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Best Printable Halloween Games & Activities for Kids

Best Printable Halloween Games & Activities for Kids

Looking for fun halloween games & activities to entertain your kids, friends, or students? Then you’re going to love these ready-to-go printable halloween games.

All you need to do is print out the halloween activities and you’re set. Which makes this the perfect game for busy parents and teachers at Halloween time. 

Use these games for a fun family game night, in the classroom, or at halloween parties. You’ll find a large variety of games like halloween bingo, scavenger hunts, halloween word games, Would You Rather, Mad Libs, Halloween Trivia, Pictionary, and more. You’re sure to find a fun halloween game for kids of all ages.  

Plus it’s an easy way to entertain kids and adults at home or at halloween parties all through this spooky season. Look through the 18 different games to find a Halloween activity your whole family will enjoy.

Then grab the Halloween Game Bundle which includes 18 printable halloween games and answer keys. Make sure to check out the free printables Halloween games at the end too!

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Fun Printable Halloween Games to Play at Home, Classrooms or Parties

18 Ready to Go Printable Halloween games for kids to play in the classroom, at Halloween Parties or at home for Family Game Nights. Enjoy Halloween activities like Halloween Mad Libs, word scrambles, Bingo, Riddle Me This, Charades, Pictionary, Halloween Trivia, Would You Rather Questions Candy Dice, Finish the Phrase & more. All the printable games have a halloween theme kids and adults will enjoy playing together. Just print them out & start playing today!

Let’s get you ready to have a Happy Halloween with your kids. Learn more about what is included in the Printable Halloween Bundle and where to use these games during the Halloween season.

Kids will love playing these fun printable Halloween games at Hallowen parties, in the classroom and at home. The ready-to-go Halloween bundle just needs to be downloaded and printed. Then your set to play.

Make sure to go all the way to the end to find more ways to celebrate Halloween with kids and grab some free halloween printables your kids will love too. 

Don’t forget Christmas too! With the Best Printable Christmas Games for Parties.

Where to Use These Halloween Games

Family Game Night

Kids of any age will enjoy a Halloween family game night. Plan a weekly game night in the month of October trying a different fun game each time.

Pair the game with carving pumpkins, watching a Halloween movie, or decorating the house for Halloween and you’ll have a full night making great memories with your kids.

Get inspired with our list of the Best Ways to Celebrate Halloween At Home with Kids.

Classroom Party

Teachers and room parents will really appreciate these printable games to play at a kindergarten or elementary school party. Keep the kids laughing with age-appropriate Halloween Would You Rather questions, see who can get the most trivia questions correct, or use the Halloween bingo cards that are perfect for a large group. 

Plan the whole Halloween Party with these fun games to play at school parties

Halloween Party

Plan an awesome Halloween party at home or in your community with the printable halloween activities. Then add to your halloween celebrations some fun halloween treats, bobbing for apples, telling spooky ghost stories, playing ghost in the graveyard, halloween charadesor a Halloween costume contest. 

There are so many halloween festivities to entertain kids!

Fun Printable Halloween Games

Make planning your Halloween party easy with these 18 Printable Halloween games & ideas both kids & adults will enjoy. Use the games at school parties, office parties, family game nights & Halloween parties. You'll find fun halloween themed activities like scavenger hunts, Charades, Pictionary, Halloween Trivia, Candy Dice Game, Finish the Phrase, Bingo, Word Scrambles, Mad Libs, Phobias, Fact or Fiction and more. The games are ready to go and all you need to do is print them out and play!

Here are all the ready-to-go halloween game ideas you can print out and start playing today! They are our kid’s favorite printable halloween games and each one is included in the Halloween Game Bundle. Grab your halloween game bundle now or keep reading to see all the game ideas.

Kids will have so much fun playing these printable Halloween Games. The ready to go halloween games can be played at Halloween parties, in the classroom or at home for family game nights. Just print them out and your ready to play!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Send the kids on a spooky Halloween Scavenger Hunt with this printable game. It includes a scavenger hunt checklist and pictures you can hide around the classroom or at home. It's a super easy Halloween game to play with kids to get into the Halloween spirit.

