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Best Things to Do in Door County WI with Kids

(Updated 2020) Thinking about taking a Family Vacation to Door County, Wisconsin? Find out the best things to do in Door County With Kids. You’ll be amazed at all the fun door county attractions for the whole family.  

Our guide to things to do in Door County Wisconsin will show you what you can’t miss on your vacation. From swimming at the beaches in Sister Bay to hiking in State Parks like Peninsula State Park. Families will also love having dinner at a fish boil, exploring local museums, and the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.

Find some great Door County Hotels to complete your visit. Follow along with me to help plan your unforgettable Door County Vacation.

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy something using my link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, see my disclaimer here.

10 Best Things to Do in Door County Wisconsin with Kids 

Best Things to Do in Door County Wisconsin with Kids. Your family will love visiting this beautiful area of Wisconsin with fun activities from Summer to Winter. Enjoy beaches, state parks, cute shops, fish boils, museums & more. Find out what your family can't miss in Door County. #doorcounty #wisconsin #familyvacation #travelwithkids #doorcountywi

Why Take a Door County Vacation

My family and I were searching for a long weekend getaway not far from Chicago. We needed something we could get to relatively quickly, be fun for the kids and not too expensive. In our search, we came across Door County, Wisconsin.

It’s a place we had been to without kids but we weren’t quite sure if there would be enough activities for kids. Turns out YES there are tons of fun cheap activities for the whole family.  I have created a list of 10 Best Things to do in Door County, Wisconsin that my family enjoyed and I hope you can use this list to have a great family vacation too!! 

10 Awesome Things to Do in Door County Wisconsin with Kids. Know before you go the best places to visit for hiking, beaches, restaurants, Fish Boils, State parks and more.. Your family will find great things to do in the summer, fall, spring or winter. There is so much to do you'll love it for a long weekend or a full week family vacation. #Doorcounty, #Wisconsin, #familyvacation, #traveltips, #familytrips

Getting to Door County & Map

Just north of Green Bay, you’ll find Door County Wisconsin a peninsula that is 75 miles long and 10 miles wide.  The peninsula is made up of 15 cute towns to explore. With one large island, you will need to access by boat called Washington Island.

Visitors can drive the main highways of 42 & 57 to travel around the peninsula. It is only a 4-hour drive from Chicago and 4 1/2 hour drive from Minneapolis. Making it a perfect distance for a long weekend getaway or full family vacation. 

To get a better idea of the layout of Door County take a look at this Door County Map

Top Things to Do in Door County Wisconsin

1. Explore the Door County State Parks

My family loves to hike and explore nature so over our 5-day trip to Door County, Wisconsin we visited several State Parks. There are five state parks throughout Door County that you can visit. Each park offers something unique to the area. The following three were our favorites.  

Top 10 Things To Do in Door County Wisconsin with Kids. Vist fun Door County Attractions like, Peninsula State Park, Beaches, Fish Boils at family friendly resturants. Take a road trip and visit fun towns like Sister Bay. Plan an Awesome Door County Family Vacation Today. #doorcounty, #familytravel, #Wisconsintravel, #traveltips

Potawatomi State Park

This park is a great first stop on your drive into Door County. It is located in Sturgeon Bay and can be just a quick hour or two stop.

Much of the area you can drive and just stop at the pullouts for views and pictures or if the kids are older take a hike. There is also a really cool 75-foot observation tower that overlooks Green Bay. It’s worth the climb up for the view however if you have toddlers who wander off, hold on tight.

Whitefish Dunes State Park

Top 10 Things To Do in Door County Wisconsin with Kids. Vist fun Door County Attractions like, Peninsula State Park, Beaches, Fish Boils at family friendly resturants. Take a road trip and visit fun towns like Sister Bay. Plan an Awesome Door County Family Vacation Today. #doorcounty, #familytravel, #Wisconsintravel, #traveltips
Whitefish Dunes State Park Beach

This park is located on the Eastern side of Door County. It has a small nature center and ranger stand. There is an easy hike for kids from the nature center that also has displays of how people lived in this area. The kids really enjoyed seeing this part of the park.

