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110 Summer Bucket List Ideas & Activities for Kids

110 Summer Bucket List Ideas & Activities for Kids

Keep kids busy all summer long with the ultimate Summer Bucket List ideas. Filled with 110 fun ideas and activities to entertain families so you don’t have to hear “I’m Bored” all summer break.

No more stressing about what to do with your kids just look through the summer checklist to inspire your day. You’ll find new ways to enjoy the summer months together.

As a bonus, there is a free printable summer activity checklist and a blank form to make your own summer bucket list. The checklist is a great way to get you ready for the best summer at home with your kids.

Look through this Summer Bucket List and start planning your awesome summer vacation with the kids today.

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Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Easily plan your whole summer with this cool Summer Bucket List for kids. Find 110 summer activities and ideas you can use to stay busy all summer. Plus your kids will love checking things off the free printable Summer Bucket List which includes indoor & outdoor kids activities, crafts, and local places to visit this summer.

Let’s go through all the fun activities you can do with your kids this summer. The list of things to do is broken up into four categories, Indoor & Outdoor Kid’s Activities, Crafts, Art & Stem, and Local Places to visit.

All great ways to spend your summer days enjoying & entertaining your kids. Use it to do all your summer planning with this huge list of summer bucket list ideas.

Grab your Free Printable Summer Bucket List and see how many bucket list ideas you can do this summer. Included is a page to make your own bucket list too.

Grab your free printable Summer Bucket List ideas and plan your whole summer with your kids. Fun Indoor & outdoor kids activities, crafts and things to do in your local community. Your family will love checking off all the fun things to do this summer.

Get Organized this summer with a free Daily Summer Schedule for Kids and keep your kids off electronics all day with free printable Summer Rules for Screen Time.

Or Create your own family schedule with this Editable Summer Schedule & Bucket List Printables.

Plane the Ultimate Summer at home with this Editable summer schedule, checklist and printable templates for kids.

Kids Outdoor Activities

Water Balloon Fight

Fill up the water balloons and have a family water balloon battle in your backyard. Make filling up the water balloons an easy job with Bunch of Balloons that hook right up to your water hose. Bring out your favorite water toys too.

Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids. Perfect for hiking with kids.

Head outside for a fun scavenger hunt with the kids. You can do this on a hike or through your own neighborhood. Old kids will love making it a selfie scavenger hunt. Use these free printable Neighborhood & Nature Scavenger Hunts.

Outdoor Concert

Enjoy a local outdoor concert that your town or park district offers. Enjoy listening to the music and having a picnic.

Make Smores

Roasting smores is a favorite summer bucket list idea for all ages. You can make them over a fire pit or bake them in the oven. All you need is Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, and Chocolate bars.

Play in a Sprinkler

Keep cool by running through a sprinkler in your backyard or sliding on a slip n’ slide.

Backyard Camping

Kids will have a blast camping in the backyard this summer.

Summer is the perfect time for camping. Make it easy by pitching the tent in your backyard. Tell stories around a fire pit and roast a hot dog and smores to eat.

If you are more adventurous head out on a camping trip.

Skate Boarding

Go skateboarding around your neighborhood or at your local skate park.

Water Gun Battle

Add playing with Water guns to your summer bucket list.

Get some water guns and have a fun water fight in your backyard. It’s a great way to cool off this summer.

Tip: Fill up a large bin with water to make it easier for kids to refill their water guns.

Red Light Green Light

Play a game of Red Light Green Light. The kids will run when you say green light and stop when you say red light. Pick a finish line in your yard that they need to reach to win the game.

Enjoy a BBQ

What’s a great summer without a BBQ? Host a BBQ with friends and family and enjoy eating and talking with everyone. Entertain everyone with a few backyard games to play.

Read in a Hammock

Relax this summer by reading a good book in a Hammock. Finding a new fun place to read will help encourage your kids to keep up their reading over the summer.

Free Printable Kids Daily Routine Schedule. Get organized when school is out this summer with an easy to follow routine. Make your summer stress free! #kidsschedule #dailyschedule #kidsroutine #freeprintable

Collect Bugs

Let the kids scour the backyard or local trails for cool bugs to collect. Add small bugs to a bug catcher kit so you can observe the bugs up close. Then when you’re done for the day let them go.

Take a Bike Ride

Looking for Summer Activity Ideas for your kids. Add taking a family bike ride. You can head to local bike trails or just ride around the block.

