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Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids & Indoor Games

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Need some fun rainy day activities for kids? If you’re like me, your always looking for new things to do on a rainy day at home to keep your kids busy.

Fun indoor games for families that will keep the kids off electronics and not driving you crazy. If this is your goal too then check out my list of entertaining things to do on a rainy day with kids and get inspired.

Make it a fun indoor game day by having a go-to list already created of things to do. This way there is no stress coming up with kids’ indoor activities on the spot.

I’ve included fun family game night ideas with activities you can do together as a family too!

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Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids & Indoor Games

Fun things to do on a rainy day at home with kids. DIY indoor games and kids activities to keep them busy and not driving you crazy all day. Plus fun Family Game Night Ideas to play with your kids. Grab these kids activity ideas and be ready for the next rainy day.

Indoor Games with Balloons

Creating indoor games with balloons is a cheap and fun way to entertain your kids at home. Plus it’s easy to keep a bag of balloons on hand so you’re ready for a rainy day.

Find a few your kids will enjoy so you’re prepared and visit our 15 Awesome Balloon Games for Kids at Parties & Home for even more game ideas.

Balloon Hockey

Balloon Hockey with balloons, hockey sticks and a laundry basket is the perfect rainy day indoor game for kids.
Rainy Day Activities for Kids – Balloon Hockey

What you need: two laundry baskets and hockey sticks, kid’s golf clubs, or even the cardboard from inside of a large tube of wrapping paper.

The last one might be the safest. Then a bag of balloons from the Dollar Store. Split the family into teams and see which team can get the most goals  

Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis is a fun thing to do on rainy days with kids at home. All you need is balloons, paper plates and a wooden spoon.
Rainy Day Activities for Kids – Balloon Tennis

What you need: Paper plates, balloons, masking tape, then either plastic spoons or a wooden paint stirrer (you can get these free at a Menards or Home Depot).

This game is a great way to use up the last of the paper plates from a kid’s birthday party or holiday event. I used up the end of our Halloween plates the last time we played. 

Tape your spoon or wooden stirrer to the back of your paper plate. Then use it like a tennis racket and the balloon as your ball. Hit the balloon back and forth and see which team can keep the balloon in the air the longest.

You could also have the kids individually try to use their paddles to keep the balloon in the air. 

Tip: These are great games to use at sports-themed birthday parties, too. Find more fun birthday party game ideas.

Find more group balloon game ideas you can use at birthday parties, class parties, or backyard BBQs

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Indoor Hopscotch will keep the kids busy on a rainy day. All you need is some painters tape to make this fun indoor game for kids.

What you need: Blue Painters Tape

Use Painters tape to create hopscotch for your kids to hop through. I use painter’s tape because it comes off my floor without leaving any tape marks.

To get an extra boost of energy have the kids hop on one foot or place it at the bottom of the stairs so they can then hop up the stairs.

We use this as a Brain Break idea during Remote Learning too.

What you need: Blue Painters Tape & Streamers

Create a fun laser maze for your kids to climb through. It’s super easy to do with streamers taped across your hallway. I suggest using painter’s tape so that you don’t ruin the paint on your walls.

When it’s all set up let your kids try to get through the maze without touching the lasers (streamers).

You can keep changing the course to make it easier or harder for your kids.

Learn more about making your own DIY Hallway Laser Maze.

Hot Lava

Hot Lava Indoor Game for Kids when your stuck inside on rainy days. A fun energy busting kids activity they'll love.

What you need: Pillows

Kids pretend that the floor is hot lava and they can’t touch the floor. Let them make a path with pillows to jump on to make it to a “safe” place like the couch. Keep redoing the path to keep the game going.

If you don’t want the kids jumping on your pillows try the game The Floor is Lava. It’s really fun and has all the pieces to jump on to save your pillows.

Fun Indoor Activities & Games for Kids at Home. Find Boredom Busters for Summer, After School, Rainy Days or school closing due to Coronavirus. Quick and fun kids games you can easily put together and keep them entertained all afternoon.

Cardboard Toys

10 Things to Make out of Cardboard Boxes. A fun thing to do on rainy days with kids indoors.

Use up all those cardboard boxes from Amazon or Costco and create cheap & fun toys for kids. Take part of the day creating the cardboard toys and then enjoy playing with them all afternoon.

