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Exciting Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids Indoors & Outdoors

Exciting Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids Indoors & Outdoors

Do your kids love a fun challenge? Then they’ll have a blast with these printable scavenger hunts for kids. Thrilling adventures to entertain younger kids, older kids, and teens. Play them indoors at home or in the classroom, and outdoors in your own backyard or neighborhood. 

Find a variety of free printable scavenger hunts like a birthday hunt, photo scavenger hunt, nature scavenger hunt, classroom scavenger hunt, holiday scavenger hunt, and more. Each has a printable list of things to find or clues to follow so you can create your own scavenger hunt at home.

Break out this fun activity to entertain kids on rainy days, nature hikes, birthday parties, holiday parties, family game nights, or as a classroom game. There are tons of fun ways to use these scavenger hunts over and over again.

Look through the 21 printable scavenger hunts for kids and find a few your kids will enjoy doing. Then print out the scavenger hunt pdf and play. It’s that easy!

Creative & Fun Scavenger Hunts for Kids

21 Super fun Scavenger hunts for kids with free printable ideas for indoors, outdoors, nature, photo, teen, birthday, and classrooms hunts. Plus festive holiday scavenger hunts for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day and Easter. Find an exciting scavenger hunt to use anytime of year with your kids. Just print it out and play.

Check out our best free Printables Scavenger hunts for kids and find your favorite. Have your kids use their problem-solving skills, observational skills, and detective skills to find the list of items on each fun scavenger hunt. 

These are great scavenger hunts to use as rainy day activites at home or as a fun classroom game.

You’ll find the following different kinds of scavenger hunts: Indoor Scavenger Hunts, Nature & Outdoor Scavenger Hunts, Birthday Scavenger Hunts, Holiday Scavenger Hunts, Teen and Tween Scavenger Hunts, Classroom Scavenger Hunts, and Treasure Hunt Clues

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Entertain kids of all ages with these classic scavenger hunt ideas at home. 

Indoor Scavenger Hunt at Home

Free printable Scavenger hunt at home is a great kids activity to play on rainy days as an energy busting activity. Just print out the scavenger hunt and send the kids searching for the items around your house. Compete to see who can find all the items first or just play for fun.

This is a great indoor scavenger hunt to do as a fun rainy day activity at home.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Send kids on an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt at home or in the classroom to find words that start with every letter of the alphabet. Use this free printable scavenger hunt on rainy days at home, or as brain breaks at school. They'll have so much fun they won't even know they are learning.

Search your house or classroom for words that start with every letter of the alphabet using this free printable alphabet scavenger hunt

Color Scavenger Hunt

Kids will love this free printable Color Scavenger hunt to search your home or classroom. A fun way to learn your colors in preschool or kindergarten.

Younger kids can search your home or classroom for items that have all the colors on the free printable color scavenger hunt

Birthday Scavenger Hunts

Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clues

Kids will be thrilled to search for their birthday gifts with a Birthday Scavenger Hunt. Grab these free printable Birthday clues & riddles to set up an easy birthday scavenger hunt at home. It's a great birthday tradition to start to create unforgettable memories with your kids.

Have kids follow these free birthday scavenger hunt clues to find their birthday gifts hidden in the house on their birthday. Or use it as a fun way for kids to find their goody bags at a birthday party.

Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Birthday Party Scavenger Hunts are a great way to entertain kids at birthday parties. Grab this free printable birthday scavenger hunt list and give one to each kid. Then send them off on a search around your house for the items on the list. It's the easiest birthday party game ever!

Send all the kids on a birthday scavenger hunt through your house and see who can find all the items first.

Find more super fun birthday party game ideas your kids will love.

Treasure Hunt at Home

Plan an Awesome scavenger hunt with these free Treasure hunt clues & answers. The printable has 20 clues which you can use all at once or break up into two scavenger hunts. Your kids will love the thrill of this indoor scavenger hunt.

Send the kids on an exciting Treasure hunt at home with these printable treasure hunt clues and answers. They’ll love following the clues to find the treasure you leave at the end of the trail. 

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Get your kids outdoors and having fun with these free outdoor scavenger hunts. 

Fun Nature Scavenger Hunts

Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids. Perfect for hiking with kids and spending time outdoors.

Keep your kids entertained while walking on nature trails or taking a hike in a National Park with this Nature Scavenger Hunt.

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Get kids outside with Backyard Scavenger hunt ideas. A free printable outdoor scavenger hunt kids can do in your own backyard. Preschool & KIndergarten age kids can do the picture hunt and older elementary age kids can do the checklist scavenger hunt. It's a fun outdoor game for the whole family to play this summer.

Send the kids out into your own backyard to find all the items on the backyard scavenger hunt list. This is a great activity for younger children with easier items to find and the kids are close to your house. 

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Use this free printable neighborhood scavenger hunt for birthday parties & family game nights for kids, tweens & teens.

Pair up the kids or head out with the whole family to do this neighborhood scavenger hunt. It’s an easy way to get kids outdoors without having to go too far. Make sure to set a time limit so they know when to be back. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Get the Kids outdoors & active with a fun Photo Scavenger Hunt with friends. A great party game or summer activity for Teens, Tweens & kids. Use the free printable Photo Scavenger Hunt ideas & checklist to play. Kids will take selfies of all the items they find on the list. The first to find all the scavenger hunt ideas wins!

A photo scavenger hunt is a great way to get big kids, tweens, and teens excited about going on a scavenger hunt. It’s a twist on traditional scavenger hunts with the addition of selfies.

Players need to use their phones to take selfies with every item on the checklist. Use a time limit so they know when to be back at home. The team with the most pictures taken wins the scavenger hunt. 

