & snow and has invented a device to destroy all the snow in South Lake Tahoe in Professor Swen’s Lab. You must use his diary to find clues to his secret lab and destroy this device before all the snow is gone. But do it quickly before he returns!

Houdini’s Secret Room

Ages – 9-13 Years Old

Time: 40-60 minutes

# of Players: 2-5 players

Price – $29.00

In Houdini’s Secret Room Kit there is a thrilling story where guests will meet six different characters with different powers that will help give you clues to get out of this escape room.

This game has more puzzles to solve with hidden numbers and mazes than the Saving Winter Escape Kit.

The Gilded Carcanet

Ages – 13 & Up

Time: 90-120 minutes

# of Players: 1-4 players

Price – $29.00

The Gilded Carcanet is a great escape room game for teens and adults to play. It has an Indian Jones vibe to the storyline. In it, you’ll use logic puzzles, decoding, and brainstorming to find a treasure.

Professor Bartholomew Wilson is in search with his partner of an ancient treasure outside of Turkey. You’ll use a mysterious letter and a cheap souvenir to kick off your journey. Each chapter will have new challenges to help you find the mysterious treasure. Can you do it in time?

If you need games for teens check out 32 Board Games Teens Will Be Excited to Play

Lock Paper Scissors Escape Kits

The Lock Paper Scissors offer a larger age range of escape games. You’ll find escape kits for ages 7 to Adults. What’s neat about this is you can find a kit for every age group in your family to play.

You can even break up into groups for a holiday party and have each group try the age-appropriate kit.

It can be harder to find kits for older Teens but this company has three unique kits to choose from which is awesome.

A great thing about these kits is you have the option to customize & personalize the game for your party. This allows you to make them your own DIY escape kit which really adds a fun element to birthday parties.

SAVE MONEY on these escape games by grabbing one of their cool bundle deals. Each bundle will give you 4-6 escape rooms at 60% off. You’ll get more games to play and save money! Check out these awesome bundlesKids Box, Big Box, and VIP Box.

Supplies Needed – Scissors, tape, and a Pencil

What’s Included – Easy to Follow Instructions, Premade Puzzles & Game to follow, Birthday Invites & Party Posters

Time Travel Escape Quest

Ages – 6-9 Years Old

Time: 45 -60 Minutes

# of Players – 2 -4 Kids per group

Price – $29.00

Uh Oh, you were out with your friends when you got sucked into that strange time machine you found. Now you’re stuck back in time and those dinosaurs that don’t look friendly. You’ll need to work quickly to fix the time machine and get back to the present time. Escape Quest game


Ages – 8-12+ Years Old

Time: 45 – 60 Minutes

# of Players – 2 -5 Kids per group

Price – $29.00

Kids will head on an enchanted escape room journey in the Magical Frost Box where they’ll discover magical quizzes to help the forest wisp make it to the winter faire.

Lost Mummy

Ages – 12+ Years Old

Time: 45 – 60 Minutes

# of Players – 2 -5 Kids per group

Price – $29.00

In Lost Mummy, kids will unearth Egypt’s ancient secrets and investigate the mystery of the Lost Mummy. In this game, your grandfather has discovered the remains of the ancient Pharoah Tutankhamun. But he has a secret he only tells you there is another hidden tomb with the Lost Mummy. Use his diary and clues he’s left behind to find the mummy before time is up.

Rebel Revolt Spy Mission

Ages – 14+ Years Old

Time: 45 – 60 Minutes

# of Players – 4-8 Kids per group

Price – $29.00

The Rebel Revolt is geared toward older teens and will have kids headed on a daring spy thriller. There is even a double agent (one kid) who works against you. Figure out who that is and solve the game before it’s too late to save the WAR Office. I love the cool graphics geared toward teens and adults on these printables.

At Christmas Time try the Christmas Rebel Revolt

Escape Room Z

Ages – 16+ Years Old

Time: 45 – 60 Minutes

# of Players – 2-10 people

Price – $29.00

Head out on a nail-biting adventure in Escape Room Z as you enter into a room filled with zombies. Can you follow the clues to escape in time?


Ages – 16+ Years Old

Time: 45 – 60 Minutes

# of Players – 2-4 people

Price – $29.00

Envy is a super cool 1920s Gatsby-themed murder mystery. Get your friends to dress up and really get into the theme. Then follow the clues and see if you can find the murderer in time. It’s a fun mix of an escape room and a house party.

Classroom History Box

This Classroom History Box was created for schools to help engage students in history with a fun printable history activity pack.

Transform your students to the ancient Egyptian world. Where they’ll complete themed activities, compelling team challenges, and do hands-on creative building. Teachers can even customize everything with PowerPoint to make sure it aligns with their curriculum.

The history kit includes the Lost Mummy escape room kit plus extension challenges so kids can be totally immersed in the history lesson. A unique classroom activity the kids will love.

Escape Room Board Games

Instead of a printable, you can also try some Escape Room Board games perfect for family game nights or for your kids to play with friends. Here are a couple of popular ones to try.

If your family loves board games check out our Best Cooperative Board Games for Familes and 10 Thrilling Mystery & Detective Games too.

Escape Room The Game Family Addition – for Kids & Adults

Spin Master Escape Room Board Game– for Teens & Adults

Star Wars Unlocked The Escape Game – For Age 10 and up

Are you ready now to plan an awesome Escape Room Party or Family Game Night? Your kids will have a blast with these printable escape rooms and board games. You’re sure to find an escape kit that will thrill your whole family and get you excited about solving clues and finding answers together.

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