There are several different hiking options from the ranger stand including an easy boardwalk hike.

The other great part about this park is the beach. There is a thin strip of beach located along the shore. The waves were a little bigger on this side which was fun for the kids to jump and play.

On a hot sunny day, this part of the park gets very crowded. I suggest you get there earlier in the day to get parking and a spot on the beach.

Tip: Changing rooms and bathrooms are located near the entrance to the beach so you can hike and then change into your bathing suits or wash off the sand when you’re done.

Peninsula State Park

State Parks in Door County Wisconsin

This by far is the most popular state park in Door County. It is located on the west and central side of the peninsula. Which makes it easy to get to from most of the hotel accommodations. They also have great campsites here if you prefer that over a hotel.  

Peninsula State Park offers a lot from the nature center to the beaches to fun hiking trails. Our kids really enjoyed exploring the nature center and talking to the rangers.

When we were there they even had a scavenger hunt in their nature preserve for the kids and a craft. Lots of families were also biking throughout the park and stopping to enjoy all the overlooks.

Another popular stop in this park is the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. It is one of the few lighthouses you can go inside for a guided tour. The house is recreated to look like it did when the family who worked the lighthouse lived there.

Tip: It is tight in the lighthouse and might be harder with younger children who are squirmy. My 8-year-old enjoyed it a lot, my 5-year-old was bored. But can’t please both all the time, right? The 5-year-old loved the rest of the park.

Food in the State Parks

We did not see anywhere to buy food in the parks so remember to pack a picnic, snacks, and water.

2. Door County Historical Museum

Top 10 Things To Do in Door County Wisconsin with Kids. Vist fun Door County Attractions like, Peninsula State Park, Beaches, Fish Boils at family friendly resturants. Take a road trip and visit fun towns like Sister Bay. Plan an Awesome Door County Family Vacation Today. #doorcounty, #familytravel, #Wisconsintravel, #traveltips
Picture provided by Museum

The Door County Historical Museum was a great little find in downtown Sturgeon Bay. It is free admission and displays the great history of the area. There is a neat taxidermy display made by a local of all the animals and birds in the area created to look like the animal’s natural surroundings.

If your kids like firetrucks, there is a whole display of old firetrucks and a fake jail my kids thought was fun to play in. Downstairs is a mock town of what the area would have looked like back in the day.

The museum’s downtown location made it a great place to stop for a meal after or just ice cream for the kids. Overall it was a fun free activity which has enough variety to make it fun for all ages.

Tip: We made this stop on our way into Door County after our hike in Potawatomi State Park. The two locations are about 15 minutes apart.

Address – 18 N. 4th Ave. Sturgeon Bay

3. Door County Cherry Picking and Wine Tasting

What a great combination for both kids and parents! Cherry-picking in the late summer is all over Door County and it is the thing to do, so there are lots of places to choose from.

We went to Lautenbach’s Orchard Country in Fish Creek. The kids had a blast running around the Cherry Orchard trying to find the best cherries.

Afterward, we went into their cute store and did a quick wine tasting for the adults and apple juice tasting for the kids. A win for everyone.

Don’t worry if you can’t visit in the summer they also have apple picking with a fall festival and sleigh rides in the winter. So, no matter what season this is a great stop.

Address – Lautenbach’s Orchard Country – 9197 WI-42, Fish Creek

4. Door County Fish Boil

Door County Wisconsin Fish Boil

Fish boils are a Door County tradition and are a must-try with the kids!

How is a fish boil fun you ask? Well, it’s the theatrics of the whole event. First, you start out watching the fish, potatoes, and onions being prepared in a huge outdoor kettle while the cook explains the tradition. 

But the really fun part is when the fish “boils over” and huge flames shoot up in the air. It’s pretty cool to watch. My kids watched it three times while we ate.