Beach Scavenger Hunts

Need a fun beach activity? Try free printable Beach Scavenger Hunts for kids. An easy beach game to help kids explore the beach when you need a break from the water. You'll get a picture scavenger hunt for younger kids & a beach checklist for older kids to help them hunt for beach balls, shells, sand castles, and tricky beach items like something in the shape of a star. Just print it out and add it to your beach bag for an easy summer activity for kids.

Bring some excitement to your next beach day with a free printable beach scavenger hunt. A fun summer game when your kids need a break from the water.

You’ll find a picture scavenger hunt for younger kids and a beach checklist for older kids.

Camping Scavenger Hunts

Fun & Free Camping Scavenger Hunt Printables for kids with picture hunt ideas for younger kids and checklist hunt indeas for older kids. Great camping game for the whole family to expolore your campgrounds. Just print out this easy camping activity and play!!

Help kids explore the campgrounds on your next family camping trip with a fun camping scavenger hunt. There is a picture hunt for younger kids and a scavenger hunt checklist for older kids.

It’s a fun way to entertain kids while you’re busy setting up camp or making a meal at your campsite.

Classroom Scavenger Hunts

Send the kids on an exciting hunt in the classroom, throughout the school, and on the playground with these fun school scavenger hunt ideas.

It will help kids with their observational skills and learning their way around the classroom. The first student to find all the items wins.

Each classroom scavenger hunt has a word hunt for older elementary-age kids and picture clues for preschool and kindergarten kids who can’t read yet. 

Find even more fun classroom party games for kids to keep students having fun all year long.

Whole School Scavenger Hunt

Fun School Scavenger Hunt for Kindergarten & Elementary age kids. Pick a free printable picture hunt or text hunt for students. Great to get kids acquainted with the school on first day of school, as an exciting scavenger hunt for class parties & rainy day recess. Grab this fun indoor scavenger hunt and play it today!

Help kids learn where to find things throughout the school like a water fountain, lunch table, or the school gym in the whole school scavenger hunt

Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Get the kids up & Active with a classroom scavenger hunt checklist. The free printable scavenger hunt list has pictures and words so you can use it for all ages in Elementary school. Great for Back to School, Class Parties & End of year parties,

Get the kids up and out of their chairs searching the classroom for specific items on these free scavenger hunts. This Elementary School scavenger hunt is for kids in preschool – 5th grade. 

Playground Scavenger Hunt

Super fun outdoor playground scavenger hunt for kids in preschool, kindergarten or elementary school. Choose between the picture scavenger hunt or text scavenger hunt depending on the kids age. Great for back to school events, class parties or just a fun day outside during the school day. Grab your free printable to play with your students today!

Get the kids outdoors searching for items on the school playground and schoolyard with a playground scavenger hunt.

Eye Spy Scavenger Hunt for the Classroom

Fun Indoor Eye Spy Scavenger Hunt to use in the classroom. Elementary, Kindergarten & preschool age kids will love this fun classroom activity at Back to School events, class parties or end of year parties. Choose between the picture or text Eye Spy Scavenger Hunt games. Just print it out and your ready to play!

The classic game of Eye Spy in a free printable eye spy scavenger hunt format for the classroom.

Letter Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Letter Scavenger Hunt to help kids learn their letters. Send them on a search at home or school to find words that start with every letter of the alphabet then check off the box. Make it a race to entertain kids on rainy day or as a quick brain break at school.

Send the kids on a search around their classroom to search for words that start with each letter of the Alphabet in this fun letter scavenger hunt.  

Teen Scavenger Hunts

Teens & Tweens will have a blast on this fun photo scavenger hunt to take selfies for each item on the list.

This is a cool scavenger hunt for teenagers and tweens. Have teens team up to be the first group to find all these scavenger hunt ideas in your neighborhood. They’ll have so much fun taking selfies of each item they find on the list.

Holiday Scavenger Hunts

Add some excitement to your next holiday with a thrilling holiday-themed scavenger hunt.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Send the kids on a spooky Halloween Scavenger Hunt with this printable game. It includes a scavenger hunt checklist and pictures you can hide around the classroom or at home. It's a super easy Halloween game to play with kids to get into the Halloween spirit.

Free printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt that includes the checklist with pictures and words and printable pictures to hide around your house or classroom.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt at Home

Plan a fun Christmas Scavenger Hunt at home this year for your kids. A fun holiday game to play on Christmas Eve or as a Christmas party game. Grab this free printable game and play it today!

Free printable Christmas Scavenger hunt for home. Great way to get the kid’s energy out on Christmas Eve or holiday parties at home.

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt lists Kids, Teens & Families will love to play. Enjoy this fun holiday party scavenger hunt game while exploring your neighborhood light displays. Teens will like the selfie challenge to finding the holiday items. Plus it keeps younger kids engaged while walking your local holiday displays or driving around town. It's the easiest holiday game ever!

Take your kids to look at Holiday lights in your neighborhood and community and search for all the Holiday Lights items on this Christmas Lights scavenger hunt.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for kids. Fun scavenger hunt ideas to find at home or in the classroom. Use this easy party game for Valentine's Day Parties. All you need to do is print it out and play.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with an exciting Valentine’s Scavenger hunt to find their Valentine’s Day gift.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Clues Free Printable for Virtual Easter Parties or at Home Easter Hunts.

Send the kids on a fun Easter scavenger hunt to figure out where the Easter bunny left their Easter baskets. Leave a note from the Easter Bunny with the first clue.

Are you ready to send your kids off on an exciting scavenger hunt? I hope these free printable scavenger hunts for kids will make it an easy and fun activity for your whole family. 

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