Get the kids up and moving with a fun halloween scavenger hunt. You’ll get the scavenger hunt checklist and pictures to cut out and hide around the house or classroom.

Make it a contest and see who can be the first person to find all the items on the list. 

Halloween Word Scramble

25 Fun Halloween Word Scrambles to solve for kids & adults. An easy Printable Halloween game with answer sheet. Play it at Halloween Parties, Office Parties, Classrooms or family game nights at home. See who can unscramble the most Halloween words. Just print it out and play.

Challenge the kids to unscramble the 25 halloween words. It includes an answer sheet to check all the words when the players are finished. 

​Would You Rather Halloween Edition

Funny Halloween Would You Rather Questions for kids. 30 Printable questions to ask kids at home, in the classroom or at Halloween Parties. Both kids and adults will be entertained with their hilarious answers. Truely the easiest Halloween activity you can play. Just print it out and start reading.

This popular game is always a hit with kids. You’ll love hearing their funny answer and cracking each other up. All questions are age-appropriate for kids. 

Kids also love our Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids.

Fun Halloween Trivia Game

Do You Know your Halloween Trivia? Grab this printable Halloween Trivia Game with answers key to test friends and family at Halloween Parties, in the classroom or at Family Game Nights. A super easy Halloween game everyone will enjoy.

Test your family using this Trivia game with a fun halloween twist. Older kids and adults will have an extra fun time competing to see who knows the most correct answers. 

​Halloween Bingo

Fun Printable Halloween Bingo Game with 20 bingo cards and calling cards. A fun game to play at Halloween parites, classrooms or at Family Game Nights. Just print it out and play today!

​This is a great game to play while the kids are eating a snack at a party. It calms them down and keeps them busy. 

Tic Tac Toe

Entertain kids with Halloween Tic Tac Toe at Halloween Parties, at Home or in the classroom. Using this printable game is an easy Halloween activity to keep kids entertained and playing with a friend or family.

This classic game is great for filling time in the classroom between activities or playing at home with family.

​Halloween Mad Libs

A super fun Halloween Mad Libs game for kids. Get 5 different versions of this printable game to play at home, school or at Halloween parties. It's a really fun & easy Halloween game your kids will love!

For this fun party game kids will add in different nouns, verbs, adjectives, or colors to a Halloween story. Then have a blast reading all the different ways the halloween story can go.

There are 5 Halloween-themed Mad Libs stories included. 

Halloween Who Am I?

Grab this printable Halloween Who Am I? Game to play at your next Halloween Party, family game night or as a classroom activity. Includes 10 Who Am I Questions and an Answer sheet. See which kid can decode the most riddles first. It's a really fun Halloween activity for all ages.

Read through the riddles and see if you can guess who the object or person is. The Halloween-themed game comes with an answer sheet too. 

Candy Corn Count Game

Fun Printable Candy Corn Count Game for kids & adults. Fill a jar with candy corn & let party guest take guesses on the number of candy in the jar. An easy & fun Halloween party game.

Fill a jar with candy corn and see if the kids can guess how many candy corn are inside. Use this sheet to have all the party guest write down their answers. Then see who had the closest guess.

It’s a great activity to leave out at a party and let the party guests do it when they have time. 

Halloween Fact or Fiction

Challenge kids at your Halloween party with a game of Fact or Fiction. See which party guest really knows Halloween and can get he most answers correct. Super easy & fun game for Halloween parties or classrooms.

Read through the Halloween Fact of Fiction sheet and see if you know the answers. Check the answer key at the end to see who got the most answers correct. 

Halloween Dares

Add some excitment to your Halloween Party with kid friendly Halloween Dares. Grab this printable Dares Game for kids to play at your next Halloween party.