Get your kids to exercise on a bike ride in your local neighborhood or try a new trail for bikes near you.

Sidewalk Chalk

Decorate your driveway and sidewalk with chalk. You can even play a fun sidewalk chalk game that will keep the kids entertained all day.

Lemonade Stand

Hosting a lemonade stand is the perfect summer activity for kids. Have the kids create a big sign, make their lemonade stand, and the lemonade to sell.

Tell Ghost Stories

Head to your backyard firepit or gather in your house and tell funny or scary Ghost Stories.

Catch Fireflies

One of the best parts of summer is catching fireflies. Head out at night to catch them and don’t forget your bug catcher kit.


While you are out catching fireflies do some stargazing. See if your kids see any patterns in the stars above.

Start a Garden

Grow your own vegetables, fruit, or flowers in a traditional garden plot in your yard or in pots to grow on your porch.

Have a Picnic

Enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner in your backyard or at a local park.

Obstacle Course

Make an obstacle course in your backyard with items you have a home. For instance having kids jump through a hula hoop, run around cones, go up a ladder, and down a slide.

Just use what you have and make small obstacles. Older kids will enjoy turning it into a race.

Blow Bubbles

A fun summer bucket list idea is blowing bubbles. See how big your kids can make them!

Kids love blowing bubbles and watching the wind take them away or running to pop them. Older kids will really like making trick bubbles with large bubble wands.

Play Yard Games

Create a bunch of DIY backyard games with Dollar tree items to keep kids busy all day.

You could even create a lawn game tournament by putting out a bunch of yard games like Ladder Game, Corn Hole, and Spike Ball in a circuit and see who can win the most games.

Paper Airplanes

Color and fold a piece of paper into an airplane. Then see how far you can toss your paper airplane in the backyard.

Fly a Kite

On a windy day head outside to try and fly a kite. See how high you can get it to go.

If you want a more structured summer you’ll love our Summer Camp at Home Planner. With 8 weeks of preplanned themes, fun summer activities, schedules & more. Just print it out and your Mom Camp is planned. Bonus save tons of money not sending your kids to a traditional camp.

Make planning your summer at home with the kids easy using this 41 page Summer camp at home planner. Filled with summer camp ideas, themes and summmer activities to keep kids busy all summer long.

Kids Indoor Activities

Make a Time Capsule

Take time to keep memories of 2022 and add them to a time capsule you can bury in the backyard. Kids will love finding interesting items to add to their capsules.

Make Root Beer Floats

Learn how to make root beer floats and enjoy drinking them together.

Family Game Night

Plan a fun family game night everyone can play together. You’ll have the best time just hanging out and playing games.

Make the night easy and memorable with our 12 months of preplanned activities in the Ultimate Family Game Night Planner.

Best Family Game Night Printable with 30 pages of pre made family game ideas you'll love.

If your kids enjoy board games find out about our favorite family board games. For kids who love solving mysteries try these fun Detective Board games.

If you have Teens or Tweens in the family try one of these 32 Board Games Teens & Tweens will actually play.

Minute to Win It Games

Hilarious Minute to Win It Game for Kids Parties at Birthday, School and Holiday Parties. Quick one minute games kids and adults will love playing.

Have a Minute to Win It contest with the kids or the whole family. These are quick 1 minute challenges that are hilarious to watch.

Get ideas in our 20 Easy Minute to Win It Games or Teen & Tween Minute to Win It Games. Everyone will have a blast playing these.

Homemade Ice Cream

Learn how to make homemade ice cream with the kids. When it’s done have a taste testing to try the different flavors you make.

Plan a Sleepover

Plan a summer sleepover for your kids. It's a fun activity to add to your summer bucket list.

Invite a couple of your child’s best friends to bring over a sleeping bag and have a slumber party. Be ready with some Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover.

Build a Fort

Use blankets to build a fort for the kids to pretend to camp, read or play games inside.

Let the kids build huge blanket forts in the house. They’ll have fun creating it and then they can use it to read new books or play with toys inside.

Cook a Meal Together

Look through recipes with your kids and pick out a meal you’d all like to try. Then cook together and try your food. If you have a favorite family dish teach your kids how to make that too.

Escape Room Games

Kids will love these Escape Room Games to play at over the summer with family and friends.

Enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles that will give you the clues you need to escape the room. It’s a great way to get your whole family working together.

Here are some of our Favorite Printable Escape Room Games perfect for playing at home.