There are tons of restaurants that offer fish boils in the area. We choose Pelletier’s Restaurant and Fish Boil in Fish Creek. I liked that they also offered a kids meal so picky eaters could have something they like to eat and still watch the show.

The restaurant is located in downtown Fish Creek which gave us a chance to walk around the downtown area shops. Plus it had a nice outdoor seating so the kids could keep watching the “show” while eating. Make sure to make reservations as all the restaurants fill up quickly. 

Address – Pelletier’s Restaurant and Fish Boil, 4199 Main St., Fish Creek

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Best Things to Do in Door County Wisconsin with Kids. Whether your visiting in the summer, spring, fall or winter you'll find tons of family friendly activities. Enjoy beaches, hiking state parks, cute towns and delicious restaurants. Find out what you can't miss in Door County. #doorcountywi #doorcounty #travelwisconsin #wisconsin #familyvacation #travelwithkids

5. Beaches at Waterfront Park, Sister Bay

We were looking for a beach area to take the kids and found this little gem. Located in downtown Sister Bay you’ll find Waterfront Park the largest public waterfront in Door County.

It offers a great little beach, a pier and swim out platform to jump off. The beach area is great for all ages because it has a sandy entrance for the little kids and the swim out platform for the big kids.

In the park, there is a playground, bar-b-ques, picnic tables, and an outdoor concert stage area. There are concerts and movies in the park throughout the summer months. Check the Sister Bay Calendar of Events to check times.

Kids will also enjoy watching all the boats coming in and out of the marina area. We planned on spending a couple of hours but stayed all day!

Waterfront Park has a great location in the heart of all the restaurants and shops in Sister Bay.  We took advantage of this and walked over to pick up dinner from the local pizza place Wild Tomato and had a picnic on the beach. The kids were thrilled we didn’t have to leave for dinner.

Pack your own meal and it’s a great place for a fun FREE family day out. 

Location – Off of Highway 42 in Downtown Sisters Bay (there is a small parking lot for the park)

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6. Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant

Top 10 Things To Do in Door County Wisconsin with Kids. Vist fun Door County Attractions like, Peninsula State Park, Beaches, Fish Boils at family friendly resturants. Take a road trip and visit fun towns like Sister Bay. Plan an Awesome Door County Family Vacation Today. #doorcounty, #familytravel, #Wisconsintravel, #traveltips
Goats on the Roof!

Located just down the street from Waterfront Park is Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant. Why must you drive by this restaurant? There are goats living on top of the grass-covered roof! How cool is that? Feel free to stop there to eat or just drive by a couple of times to look at the goats.

Tip: The lines get long here so be prepared to wait if you want to eat in the busy season.

Address – 10698 N. Bay Shore Dr., Sister Bay

 7. Mini Golf

What is a family vacation without mini-golf? There are tons of places to play. I would pick one that is closest to where you’re staying. We didn’t necessarily see one that stood out more than the others so I think you will have fun at whichever one you pick. 

 8. Waterfront Restaurant – Fred & Fuzzys

Fred and Fuzzy’s Waterfront Bar & Grill is a great relaxed family-friendly waterfront restaurant to take the kids. Very casual and perfect place to watch the sunset. The kids can go down to the pier or throw rocks in the water while you relax waiting for dinner.

It is also right next to the famed Pebble Beach. Just keep in mind all of the seating is outside so don’t go on a rainy day.  

Address – 10620 Little Sister Rd., Sister Bay

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9. Pebble Beach, Sister Bay

Top 10 Things To Do in Door County Wisconsin with Kids. Vist fun Door County Attractions like, Peninsula State Park, Beaches, Fish Boils at family friendly resturants. Take a road trip and visit fun towns like Sister Bay. Plan an Awesome Door County Family Vacation Today. #doorcounty, #familytravel, #Wisconsintravel, #traveltips
Pebble Beach in Sister Bay, Door County.