Don’t worry they are all kid-friendly dares that kids will have lots of fun doing. It’s the perfect game for a Halloween sleepover party

Candy Match Up

Do you know your Halloween Candy? Cancy Match-Up is a fun printable halloween game kids and adults will enjoy. See who can be the first to get all the candy matches correct. It's a great game to play at Halloween Parties, Family Game Nights or in the Classroom

How well do you know your Halloween candy? Find out!

Halloween Riddle Me This

Fun Printable Halloween Riddle Me game to play at Halloween parites, classrooms or family game nights. Kids & Adults can decode the riddle & see if they can find the correct answer. You'll get an answer key too. A super easy & fun Halloween game you can just print out and play.

​This is a quick and fun halloween activity. Have the kids read the riddle and see if they can match up the correct answer. 

Candy Dice Game

A fun way to use leftover halloween candy is playing the Candy Dice Game. It's great way for kids to trade the candy they get while trick or treating. Kids of all ages will enjoy playing this Halloween game at home.

This would be a better game as a halloween at-home activity. After the kids go trick or treating they can play this fun game with all of their loot. It’s also a really easy game for younger kids and older siblings to play together. 

Bonus they can pass on the candy they don’t like and trade for the candy they do like.

Finish the Phrase

This Halloween Finish the Phrase Game is a really fun addition to any Halloween Party. Play this at home with your kids or at school. Kids will pair up with a partner to see if they came up with matching phrases. It's a super easy & fun Halloween Party Game.

​Pair up with a friend and see if you can both finish the halloween phrase the same way. 

Roll & Color

Preschool, Kindergarten & Elementary age kids will love this Halloween Roll & Color Printable activity. Kids can do it on their own or with a partner. A fun Halloween activity to play at home or at school. Just print it out, grab some dice and play.

Roll the dice to color in the skeleton. This halloween activity has the extra bonus of working on the kid’s fine motor skills. 

Halloween Charades & Pictionary Words

30 Printable Halloween Charades & Pictionary Words to use as a fun halloween game for kids & adults. A great game to use in the classroom, at Halloween Parites or on family game nights. Kids of all ages will have a blast playing together.

These are the best halloween party games for large groups. Use the printable list of 30 halloween words you can cut out and add to a hat. Players then pick a word card and can either draw for Pictionary or act out the word for Charades. 

Phobia Match-Up

Super fun Printable Halloween Game - Phobia Match-Up. This printable game is a fun challenge to give kids & adults at Halloween parties, office parties, classroom parties or a family game nights. Incudes an answer key to check and see which party guest got the most answers correct. Just print it out and play!

How many of these phobias can you match?

18 ​Printable Halloween Games

All 18 of the printable games above are included in the 60-page Halloween Bundle. A complete printable packet of fun games to play all halloween season. Just download the link and you can reuse these games every year for parties or family game nights at home. 

18 Super fun Printable Halloween Games for kids & adults to enjoy at Halloween Parties, in the classroom and at home for Family Game Nights. The ready to go activity printables can be downloaded and printed to play right away!

Here’s What’s Included in Your Game Bundle:

  • 25 Word Scrambles & Answer Key
  • 30 Halloween Would You Rather Questions
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • 5 Halloween Themed Mad Libs
  • 10 Who Am I? Riddles & Answer Sheet
  • 10 Kid Friendly Halloween Dares
  • 20 Fact or Fiction Halloween Questions & Answer Sheet
  • 25 Candy Match-Ups
  • Halloween Riddle Me This – Questions & Answer Sheet
  • Candy Dice Game
  • Finish the Halloween Phrase Game
  • Roll & Color Skeleton
  • Candy Corn Count
  • 30 Halloween Charades & Pictionary Words
  • 20 Halloween Trivia Questions & Answers
  • Phobia Match-Up
  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  • 20 Halloween Bingo Cards & Calling Cards

With all these great Halloween games you’re sure to have a blast playing with your kids!

Grab your Printable Halloween Game Bundle Now and start playing today!

Fun Free Printable Halloween Games

Want to try just one halloween game? Here are individual free printable games to play. 