Play Hot Lava

This is a classic game to play with kids. Drop pillows or cushions to the floor and let the kids know they can only step on those because the rest of the floor is hot lava. Kids need to make it across the room hopping from pillow to pillow without touching the “hot lava”.

Lego Challenge

Give the kids a bucket of random Lego pieces. Then give them 10 minutes to make a cool creation. You could also give the kids a theme idea of what to build which will help give them direction.

Play Board Games

A great indoor summer activity for kids is playing board games. Just pull out one you have at home and keep your kids busy indoors with a fun family game night.

Pull out all those dusty board games and play together. You could try a new board game each week over the summer. Check out these Family Game ideas.

Play Card Games

Add to your board game rotation some fun card games to play.

Make Popsicles

Keep cool this summer by eating homemade popsicles. Use popsicle holders and add your favorite juice or fruit smoothy.

Play Charades

Another classic game kids really love is Charades. Kids act out the word they receive and their teammates have to guess the word correctly in 1 minute. All you need is Charades words and you’re ready to play.

Free Printable Charades Ideas for Kids. A fun family game with 8 Charades categories & words lists.

Play Hide & Seek

This game is always a hit for all ages.

Eat Hot Dogs

Create a hot dog bar for the family. You can put out all different types of toppings for the kids to try eating on their hot dogs.

Homemade Pizza

Let everyone make their own pizza for lunch. Have the kids roll out pizza dough and add the toppings they want to their own pizza.

Bake Cookies

Enjoy baking cookies together and then designing them with frosting and sprinkles. Don’t like to bake? Try these insanely good No Bake Oreo Balls the kids can decorate too.

Balloon Tennis

Keep kids active when you’re stuck indoors on a rainy day with a fun game of Balloon Tennis.

Would You Rather Questions

Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards. #wouldyourather #kidsparty #partyforkids #gamesforkids #kidsgames #pdf

Ask your kids silly Would You Rather Questions and listen to their hilarious answers. Use this free printable list:

Funniest Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Best Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens

Freeze Dance

Crank up the music and play a fun game of freeze dance. It’s sure to get all your kids moving.

Bingo Games

Enjoy a fun game of Bingo at home with your kids. Grab these Free Printable Bingo Cards and you’ll be ready to play.


Do a big family puzzle you can work on together or smaller puzzles individual kids can complete.

Create Mad Libs

Let the kids write a funny story and then remove a word in each sentence. Have them ask their siblings to give them words to fill in and then read the story with the new words. No time to write a story? Use pre-made Mad Libs.

Look at Old Photos

Take a trip down memory lane looking at old pictures.

Make a TikTok Video

TikTok is all the rage with teens and tweens these days so let them make a cool video you approve of and send it out.

Grab Your Free Printable Summer Bucket List

Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids to do at Home and in your local area. Plan your whole summer with entertaining things to do indoors, outdoors, crafts, art projects and places to visit in your local area and more. Just grab out free printable Summer Bucket List and get started check off your summer activities today.

Crafts, Art & STEM

Bird Feeder

Make a DIY Bird Feeder that can hang in your backyard. Cover a toilet paper roll in peanut butter or sun butter. Then roll it in birdseed. Lastly use a piece of yarn as your string to hang it on a tree.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Coffee Filter Butterflies are a fun Craft for Kids to try this summer.

Make easy and cute coffee filter butterflies. All you need is coffee filters, markers & pipe cleaners.

DIY Laser Maze

Create a cool Hallway Laser Maze as a fun kids activity during a sleepover party.

Keep the kids busy thinking of creative ways to design their indoor hallway laser maze with steamers and tape. See who can get through the maze the fastest without touching the “lasers”.

DIY Race Track

Keep kids busy this summer with an DIY Race Track made with painters tape on the floor.

If your kids love cars create an indoor race track with painter’s tape on the floor or a large box going down the stairs.

Make Playdough

Have the kids help you make DIY Playdough and then play with it.

Draw a Picture

Give the kids a theme and ask them to draw a picture. For example – the beach, your house, playground, family, sports

Shadow Art

Shadow Art is a easy summer activity for kids. Kids can use chalk to trace the shadow of any item outside. They can also try it on paper so they can keep the art work.

Use the sun to help you trace outdoors by using shadows. You can create shadow art with sidewalk chalk or with paper and pencil.

Paint Rocks

Let the kids first go on a hike to find some rocks. Then bring them home to paint and place in your backyard.