This beach is a little tricky to find in a residential neighborhood but it’s worth it. Just drive to the end of Pebble Beach Rd in Sister Bay and you will run into it.  The entire beach is made of Pebbles. Pretty cool to see and a great place to skip rocks.

However, it’s not a beach you spend a long time at so check it out before heading out to dinner at Fred and Fuzzy’s.   

10. Wilson’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor

Wilson’s is a Door County Landmark and has been in Ephraim since 1906. It’s a fun spot to stop for ice cream or for lunch.

With its fame comes the crowds so you might want to choose to eat a little early or pick up your ice cream and eat it across the street overlooking the water.  

Address – 9990 Water St. S. Ephraim

Door County Hotels

Now that you know all the fun things to do in Door County you need to find a place to stay. In Door County, you will find a fun mix of resorts, small local hotels, and B&Bs.

Find one that fits your family in the guide below. I use this site to get a better idea of what my lodging options are and the price range. I usually find great deals for our family and I hope you do too.

Door County Events

All year long there are fun events going on in Door County. In the summer months see concerts, movies in the park and attend festivals. In the fall go apple & pumpkin picking, take a hayride and go to a Halloween festival. In the winter go ice fishing, attend the Fire & Ice Festival and enjoy the snow.

Before you go check out the Door County Events page to help plan your trip.

Those are my Top 10 Things to do in Door County Wisconsin with kids. I hope this list gave you some great ideas and helps you plan your next family vacation to Door County, Wisconsin. 

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Best Things to Do in Door County Wisconsin with kids. Fun all year round from summer to fall to winter and spring. Find out the top restaurants, fish boils, beaches and state parks to hike for families. #travelwithkids #familytravel #doorcounty #familyvacation #traveltips

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Fun Things To Do & Attractions in Naples Florida with Kids

Are you searching for a great Florida Vacation on the Beach?  Look no further than Naples Florida! You will find so many fun things to do in Naples and great family-friendly Attractions for Kids. 

I have been coming down to Naples since I was a kid to visit my family and now I bring my own children. Throughout the years, I’ve found all the best Naples attractions every tourist needs to know.

Use this Naples Guide with all the insider tips to plan your upcoming family vacation to Naples.

To make it easy the post is broken up by Things to Do, Where to Eat and Shop, Beaches, and day trips. Visit great places like the Naples Zoo, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, best Naples beaches, Naples Pier, 5th Avenue Restaurants and so much more.

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy something using my link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, see my disclaimer here.

Best Attractions & Things to Do in Naples Florida with Kids 

Best Things to Do in Naples Florida with Kids- All the can't miss places to visit from best beaches to children's museums, waterparks, zoos, nature preserves and more. Plus family-friendly restaurants and where to stay. Find out why Naples is the perfect family vacation destination. #naplesfl #florida #familyvacation #travelwithkids #beaches #southwestflorida #napleflorida #naples

Things to Do in Naples Florida

Here are some of the best things to do in Naples FL with Kids.

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Naples Zoo is a favorite Naples Florida Attractions that can't be missed. Families will love seeing all the animals from monkeys to crocodiles. Find out what you can't miss.

Ready to get out and see some animals while in Florida? Check out their local zoo originally called Jungle Larry’s now Called Naples Zoo.

You will be surrounded by exotic plants planted in 1919 when it was created as a Tropical Garden and a mixture of Mammals, Reptiles, and Birds.

Unique to this zoo is the boat ride around an island of primates and watching the alligators being fed.

The zoo is a little smaller than a big city zoo but the benefit is the animals are closer to you and easier for the little ones to see and walk. It’s a fun way to fill the morning before heading to the beach in the afternoon. 

Address: 1590 Goodlette Road North, Naples FL

Naples Botanical Gardens

While in Naples, stop by the Naples Botanical Garden to stroll through this 170-acre world-class paradise featuring plants from around the world.

