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65 Teen Boy Stocking Stuffers Cool Ideas They’ll Want

65 Teen Boy Stocking Stuffers Cool Ideas They’ll Want

Finding gifts for teenage boys, especially small gifts to fit into a Christmas stocking can be challenging. Then add in that the gift is for a hard-to-please teenage boy and you might feel stuck. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered with the best teen boy stocking stuffers.

Cool and affordable stocking stuffer ideas your kids will be so excited to open. You might even get a smile out of them on Christmas morning. 

So take the stress out of the Christmas season and check this item off your holiday to-do list.  Look through the 65 gift ideas below and find the perfect stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts for your teenage son or grandson. 

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Best Teen Boy Stocking Stuffers & Gift Ideas

Fill your Teens Christmas stockings with no junk items they'll be excited to find on Christmas morning. Use our list of the best Teen boy stocking stuffer ideas to find the perfect small Christmas gifts they'll actually use this year. Fun & unique gift ideas you can feel good about giving your teen this Christmas.

Let’s take off your to-do list trying to think of cool teen boy stocking stuffers. Who has time to search Pinterest, Amazon, and Google for the hottest gifts for this holiday season?

This year I’ve done it for you in my pursuit of finding awesome stocking stuffers for my son and nephews. Great ideas & small gifts that older boys will actually appreciate and use this year. 

Look through the list below of the 65 best stocking stuffers for teen boys and pick out what your son will be super excited to find in his Christmas stocking this year.  

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Portable Charger

A portable charger is a great idea for teens who are constantly on their phones and running out of battery. You’ll never have to hear “I couldn’t text my phone died” again. This small charger can slip into their pocket and go with them anywhere.

TikTok Remote Control

Is your son obsessed with TikTok? This small remote control fits on their thumb and allows teens to scroll videos, control volume, and record videos without having to hold their cell phones. It uses the Kindle app and TikTok app. 

Cologne Sampler

Teenage guys love to wear cologne which makes this cologne sample pack perfect. They can try out different scents and find one they want to wear all year long. They are all in small packages perfect for a Christmas stocking. 

Nike, Addidas, or Cloud Slides

Teens are always in need of a new pair of slides to wear around the house, to sporting activities or just to run around town. 

JBL Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Let your teens blast their music on the go with this small waterproof & dustproof Bluetooth speaker from JBL. Kids can use it in the shower, at the beach or just hanging out with friends. Comes in several fun colors too and are great portable speakers. 

Fun Socks for Teens

Socks are great stocking stuffers because they are easy to fit a stocking and have unique designs that are really fun. You can find tons of socks with different sayings and designs to match your teen’s personality. 

One of our favorites is this customizable sock where you can add your own pictures of pets, friends, family, or anything your teen loves.

Socks with funny images

Or be practical and give them the everyday Nike socks they really need. 

Kanoodle Brain Teaser Game

A TikTok sensation – The Kanoodle brain teaser game is sure to be a hit.

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens to use at school, parties or family game nights. A free printable questions to entertain this hard to please age group.

Sneaker Balls

Let’s be honest your teen’s shoes stink. Give a gift for the whole family to take the smell out of their shoes or gym bag with Sneaker Balls. Just twist and drop them into your kid’s shoes to get rid of the odor. 

Gift Cards

There are so many types of gift cards now that you can really find thoughtful ones to fit each teen’s personality. 

I have found tons of great gift card options on Gift Card Granny. It’s my go-to last-minute gift as you can just print it out at home and throw it into their Christmas stocking.

Here are some ideas – Door Dash, Favorite clothing store, restaurants, amazon cards, Ulta or Sephora for beauty products, Spotify or iTunes for music lovers, bowling alley, Best Buy, Topgolf or driving range in your area, book store, Xbox.


Help them keep track of their debit card, school ID, driver’s license & money with a new wallet. 

My son really likes this magnetic wallet for iPhone.

Or give a traditional wallet

Cell Phone Holder

An easy way for a teen guy to watch his phone hands-free is by attaching the gooseneck phone holder to his bedside table or desk.

​Video Games

Does your son have a love of electronics? Give him a fun Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo game he’s really into this year. Here are two popular Xbox games for 2023 according to Tom’s Guide.

Infinity Cube

A really fun fidget toy for your active teen. Plus the Infinity cube is the perfect size to throw into a Christmas stocking. 

Touchscreen Gloves

These touchscreen gloves are great they’ll keep your kid’s hands warm & dry this winter while still allowing them to use their phones. 

Get Organized this holiday with the Ultimate Christmas Planner. 62 Printable pages filled with to do lists, trackers, gift lists, meal planners, monthly calendars & more.

Water Bottle

If your kids are always losing their water bottles this is a great time to stock up. The Hydro Flask water bottle seems to be the most popular one with teens right now.   

Vinyl Sticker

​Teens love to add these vinyl stickers to their Hydro Flask water bottles, laptops, iPads, skateboards, and more. 

Baseball Hat

A cool baseball hat for their favorite Team or a logo they like to wear.


If your son is a reader give him some great books from a series he’d like, a sports hero or a funny book. They may even like this awesome Life Skills book for teens. 

Puzzles & Brain Games

Get your kids off electronics with this fun & challenging book for teens called The Ultimate Brain Game and Puzzles Book for Teens. Filled with brain teasers, trivia challenges, crosswords, word searches, cryptograms, and more. 

