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Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids with Water Toys

Are you worried about how to entertain the kids this summer? With all of us being stuck at home we need some fun outdoor activities for kids. Ways to keep your kids excited to play outside all summer with cool outdoor water toys for your backyard.

What’s better on a hot summer day then running through water to cool off, laugh and play. Find out how to make it a memorable summer at home with our favorite outdoor water toys and activities.

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Fun Summer Outdoor Activities for Kids with Water Toys

I’ve broken up the toys by age to make it easier for you to find the best outdoor toys for your children.

Outdoor Toys for Toddlers with Water

Water Tables

Toddlers love to play in water tables and they are an easy way to do water play in your backyard or deck space. We like Step 2 brand as we have always found them to hold up over the years.

This Step 2 table has a mix of water and sand for the little ones.

Splash Pad

Let the little ones run through a splash pad to keep cool this summer. They will love looking at all the letters and pictures on the pad too.


This Melissa and Doug sprinkler is perfect for younger kids and it’s pretty cute with the flowers.

We also like this huge beach ball inflatable sprinkler to spray the kids as they run around.

Water Toys

Let the kids play with toys in the water. With this one kids can drive their boat through water over the mountains and through the river.

Mini Water Park

Make a mini water park in your backyard with this inflatable pool with slide, basketball hoop and ring toss. It’s perfect for younger kids.

This rainbow inflatable play center has a slide plus fun games with balls and rings to keep the kids entertained for hours.

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Outdoor Water Toys for 6-10-Year-Olds

The older kids need fun ways to stay cool this summer too. Here are fun ways for elementary age kids to enjoy water without a pool.

Slip n Slide

Let the kids race each other on this fun slip n slide with boogie boards.

Play a little baseball and get wet with this cool slip n slide. The baseball slip n slide would be better for 6-8-year-olds and more water play than a real baseball game. But still a ton of fun.

Tip: I find most slip n slides don’t last more than one summer. So think of this as something just to get the kids wet and outside for this summer.

Mini Water park

Let the kids ride a surf board down a water slide through a shark head. Great for kids around age 6-8 years old.

If you want to go big try one of the huge inflatable water parks. Find one that has a mix of things like slides, basketball hoops, and climbing walls. The larger size inflatables usually can hold more kids so your whole family can play.

Small Pool

A smaller size pool is another great way to let the kids splash around and stay cool. We like this blow-up pool below because you can fit adults and kids into the pool. This way the whole family can enjoy the water.

Trampoline Sprinkler

If you have a trampoline in the backyard hook up this cool sprinkler. Kids can jump out their energy while staying wet.

Fun Outdoor Water Activities for Kids to stay busy all Summer long. Cool Water toys kids will love to play with from best water tables, to water balloons, mini water parks, water guns and more. Find out how to make it a  memorable summer at home with the kids.  #watertoys #wateractivities #outdooractivitiesforkids #kidsactivities

Water Balloons

What kid doesn’t love to play with water balloons on a hot day? We prefer the water balloons that are easy to fill a bunch at a time. No more holding one balloon to a hose and taking hours to fill enough to play.

Take water balloons to the next level with a water balloon launcher. Families can work together to try and hit a target or just see how far they can send the balloons.

Water Guns

Kids will love running around the backyard getting wet with water guns. They can do a water gun battle or create some DIY Targets to shoot down.

Tip: Set a big bin out in the yard filled with water for easy refills of the water guns.

You’ll be amazed how far water shoots from these foam water shooters. They come in a pack of 6 to let the whole family play together.

Our kid’s favorite is these Double Water Guns that use a pump to spray water. They come in a pack of two and are the perfect option for a water gun battle in the backyard.

This large Water Gun can hold 1000cc of water to keep the water battle going longer before refill. Plus it has a strap to wear across your body and it looks really cool.

Are you ready now to have an awesome summer in your backyard? I hope you found a few fun outdoor activities for the kids. These cool outdoor water toys are sure to keep your kids busy and happy all summer long.

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Free Printable Kids Daily Routine Schedule. Get organized when school is out this summer with an easy to follow routine. Make your summer stress free! #kidsschedule #dailyschedule #kidsroutine #freeprintable

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Cool Water Toys - Best Outdoor Activities for kids this Summer. Keep them entertained in your own backyard this summer with unique water toys they'll love. #activitiesforkids #outdooractivitiesforkids #kidsactivities #watertoys #summer

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