Trip Advisor has ranked the Gardens as the #1 attraction in Naples. The beauty of the gardens can’t be missed.

Head there with the kids on Saturday or Sunday for their children’s program that is included with the price of admission.

Bonus children under 4 are free.  

Address: 4820 Bayshore Drive, Naples FL

Conservancy of Southwest Florida

The Naples Conservancy is a great Naples Fl attraction. A fun thing to do with families while visiting Naples.

Located next to the Zoo, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida is a large indoor and outdoor facility highlighting the natural surroundings of southwest Florida.

Kids will love the Dalton Discovery Center featuring live animals and interactive exhibits about the everglades. Also check out the Little Explores Play Zone for interactive activities, stories, and crafts for little ones.

Enjoy self-guided nature walks with your family or rent a Kayak for the naturalist-guided tour of the Gordan River.

Bonus included in your admission price is a 45-minute guided boat tour of the Gordon River where you might even see a manatee! 

Address: 1495 Smith Preserve Way, Naples FL

Naples Train Museum 

Things to do in Naples Florida  - Naples Train Museums

Does your child love trains? Check out the Naples Train Museum with a multi-level train display including a Thomas The Train. At any given time, there are 10 trains running through the tracks.

Plus, lots of buttons to push to control activities with the trains.

Bonus with the price of your ticket you get a ride on their small train around the complex.

This is a smaller museum with one room but really fun for children who love trains. Kids 3 and younger are free. The Train Museum is only open Fridays and Saturdays. 

Naples Depot Museum

Naples Train Museums is a fun thing to do with kids in Naples Florida. This historical museum is a can't miss Naples attractions.

Located next to the Naples Train Museum in the south entrance is the Naples Depot Museum.

The museum takes visitors back to the days of the railroad boom and displays how people lived in Naples over the years from the Seminole Indians to today’s bustling town.

It’s a great way to get a better understanding of the history of Naples and its people. There are large displays of a Seminole canoe, swamp buggies, old cars, and equipment used to run the railroad.

Bonus the museum is free so wander over after the Naples Train Museum and enjoy some quick history of the area.

Address: 1051 5th Avenue South, Naples FL

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Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples – C’mon!

Cmom Children's Museum in Naples Florida is a must see with kids. A favorite family attraction in Naples Florida with tons of hands on exhibit the kids will love. Perfect for a rainy day or break from the beach while visiting Naples.

Nicknamed Cmon, it is southwest Florida’s first Children’s Museum dedicated to having families learn through play.

The museum is 30,000 square feet of awesome interactive exhibits for families to enjoy. They also have a Garden Café if you would like to eat while you are there. No outside food is allowed.

I would recommend this museum for kids 0-10 as the exhibits tend to be for younger children.

This would make a great day out on a rainy day in Florida or when the sun is too hot and you need a break from the beach.  

Address: 15080 Livingston Road, Naples FL

Free Things to Do in Naples Florida

Sun and Fun Lagoon

Naples Florida only Waterpark Sun & Fun Lagoon. Is a fun Naples attractions for families when you need a break from the beach. Find out what you can't miss.

Located across the street from the Children’s Museum, this is Naples only Waterpark.

Sun and Fun Lagoon is a fun change from the beach with 5 water slides, large pool to swim, activity pool, toddler pool and a diving and lap pool.

Between all the pools and activities, you can find things to keep all ages of the family happy!

Prices are pretty reasonable and kids 0-3 are free. 

Address: 15000 Livingston Road, Naples FL

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Naples FL top Nature Preserve is Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. This family attraction in Naples is sure to be loved by both kids and parents. View birds, crocodiles, turtles and more while learning all about a swamp habitat in southwest Florida. Walk the lovely boradwalk and enjoy your emergence into nature.

Visit the Everglades right in Naples at the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. This 2.5 miles of raised boardwalk let you meander through pine flatwoods, wet prairie, marsh, and old growth Blad Cypress trees.

