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Easy Summer Camp At Home Ideas & Activities 2021

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Are you trying to figure out how to make a summer camp at home? Searching for ways to make summer at-home fun for your kids without going to traditional camps?

It can feel overwhelming to start a DIY summer camp but don’t worry I’ve got you covered with an easy plan

You’ll learn how to start your summer camp, what you can do at home, fun activity ideas, weekly themes, field trip ideas, how much it cost, and educational resources for summer. The best part is you’ll be creating unforgettable family memories and bonding time with your kids this summer.

It certainly has been some of the best times our family has had together. I cherish the summers with my kids and I am sure you will too. So stop stressing about what to do with the kids all summer and get planning.

DIY Summer Camp at Home Ideas & Activities

Best Summer Camp at Home Ideas to make planning easy. Save money this summer and plan your own Summer Camp for Kids. This guide will give you everything you need to plan with Theme Ideas, Camp Activities, Schedules and more. After reading you'll be able to plan an unforgettable summer for your kids.

How to Start a Summer Camp at Home

It does take a little planning to start your DIY summer camp but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. If you plan it out before you start the summer will run smoothly and be fun for everyone.

Let’s go over a few steps to get you started on your planning.

Ultimate Summer Camp at Home Planner & Ideas - Printable with everything you need to plan a DIY Summer Camp.

How Long Is Your Camp?

Decide how many weeks you want your summer camp to run. Then figure out how many hours of the day you need to fill. It does not need to be all back-to-back activities each day. You’ll want some downtime too so don’t feel you need to fill an entire day.

Create a Schedule

Once you know how long you want your camp each day you can create a schedule. It can be a detailed hour-by-hour schedule or a general daily schedule.

Here are two different types of schedules you can print out for free. Just click on the schedule below to get the free printable.

Free Printable Daily Schedule for Kids - Keep the kids on schedule over the summer or when schools out. It will help make your day organized and less stress-free.
Free Summer Checklist & Screen Time Rules for Kids. Free printable checklist for kids with chores, personal activities and educational activities. No more arguing with your kids they'll know exactly what they need to get done to have screen time.

Pick a Weekly Camp Theme

Make each week exciting by having a different theme each week. The activities, crafts, field trips, and more can all be centered around this theme.

Plus I find it easier to plan when you’re more focused than just thinking of broad activity ideas each week. You’ll learn more about planning theme weeks out below.

Plan Activities Each Week

To make the week less stressful don’t try to come up with activities in the moment. Plan them out the week before or even the night before so you are ready for the day. It will help your day run smoother.

Be Flexible

Even though you planned out the day remember you’re with kids so be flexible. If their having a great time doing an activity keep doing it don’t stop due to your schedule. Find an activity they enjoy more do that activity every day or once a week.

See what’s working and adjust. You want it to be fun and stress-free so go with the flow.

What Can You Do at Summer Camp

I have found that it’s easier for me to plan if I have a camp theme each week. It gives you a focus while figuring out your activities. There are tons of great summer camp theme ideas to choose from to fit all your different age kids’ personalities.

Here are some theme ideas to choose from in your planning. You can easily adjust each of these themes to fit different age groups.

Summer Camp Theme Ideas

  • Super Hero Theme
  • Space Week
  • Nature Week
  • Under the Sea Theme
  • Cooking Week
  • Construction Week
  • STEM Week
  • Mermaid Camp
  • Star Wars Camp
  • LEGO Camp
  • Pirate Theme
  • Animal Theme
  • Scavenger Hunt Week
  • Shark Week
  • Olympics Week
  • 4th of July
  • Bugs & Butterflies
  • Camping Week
  • Princess Week
  • Gardening Week
8 Fun Summer Camp at Home Themes & Ideas. A different themes each week like Nature, Space Week, Olympics, Super Hero's, Bug, Camping, 4th of July and under the Sea. A completely planned out camp week with indoor & outdoor activities, crafts and educational activities. All you need to do is print it out and your Summer Camp at home is planned.

Don’t have time to plan each week? Grab my Summer Camp at Home Planner. In there you’ll find 8 Weeks of Pre-Planned Printable Camp Themes with indoor & outdoor activities, crafts & educational ideas for each week.

Plus a blank weekly theme printable to plan your own activities.

What Are Fun Camp Activities & Ideas

Really your imagination is the only limit to all the fun things you can do with your kids this summer. There are so many great activities, crafts, and educational resources to keep your kids busy all summer long.

I would plan 3-5 activities you want to do with your kids each day. Add in a mix of indoor and outdoor activities and crafts or art each day. They do not need to be all big activites it could simply be playing with your legos or drawing a picture.

You can find a month’s worth of activity ideas in my free printable 31 Day Activity Calendar for Kids. Just print it out and get inspired.

Indoor Games for Kids Free Printable Kids Activity Calendar to use this summer.

Summer Camp Activity Ideas

Here are some easy and fun activities to try with your kids this summer.

Indoor Activity Ideas

Hallway Laser Maze – Use streamers to turn your hallway into a challenging laser maze.

Balloon Games – Play cheap & fun balloon games like balloon tennis, race, volleyball, keep it up, and more.

Minute to Win It Challenge – Quick one-minute games that are hilarious to play

Cardboard Box Games – Reuse those amazon cardboard boxes to make a fort, marble run, nerf target, mini-golf & more.