Make Slime

Create a batch of DIY Slime at home.

Make Jewelry

Get some beads or cereal and let the kids string these to make necklaces and bracelets.


Create beautiful DIY Sun-Catchers to hang on your windows or outside in the yard.

Paint with Bubbles

A fun summer art project is painting with bubbles. Kids will love the cool patterns they can make blowing bubbles onto paper.

Kids can make unique art pictures by painting with bubbles. They’ll love seeing all the cool patterns they can make with colored bubbles.

Leaf Rubbing

Let the kids find a few leaves of different sizes. Then lay the leaves under a piece of paper and rub a pencil across so that you see a rubbing come through.

Local Places to Visit

You don’t need to head out on a Road Trip or family vacation this summer there are so many fun things to do in your local area.

Why not plan a Staycation and create new adventures in your own city or town? It’s a great opportunity to explore everything your area has to offer.

Here are some fun places to go.

Go to a Baseball Game

Add visiting a baseball game to your summer bucket list.

Enjoy a day out at the ball game eating hot dogs and watching your favorite team play baseball.

Tip: You’ll find cheaper tickets at a AA baseball game rather than an MLB game and they can be just as much fun.

Farmer’s Market

Visit your local farmer’s market to show kids all the different products farmers grow. Then buy some fresh fruit or veggies to eat at home.

Meet New Friends

Head to a local park, playground, pool, or storytime and meet new kids and parents to play with this summer.

Ride Roller Coasters

Go to a local amusement park and try all the fun rides. Your kids will love the thrill of riding a roller coaster.

Ride a Ferris Wheel

When a carnival comes in town or at the amusement park try riding a Ferris Wheel.

Visit a Local State Park

Take a family hike this summer as part of your bucket list ideas.

This is a great time of year to take a hike in your local state park or nature preserve.

Keep the kids engaged with a Nature Scavenger Hunt in our Kid’s Hiking Tips. If you’re willing to go further check out our Favorite National Park with Kids.

Botanical Gardens

Visit a local botanical garden and learn about local plants that are native to your area.

Take a Boat Ride

Get out on the water with a boat ride to take in the views, go fishing, or do tubbing.

Movie Theater

Go see a new movie in the theater. Oftentimes in the summer months, they have deals for the morning movie times.

Swimming Pool

Visit your local swimming pool to cool off this summer.

Water Park

Add more excitement to a swimming day by visiting a local water park and riding the slides and wave pools.

Visit a Beach

Every Summer Bucket List needs a beach day. Kid will love building sandcastles, playing in the waves and swimming.

Head to your local beach on hot summer days to build sand castles and swim. Make spending a day at the beach easier with our 20 Beach Hacks to Survive a Family Beach Day.

Go Fishing

Take the kids fishing and see how many fish they can catch.

White Water Rafting

If you want more of an adventure go whitewater rafting. Make sure it’s a location that is approved for your age kids.

Be a Tourist at Home

Explore your own town and surrounding areas and visit something new.


A fun thing to do this summer with kids is visiting a local museum. The Science & Industry Museum in Chicago is a favorite for families.

Visit a local museum in your town or a larger museum like the Science and Industry in Chicago.

Go, Berry Picking

See what is in season and take the kids fruit picking at a local farm.

Watch a Parade

There are tons of parades in the summer for Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day.

Visit a Zoo

Add to your summer bucket list visiting a local zoo with animals like these Zebras and Giraffes.

Explore your local zoo and visit all the different animals. In Chicago, our favorites are Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo.

Free the Ducks

Go to a local pond and feed the ducks some leftover bread.

Animal Rescue

Visit a local animal rescue and learn about what they are doing to help the animals.

Ice Cream Parlor

Visit a different ice cream parlor and try a new flavor. Or head outside when you hear the ice cream truck in your neighborhood.


Head to your local library to pick out books and attend some library programs. Check if they are offering a summer reading program.

Go on a Road Trip

This road trip doesn’t need to be a big family vacation. Find something 2-3 hours away and make it a day trip. Keep the kids busy with our favorite Dollar Tree Travel Games & Activities.

Horseback Riding or Pony Rides

Depending on your child’s age try a horseback riding class or try riding a pony.

Hot Air Balloon

Another really cool family adventure would be riding a Hot Air Balloon.

Home Depot Projects

Check out your local Home Depot and see what free kids’ projects they are offering each month.