It’s an easy walk with the kids and a great way to see tons of animals and nature.

On our last trip, we saw several alligators, snakes, turtles, a large variety of birds (including a pink Spoon Bill, my kid’s favorite), frogs, and more.

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary a fun Thing to Do in Naples florida with kids

It does take a couple hours to go through the boardwalk if you are stopping to look for animals but it is accessible with strollers.

The Sanctuary is north of town so you will need a car to get there.

In the main building and visitor center, there are bathrooms, a store, and a small café. Make sure to bring water and stop in bathrooms as there are none out on the boardwalk.

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary a fun Thing to Do in Naples florida with kids

This was a little pricy of a stop but worth it to see all the wildlife and not have to drive to the Everglades.  

Address: 375 Sanctuary Road W , Naples FL

Coral Cay Adventure Golf

Need a fun outing with the kids? I always find miniature golf to be a good family vacation activity. Check out Coral Cay Adventure Golf, it is tropical miniature golf fun for both kids and adults.

Address: 2205 East Tamiami Trail, Naples FL  

Cambier Park

Great Naples FL Playground is Cambier Park. It's has fun playground equipment for all ages and offers concerts in the park. Located in walking distance to 5th Avenue in Naples. #naples #florida #playground #park

Cambier Park is located in the heart of downtown Naples just south of the 5th Avenue Shops and Restaurants.

This 13-acre park is a great place to let the kids run around and play in the huge playground area.

Bonus catch a free concert in the park on Sundays from 2-4.

Want to shop or eat on 5th Avenue? Use this as your kid’s motivation to get through an afternoon of shopping with you. Make a fun day of it for everyone. 

Address: 755 8th Avenue South, Naples FL

Ultimate Family Travel Checklist to get you prepared for traveling with Kids. Everything you need to pack for your vacation. You'll never forget things again. #freeprintable #travelchecklist #travelingwithkids #familyvacation

Where to Eat and Shop in Naples 

Looking to do a little shopping while in Naples Florida? Or wondering where to eat? Check out these suggested locations below and decide which is right for your family. 

Use the link after each location to find more details on which shops and restaurants are located at each site.  

Tin City Waterfront Shops

Tin City Waterfront Shops & Resturants in Naples Florida. A fun family friendly attraction in Naples to shop for souvenirs or have a meal along the waterway.

I am not gonna, lie this is a pretty touristy shopping area but Tin City has been a staple of Naples tourism since the 1970’s.

Located right on the inland waterway and originally built for the river commerce, it is now filled with little shops and restaurants.

It’s a fun place to eat and watch the boats go by and a good place to pick up some souvenirs. It is also very family-friendly.

There is parking but in season this place gets pretty busy so be patient. If you are in the area also check out the Boardwalk shops and Restaurants located just a block away.

Tip: find cheaper tourist souvenirs for the kids at a shop called Alvin’s Island just 3 blocks west at 998 6th Avenue South.

This is where we pick up t-shirts and little mementos for the kids.  

Address: 1200 5th Avenue South, Naples FL

5th Avenue South

5th Avenue in Naples Florida has the best restaurants and shops in the area. Stroll the cute street and enjoy a great meal.

This is the street Naples is known for! Located in downtown Naples, this street is filled with a mixture of upscale to casual stores and restaurants.

It’s a fun street to stroll down to people watch, shop, and eat. Stop for ice cream with the kids at the popular Kilwin’s Ice Cream shop.

Afterward, don’t forget to take a walk over to Cambier Park to let the kids play.

If you are interested in theater, you will also find the Naples Players Theatre here.  Check here for lists of restaurants and shops. 

3rd Street South Restaurants & Shops

Naples Florida Best Restaurants and Stores on 3rd Street South. Stroll this cute street and enjoy some great food.

Located just south of 5th Avenue is the oldest part of Naples and known more for its art shops, and unique stores.

This historic area has a mixture of upscale shops and restaurants along well-manicured streets.