Painter’s Tape Games– Create fun indoor games to get the energy out with painters tape like hopscotch & long jump

Zoom Games – Play with Grandparents or friends that live far away with fun Zoom Games for kids.

I’m Bored Jar – Create your own I’m Bored Jar with free printable indoor & outdoor activities to fill up your jar. Kids can find their own activities to do by just pulling ideas out of the jar.

Family Game Night – Best games you can play as a family together any time of day.

Family Game Night Planner a 30 Pages Printable. Everything you need to plan a family game night every month for a year. 12 cool game nights kids and parents will love. Print it out and have the best family night at home.

Outdoor Activity Ideas

Sidewalk Chalk Games – Break out the chalk for these fun sidewalk chalk game ideas.

Outdoor Games with Dollar Tree Items – Cheap backyard games like obstacle courses you can make with Dollar Tree items.

Water Activities – Get wet this summer with these backyard water ideas

Nature Scavenger Hunts – Free Printable Nature, Neighborhood and Tween Scavenger Hunts

Get more Kids Activity Ideas in our 60 Fun & Free Things to Do with Kids Screen-Free

Craft Ideas

Coffee Filter Butterflies – Use a coffee filter, markers & pipe cleaners to make pretty butterflies.

Painting with Bubbles – Use bubbles to create unique art

Shadow Art with Chalk – Make shadow art by tracing shadows with chalk or markers.

Cardboard Butterflies – Make stain glass butterflies with reused cardboard boxes & tissue paper.

STEM Ideas

Make a Volcano – 3 Easy steps to make an erupting volcano at home. Kids will want to do it over & over again.

Marble Run – Reuse a cardboard box to make a cool Marble Run.

Rain Clouds in a Jar – Use water, shaving cream and food dye to learn about rain. It looks really cool!

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs – Kids try different ways to melt the frozen eggs to find dinosaurs.

Educational Activities

Visit your local library for a fun Summer Camp at home field trip and educational activity.

I like to add in an educational activity or two each day. This has really helped with the dreaded summer slide when the kids go back to school in the fall.


Head to your local library once a week to pick out books. I find the kids are more willing to read when they pick books out themselves. Plus it’s a free activity out of your house.

Look into joining your library’s summer reading club to give your kids an incentive to read more.

You can get a printable summer reading log in Summer Camp at Home Planner.

Summer Workbooks

I usually buy a workbook for the kids each summer and have them do a few pages each day. We use the Summer Bridges Books that have a 15 minute a day plan for kids. It’s quick and has really helped my kids keep up over the summer.

Educational Websites & Apps

Another option is to take advantage of all the educational apps and websites for kids. You’ll find there are tons of different sites for every subject.

Check out my list of 25 Best School Apps & Educational Websites for Kids to get you started.

Camp Field Trip Ideas

Plan to get out of the house each week on a fun field trip. Your kids will love exploring your local community with you.

I suggest making a field trip bucket list to come up with all the places you want to visit this summer. Ask the kids where they want to go and add it to the bucket list. They’ll love being able to help plan with you.

Find new places to visit by following local mom Facebook groups or kids’ activity groups. You can also Google local museums and find ones to visit in your area you may never have heard of. The fun part is finding new places you all enjoy trying out.

Field Trip Ideas:

  • Visit a New Playground
  • Go, Bowling
  • Visit a local Museum
  • Go to the Zoo
  • Play Miniature Golf
  • Go to a Water Park
  • Local Summer Events in Your Town
  • Go on a Picnic
  • Go Hiking in a local state park or forest preserve
  • Visit a Botanical Gardens
  • Visit a local Nature Center
  • Head to a new Swimming Pool
  • Visit an Aquarium
  • Go to an Amusement Park
  • Visit a Library
  • Go to an Indoor Trampoline Park

Find even more field trip ideas in 40 Awesome Staycation Ideas for Families. Tons of fun things to do in your own community with kids.

How Much Does it Cost?

The best thing about a DIY Summer Camp is it’s so much cheaper than sending your kids away to camp. You can adjust the camp you create to the budget that works for you.

To save money I buy tons of my crafts and activity supplies at Dollar Tree. We also eat at the house a lot rather than out at restaurants.

Where you can get into higher costs is the field trips you choose. For instance, some museums, and waterparks can cost a lot to buy tickets. So decided what you want to splurge on when making your field trip bucket list.

I suggest you make a budget of what you want to spend and then keep track as you go so that you don’t go over that amount.

You can find a camp budget tacker in the Summer Camp at Home Planner.

Are you feeling excited about planning a summer camp at home with your kids? I have found that my favorite summers are the ones I don’t send my kids to camp and we get to have fun together all summer. You make great family memories to cherish as your kids grow up.

Now it’s time to put together your plan. To make it easier use my Summer Camp at Home Planner. It has printables for all the planning stages of your camp to make it a stress-free task.

You won’t need to search all over the internet to plan your themes or get the checklists you need. Just print it out and your ready!

Printable Summer Camp at Home Ideas for Kids. Make planning summer at home with the kids to easy by following this complete camp planner. Find 8 Themed Weeks with activities, crafts & educational

Hopefully, you now feel better about using these summer camp at home ideas to plan your own Mom Camp. If you have questions email me at or leave a comment below. I love hearing from my readers.

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Easily Plan a DIY Summer Camp at Home for kids with fun ideas, weekly themes & schedules. Everything you need to plan a stress-free summer with your kids. Check it out and get planning today!

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