Local Nature Center

Add visiting a nature center to your kids summer bucket list. Your whole family will enjoy exploring the exhibits and small animals.

Learn about animals and plants that live in your area by visiting a local nature center.

Train Ride

Enjoy a fun train ride with the kids to the city.

Go, Bowling

Head to your local bowling alley and enjoy a game together.

Tip: Ask them to add bumpers on the lanes for younger kids.

Volunteer as a Family

Spend quality time together giving back to your community by volunteering as a family.

Visit a New Restaurant

Introduce your kids to new foods by visiting a new restaurant.


This is a cool scavenger hunt you can do on an app at local parks, playgrounds, or state parks.

Snow Cones

Let the kids enjoy cooling off with a snow cone when there is warm weather at your local festival or carnival.

Puppet Show

See if there is a local puppet show in your area you can visit. Younger kids will love this.

Trip to the Mall

At the end of the summer get rid of some of their old clothes they’ve grown out of and find new things to wear for the school year. Then head to the food court for some treats.

Act of Kindness

Talk about something nice you can do for friends or family that could be your act of kindness.

Skip Rocks

Head to your local lake, retention pond, or creek and try skipping rocks.

Drive-in Movie

Enjoy an outdoor movie night at the Drive-in Theatre.

Mini Golf

Indoor Miniature Golf a fun thing to do in the summer with Kids.

Take the kid’s miniature golfing.

Fireworks Show

Summer is one of the best times of year to see fireworks. Don’t miss out on this fun summer activity.

Make sure to grab your Free Summer Bucket List and start checking activities off!

Plan your Summer with this Free Printable Summer bucket list. You'll find tons of ideas with indoor & outdoor activities, Crafts ,STEM and cool local places to visit. Use the summer activity checklist to keep track of everything you get done. Print it out and get started today!

More Summer Time Planning

Keeping planning for summer fun with these summertime printables.

Use this free printable Summer Schedule to create a stress-free daily routine with your kids. Plan your whole day from breakfast to bedtime. It will help take the chaos out of your summer day and allow you to just have fun with your kids this summer. Use the preplanned daily routine or the blank schedule to create the best plan for your kids.

Easy Daily Summer Schedule for Kids – Free Printable

Printable Summer Camp at Home Ideas for Kids. Make planning summer at home with the kids to easy by following this complete camp planner. Find 8 Themed Weeks with activities, crafts & educational
Make planning your summer at home with the kids easy using this 41 page Summer camp at home planner. Filled with summer camp ideas, themes and summmer activities to keep kids busy all summer long.

Ultimate Summer Camp at Home Planner for Parents

Get organized this summer with these editable Summer Schedules & checklist for kids. Includes, Daily & Weekly Schedules, Screen Time Rules, Summer Reading Log, & Chores Chart, Summer bucket list printable. Edit the pre made templates to work for your family or use the blank templates to create a schedule that best fits your family life style. It's quick to make and will help keep your family focused all summer long.

Customize your daily routine & bucket list with an Editable Summer Schedule to make it your own!

Free Printable Summer Rules for kids to stop summer boredom. Set the expectations with the screen time rules checklist. Kids can easily see everything they need to get done before screen time so there is no more arguing. Print it out and get started today!

Limit screen time this summer with a Summer Rules Checklist.

Everything you need to create a DIY Summer Camp at Home. Find fun & easy camp activities & ideas you can do at home. Plus 8 weeks of pre-planned themes you can print out & use to make planning easy for parents. Keep your kids busy and happy all summer long.

Easy Summer Camp at Home Ideas to keep your kids busy all summer long.

Are you ready for some summer fun? I hope you have found a bunch of summer bucket list ideas to try with your kids this summer. You should be able to fill your whole summer with these fun family activities.

Have a wonderful Summer!!

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Have a stress-free summer with this free printable Summer Rules checklist. A great way to monitor your kids with screen time rules they can easily follow.

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110 Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas to keep kids busy all summer long. Get summer activity ideas for indoors and outdoors, craft & art ideas and cool places to visit in your local area. You'll be able to plan your whole summer with the kids and have a blast checking off all our bucket list items on this free printable summer activity checklist.
Free Printable Summer Bucket List Ideas kids will love. Make entertaining your kids this summer easy with these fun indoor & Outdoor activities for kids. Plus cool crafts, art projects and fun places to visit in your area. Just print out this free printable Summer Bucket List for families and get started today!