The shops are located just 2 blocks from Naples Pier so have a bite to eat and stroll over to watch the sunset on the Pier. 

Village at Venetian Bay

Venetian Village Shopping in Naples Florida. A fun area to stroll the stores and eat at delicious restaurants.

Located on Venetian Bay you will find more than 45 waterfront shops and restaurants.

This shopping area has a range of unique stores to chain stores you can find at home.  The fun of this shopping area is being on the water. 

Address: 4200 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples FL

The Waterside Shops

Waterside Shops is a more upscale outdoor shopping mall but unlike its name, it is not located on the water.

The mall is located right off US 41 (also known as Tamiami Trail) which makes it convenient for most tourists.

You can find shops like the Apple Store, Michael Kors, Saks Fifth Avenue, Banana Republic, and more. There are also several restaurants to eat at. 

The ambiance is nice to walk around and a good way to kill a couple hours. 

Address: 5415 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL

Crayton Cove

Visit Naples City Dock at Crayton Cove to walk the pier and see boats, fish, dolphins and manatee. There is also a nice restaurant on the waterway.

The Crayton Cove area was one of the original centers of Naples. It is based around the Naples City Dock area on the inland waterway.

Here you can find a some small shops and a few restaurants.

The Dock restaurant is a fun restaurant if you want to sit on the waterfront and watch the boats go by.

If you want something quick with the kiddos, try the Napoli on the Bay Pizzeria.

Before or after your meal, enjoy a stroll down the dock with the kids looking at boats and wildlife.  

Address: 12th Avenue South and 8th Street South

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Mama Mia’s Pizza

This is an insider tip of a great local pizzeria where all the Naples residents eat.

Pick up a pizza and bring it to the beach to watch the sunset. Your kids will love it. Pizza and the Beach!

They are old school and don’t have a website but here is the link to see their menu online.

You won’t be disappointed!  Since they are old school, they only accept cash.

Address: 1841 Tamiami Trail North, Naples FL, 239-262-2823

Beaches in Naples Florida 

You cannot miss out on spending time with the kids at the amazing powdery white sand beaches of Naples Florida. This is why you really come down here!! 

Need some beach tips and tricks to make your beach visit meltdown free? Check out my 20 Beach Hacks to Survive a Family Beach Day and have a stress free visit to the Beach.

Historic Naples Pier

Visit Historic Naples Pier in Naples Florida for sunsets, a stroll, fishing or the beach. This is where everyone gathers to watch the spectacular Naples Sunsets. You can often see dolphins swimming by and there are always pelicans flying around. This is a top Naples Florida Attraction that can't be missed.

This is one of the most popular beaches both in the day to swim and in the evening to watch the sunset. Your family will love taking a stroll down the Naples Pier to look at all the fisherman and pelicans. Sometimes you will even see some dolphins swim by. 

The Pier has bathroom facilities and a small concession stand located on the Pier. Parking can be found at a pay lot a block east of the entrance.  This is a must hit spot while in Naples.  

Address: Located on the West End of 12th Avenue South, Naples FL

Lowdermilk Park & Beach

This is fun beach with the kiddos on vacation because it offers all the things you need when you travel by plane and can’t tote along.

At Lowdermilk Park, you are able to rent chairs, umbrellas, life vests, and some beach equipment. 

You don’t need to pack food because they also have a reasonably priced concession stand. You will also find 2 playgrounds, picnic benches, bathrooms, and shower facilities.

The downside to all this great stuff is it is VERY popular.

I would recommend getting there early because there is limited paid parking spaces for non-residents.

Even though it can get crowded, you can place your stuff on the beach a little further north or south and be away from the crowd who tend to stay right in front of the facilities.

Overall, I think this is a great family-friendly beach. 

Address: 1301 Gulfshore Boulevard North, Naples FL

Vanderbilt Beach 

Located on the North end of Naples near the Ritz Carlton, you will find beautiful wide white sand beaches.