Cardboard Reading Nook or Play house for Kids to use on a rainy day. A fun indoor activity for kids made with cardboard boxes.

10 Cool Things to Make with Cardboard – Turn all your Cardboard boxes into fun crafts, toys, games & more. Kids will love a cozy book nook on a rainy day too!

STEM Activity for Kids Cardboard Marble Run Ideas. Recycle your cardboard and make this fun cardboard toy with boxes, paper towels, toilet paper rolls and glue. A fun science experiment at home on rainy days.

DIY Cardboard Marble Run – Make a cool Marble run with an old box and paper towel rolls for a fun STEM project at home.

Fun DIY Nerf Targets that Spins made with cardboard for Nerf target practice at home. A perfect rainy day activity for kids.

DIY Spinning Nerf Targets – Cool cardboard targets for kids who love to play with Nerf Guns.

Family Game Night Ideas

Plan a fun family game night on rainy days indoors or host a monthly game night for your family to bond together. Enjoy playing games like Charades, Pictionary, Spoons, Card nights, Indoor Scavenger Hunts, or try a Family Olympics.

You’ll find tons of indoor game ideas in my Best Family Game Night Ideas.

No time to plan a family game night? Don’t worry I make it easy with the Ultimate Family Game Night Printable with 30 pages of pre-planned games, tips, food ideas, prizes, and more.

Everything you need for 12 months of planned family Game Nights.

Family Game Night Planner a 30 Pages Printable. Everything you need to plan a family game night every month for a year. 12 cool game nights kids and parents will love. Print it out and have the best family night at home.

Would You Rather Game

Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties or at home on rainy days. Free printable pdf cards.

Kids love playing the Funny Would You Rather Games. It’s a great way to start a conversation with your kids.

Ask the kids silly questions like Would You Rather have bad breath or stinky feet or Would You Rather eat worms or beetles?

Go around the table and see what each of you would rather. Then find out why they’d eat a worm instead of a beetle. The answers are the funniest part!

Get a free printable list of Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Minute to Win It Games

Minute to Win It is games and activities that need to be completed in one minute. They are quick and fun games to play that keep the kids interested and excited.

Get even more ideas from:

20 Easy Minute To Win It Games for Kids,

Best Minute to Win It for Teens & Tweens

Family Friendly Minute to Win It Christmas Games.

Cup Stacking

Cup Stacking is a fun Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids. This Minute to Win It game is perfect for a Family Game Night when your stuck indoors.
Family Game Night Cup Stacking

What you need: 42 solo cups, that’s it.  

Two kids each get 21 cups and have one minute to stack them, make a pyramid, and re-stack them in a minute’s time. Whoever does it the fastest wins.

When the game is done let them make their own designs for fun with the cups. Add some army men, little dinosaurs, or princesses figures and let the kids add them to the castle/pyramid structures for pretend play.   

Coin Stacking

Stack the Coins in 1 minute in this quick indoor Minute to Win It game for kids.

What you need: 50 pennies (amount for 2 players) 

Kids each get a stack of 25 pennies and must stack them up in a minute’s time. The fastest one wins. This is harder than you think.

Suck it Up

Fun Rainy Day game for kids called Suck it Up. Move candy from one plate to another with a straw. A fun challenge for family game nights.

What you Need: 50 M&Ms or Skittles, 2 Straws, and 4 paper plates (amount for 2 players) 

Each child gets a straw, 2500 M&Ms, and 2 paper plates. The kids have one minute to move all the M&Ms from one plate to the other by sucking them at the end of the straw.

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Whoever finishes first, wins. Bonus: kids get to eat the candy which makes this a favorite. 

Board Games

Play board games as a fun rainy day activity for kids. There are tons to choose from like this game of Life.
Family Game Night Board Game

Dust off all those games in the closet, then order in some pizza and play a couple of board games together. 

If your looking for a fun board game try Candyland for younger kids and Monopoly or Sorry for older kids.

My kids absolutely love playing Monopoly and you can find versions with their favorite characters like Toy Story or Fortnite.

We also enjoy playing Jenga together.  It’s a great group game with the added suspense of when will the blocks will all fall down.

For trivia, lovers try the guessing game Headbanz. There are several varieties to make it harder or easier depending on your child’s age. 