Halloween Bingo

20 Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards Game for Kids. Fun Halloween game to play at classroom parties or Halloween parties at home. Just print out this easy halloween activity and entertain up to 20 kids in preschool, kindergarten & elementary school. You'll get 20 free printable Bingo Game Boards & Calling Cards.

You’ll get 20 free printable Halloween Bingo Cards and calling cards. All you need is some candy corn to use as markers. 

Halloween Would You Rather Questions

30 Free Printable Halloween Would You Rather Questions for kids. This kid friendly game is perfect for Halloween parties, in the classroom and family game nights. You'l love hearing the kids crazy answers and laughing along with them. Grab your free printable game and start playing today.

Get the kids laughing with funny Would You Rather Halloween questions for kids. 30 Free printable questions to print and start reading today.

Halloween Charades

Fun Halloween Charades Ideas for Kids with a printable word list.

Play a fun round of Charades with the kids using our free printable charades game including words just for Halloween. 

Halloween Color by Number

Fun Halloween Color by Number Sheets an easy Halloween Activity for Preschool & Kindergarten. Practice kids number recognition and fine motor skills with the fun holiday themed color by number worksheets. The Free Printables are great for Halloween Parties or Halloween class activities. Grab your 30 Free printables today!

Keep practicing those fine motor skills with free printable Halloween color-by-number sheets. Filled with cute halloween pictures for the kids to color by following the numbers. 

More Fall & Halloween Activities

Keep the Halloween excitement going with more fun ways to celebrate the Halloween season with your kids.

60 fun fall activities for kids. Grab your free printable fall bucket list filled with all the best things to do in Fall with indoor & outdoor activities, fall crafts, fall games & more. Make it a Fall They'll remember!

60 Fun Fall Activities for Kids Will Love to Do – Get inspired to have so much fun this fall with your kiddos.

Get ready for fall with a free printable Fall Bucket List for Kids & Families. Fun things to do this fall at home and in your community. Plus Halloween activities to keep you busy all September and October.

Free Printable Fall Bucket List– Make sure you enjoy time together using a bucket list to keep track of everything you want to do. 

Plan an Unforgettable Halloween -50 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids to Do at Home. Tons of great halloween ideas, games & activites to keep families busy all fall without leaving your house. Find halloween crafts, sensory bins, DIY spider web maze, free printable Halloween Games, party ideas, desserts, Halloween movies to watch & more. Use this Hallloween activity list to plan your whole Halloween season!!

50 Super Fun Halloween Activities for Kids At Home – Have a scary good time at home with your kids this Halloween.

Plan your whole classroom party with these fun school party games with a Halloween theme.

Easy Elementary School Classroom Party Games & Ideas – Plan your whole school party

How to Make a Halloween Sensory Box – Fun for at-Home or Classroom Parties

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Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions – Free printable game

Keep the fun going this Christmas with the Best Free Printable Christmas Games for Kids.

Best Free Printable Christmas Games for kids at Christmas Parties, school parties and family game nights. Enjoy playing party games like Christmas Trivia, Bingo, Pictionary, Charades, Scavenger Hunts and Holiday Would You Rather. Just print out the games and your ready to play!

Now You are ready for some halloween fun with your kids.

Don’t forget to grab your Printable Halloween Games Bundle!

I hope your kids will have a blast playing with these printable Halloween Games for classrooms and parties. It really is the easiest Halloween activites you can find. Just print them out and play. Enjoy!

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Bonus, you’ll get our free printable Would You Rather Questions for Kids – to play at class parties, family game nights, or when you need a brain break.

Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards. #wouldyourather #kidsparty #partyforkids #gamesforkids #kidsgames #pdf

Don’t Forget to Pin This for Later

18 fun printable Halloween games for kids to play at school, Halloween parties and at home for family game nights. Find Halloweed activities like word scramble, Trivia, scavenger hunts, would you rather questions, charades, pictionary, Bingo, Fact or Fiction, Candy Dice and more. These ready to go halloween games just need to be printed out and you'll be ready to play. It's that easy to entertain your kids this Halloween season.