Vanderbilt Beach has bathroom facilities and chair & umbrella rentals. It does not have a concession stand but you can go next door to the Ritz to eat or just pack a picnic lunch.

During the season (January to March) Vanderbilt beach gets very crowded.  But unlike the other two beaches, this one has a new parking garage with plenty of parking.

It is located just west of the Ritz Carlton hotel entrance and just steps from the beach. However, I would still recommend you get there earlier during the season. 

Location: End of Vanderbilt Beach Road

Free Things to Do in Naples Florida

Save some money while visiting Naples attractions with my list of fun free things to do in Naples Florida. Families will enjoy free museums, parks, nature walks, day trips, and more.

Make it an affordable family vacation by enjoying a few free attractions on your trip. 

Day Trips from Naples 

There are so many close day trips from Naples. Find a few below to visit or check out our Florida Vacation page for more ideas.

Marco Island

About a half hour drive south of Naples you’ll find Marco Island with fun family things to do. Stop first at the Briggs Nature Center on the way to Marco and take a cool hike on a boardwalk through their half-mile nature center.

After head over to Marco Island Historical Museum to learn the history of the people of the area. Finish up with a visit to one of Marco Island’s beautiful beaches and public parks.

To learn more read 8 Fun Things to Do in Marco Island. 

Big Cypress National Preserve

Big Cypress National Preserve is a free attraction located near Naples Florida and the Everglades. It's a great place to see nature and alligators.

Just a short drive away from Naples and is the free Big Cypress National Preserve. Visit this amazing preserve to see a diverse ecosystem near the Florida Everglades.

It’s a great place for the kids to see wildlife in a natural setting from the safety of the many boardwalks.

Your sure to see some alligators swimming around while your visiting. Families can choose to hike or simply drive the beautiful Loop Road.

Find out all the fun things to do in Big Cypress National Preserve – What to See & Do.

Everglade City 

Cool Airboat rides in the Florida Everglades

After visiting Big Cypress National Preserve take a short drive to Everglade City. One of the most exciting things to do here is taking an airboat ride. Your family will love zipping thought the mangroves and looking for alligators.

You’ll also find two fun museums Ted Smallwood Store and Museum of Everglade City.  Both interesting museums teach you all about the people who have lived in this former frontier city in Florida.

Check out all there is to do in The Best Airboat Rides and Visiting Everglade City Florida.

How Much Will Your Trip Cost

Find out the full cost of your upcoming vacation with my free Trip Cost Calculator.

Use this easy tool to help build your travel budget and get a better idea of how much you need to save for a vacation.

You can adjust each travel item cost until you find a total amount that you can afford. Then build your dream vacation around your personal travel budget.

Where to Stay in Naples Florida

Wondering where to stay on your trip to Naples? There is a wide variety of different hotel options from luxury to family friendly.

You will find there are not many hotels on the beach. If this is what you’re looking for check out the Ritz Carlton Naples, Naples Grand Beach Resort, or the Edgewater Beach Hotel.

If you can’t be on the beach another fun option is a hotel on Naples Bay. You can see the boats go by and if you’re lucky catch a glimpse of the dolphins.

There are two local hotels I would suggest The Cove Inn and Naples Bay Resort & Marina.

However if your okay with being off the water and want something more economical you will find every chain hotel from Marriott to the Hampton Inn to chose from on your trip.

Get more hotel ideas at our favorite travel site.

More Florida Destinations – Visit our Florida Posts for More Florida Family Travel Ideas.

I hope this helps you to plan an amazing family vacation in Naples, Florida. There are really so many fun things to do in Naples with kids from visiting museums and zoos to spending the day playing at the beach.

It’s the ultimate beach vacation with something for everyone in your family to enjoy and remember.

Want to save some money on your trip? Local tips in 10 Fun Free Things to Do in Naples Florida. Mix up your trip with a few free adventures too!

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