If you’re stuck at home host a Zoom Family Game Night with Friends and Family. Get some game ideas on our 15 fun Games to Play on Zoom with Kids.

Paper Airplane Challenge

All you need is some paper from your computer printer, then have the kids fold their airplanes and decorate them. This could take a while just in itself.

Then start racing them and see whose plane goes the furthest or which could do tricks. You can add on paper clips as weights to see if that makes a difference in speed or distance. (bonus science lesson) 

Do you need some help coming up with different types of paper airplanes to make? Get this book with tons of easy-to-make plane varieties. I found our kids were more excited about playing when they had a new type of plane each round. 

Obstacle Course 

Use pillows, small cones, hula hoops, or anything you already have in your house and set up an obstacle course to run through. The kids can help make up the course, run through it, and then keep changing it to make it better.

Related ArticlePainting with Bubbles A fun art activity at home

10 Minute Lego Challenge

Lego Challenge is a fun way to spend a rainy day indoors with kids.

Have the kids do a Lego Challenge to use their creativity and keep busy. Put out a box of random Lego pieces.

Then give the kids 10 minutes to create something out of the Lego pieces available. It’s fun to see what they can create in a short time.

Kids Crafts

Coffee Filter Butterflies are a fun Craft for Kids to do at home on a rainy.

Crafts are a great way to keep the kids busy at home. My kids love to make these easy Coffee Filter Butterflies. All you need is coffee filters, a water bottle, and markers to make these beautiful butterflies they can spend all day creating.

Create beautiful Cardboard Butterflies on rainy days with kids. This easy indoor craft and recycled Art project uses old cardboard boxes and tissue paper.

If you have old cardboard boxes use them to make Cardboard Butterfly Crafts. A fun recycled art activity with tissue paper, cardboard & markers.

STEM Activities

Try these cool Science Activities on a Rainy Day at Home.

Rain Cloud in a Jar a fun Science Experiment for Kids
Rain Cloud in a Jar

Make a Cool Rain Cloud in a Jar with only a few items. Kids will love watching the food dye (rain) go through the shaving cream (clouds).

Learn How to Make a Volcano at Home. Kids will be in awe when it explodes. They’ll want to try it over and over again.

Where to Play these Indoor Games

Beside using these games at home on rainy days they would be great as birthday party games for a bigger group.

I also love using Minute to Win it Games at school parties, they are always a hit! Or check out our list of easy Elementary School Party Games for more ideas and inspiration.

If you want something more virtual try our Zoom Games for kids. They can visit with friends and having fun playing games without being in contact. Everything from one on one battleships to group games like Are you Smarter Than a 5th grader.

More Games to Play at Home

If you want more indoor games and outdoor activities that won’t cost you a thing use our list of 60 Free Things to Do with Kids. These would be great for trying out a no-spend weekend with the kids.

Head out on a family scavenger hunt through your neighborhood or a local nature trail for a free day out too. Or create some fun DIY Outdoor Yard Games with Dollar Tree items.

Reconnect with your kids and enjoy quality time together with Fun Family Bonding Activities at Home. Cheap Things to do the whole family will enjoy together.

Trying to work from home with kids? Use the I’m Bored Jar to keep kids busy while you work. Filled with 36 Things to Do When Your Kids are Bored.

Free Thing to Do with Kids when your stuck at home. Fun Indoor & Outdoor activity ideas all on a free printable. Clip them out and put in an I'm Bored Jar. A fun way to keep the kids & happy at home. #indooractivities #outdooractivities #thingstodowithkids #thingstodoathome #kids #boredjar

Keep the kids on a daily schedule while school is out. Here is our free printable daily schedule for kids to help make your day at home less chaotic.

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Are you ready now for upcoming rainy days or days off school? The great part about these fun indoor games is you can adjust them to be easier or harder based on your child’s age.

Start out using these as fun things to do on rainy days with the kids and then add a weekly game night to your schedule. Once you start this you, will be surprised how much they love playing family games and don’t mind ditching their electronics.

Well, maybe not ditching the electronics forever, but at least for some nights. But hey, that’s a win too. Make sure to put your phone away, too!

I hope you enjoyed these fun rainy day activities for kids and found cool things to do on a rainy day at home.

If you have another great indoor game your family likes to play please share it with us in the comments. I love hearing from my readers.

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