Favorite Snacks

Throw in a few of their favorite things to eat into your teen’s stocking. Such as individually wrapped bags of chips, Oreos, Rice Krispy Treats, Cheez-It’s, Swedish Fish, and Air Heads. Or grab the already-made snack pack pictures above and be set.

Fishing Lures

If you have a fisherman they always need some new bait so throw in their stocking some new fishing lures

Card Games

Some of the best card games are Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme. Fun games teens can play with friends. 

Fun New Minute to Win It Games to Play with Teens & Tweens age 10-18 years old. Quick challenges perfect for kids parties, holiday parties, school functions and family game night. Easy games with supplies you most likely have at home already. Pull these out and get your hard to please teenagers engaging and laughing with everyone.

Magnetic Fidget Pen

These magnetic fidget pens are really unique stocking stuffers. Kids can create endless designs, shapes, and forms. A great stress reliever for kids. 

Golf Balls

Get him a fun set of golf balls to play. 

Dude Wipes

Men’s body wipes called Dude Wipes can be thrown in a locker at school or sports bag.

Goodr Sunglasses

​Update their sunglasses with these popular Goodr Brand sunglasses

Sports Trading Cards

​Get your kids into collecting sports cards this year with a starter set for baseball, basketball, or football. 

Tile Pro

If your son keeps losing his car keys get them the Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker to help find his lost keys.

Christmas Candy

Even big kids still like Christmas candy so throw some in for nostalgia such as fun Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer chocolates.

Miniature Flying Discs

These tiny flying discs are fun to throw and catch. They fit in teen’s pockets so they can take them anywhere and be entertained outside. 

Chapstick or Lip Balm

Great time to stock up on chapstick for the winter. 

Workout Dice

Add some fun to your teen’s workout with these workout dice

Pocket Knife

A great option for kids who spend time outdoors, hiking, fishing, or camping is a multi-tool pocket knife

Drawstring Bag

​Useful drawstring bag for kids to carry to sports or running around town. You could use this a your Christmas stocking too!


A magazine subscription to something they’d be interested in such as Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated, or Rolling Stone Magazine. Add a copy of the magazine to their Christmas stocking.

Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is a practical gift but also not cheap so a good Christmas gift. 


Teens are big into wearing Crocs again get them a new pair in a fun color. You can stuff candy into the shoe and then add it to the Christmas stocking.

Gas Station Gift Card

One of the best gifts for teens who are driving is a gas station gift card. They can use it for gas or food items in the gas station. 

Small Ice Scraper

Help your son be ready for winter weather with a small ice scraper he can keep in the car. 

Eye Black

​Kids who play outdoor sports like football or baseball will appreciate some new eye black stickers or eye black sticks for the next season. 

Mini Flick Football Game

Small tabletop football game for football enthusiasts. 

Proactive Skin Care

Teens with oil skin or who have lots of acne breakouts will appreciate this Proactive skincare line.

Beef Jerky Sampler Pack

​Teens who like beef jerky will enjoy this sample pack of four different flavors to try. 

Sports Drinks

Add a bottle of Prime or Gatorade to the Christmas Stocking to drink with the beef jerky.

​Harry’s Razors Shaving Kit

Help your teen get a close shave with a Harry’s Razor kit

Nike T-shirt

Roll up a Nike T-shirt or another favorite T-shirt brand of your sons. 

Crease Protectors for Shoes

​Protect their shoes from creases with this set of two crease protectors

Lottery Ticket

Lottery Scratch-off tickets are an awesome stocking stuffer. You can give them to the whole family and see if you have a big winner on Christmas morning. 

Parachute Cord Bracelets

These parachute woven cord bracelets are a fun item to add to the Christmas stockings. 

Funny Key Chain

​Get a laugh from your teen with a few funny gifts. This key chain is sure to crack a smile. 

Smart Phone Stand

Flexible thumb cell phone holder they can adjust. 

Phone Case

It seems like they always need a new phone case so why not add it on as a Christmas present? 

Sentimental Bracelet

Love this sweet sentiment that comes with the Tiger Eye and Agate bracelet for boys. 

Santa Claus Nail Clipper

Nail clippers with a Christmas theme. 

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Get your teen to actually wear a winter hat with this cool Bluetooth Beanie hat

Coin Flip

Do you always hear your kids say just one more game? Then you need this funny coin flip gift for their stocking. 

Cell Phone Cable Protector

Fun 3D cartoon cable protectors.

French Fry & Sauce Holder

All those teens going through drive-thrus will love this french fry and sauce holder

Car Cleaning Gel

If your teen has a messy car they need this cool car cleaning gel

Would You Rather Game Book

Fun holiday-themed Would You Rather Game to play with the whole family or friends. 

You can also grab our free printable Would You Rather Questions for Christmas and Would You Rather Questions for Teens. These are a great way to get your teen talking with family and friends.

Free Printable Would You Rather Christmas Edition for Kids. Families will love these hilarious questions to ask at holiday parties, school parties, or family events. Just download the Christmas questions and print them out. It's that easy!

Workout Hand Grip Strengthener

Teens can build strength in their hands with this small hand grip strengthener.

Bodymark Temporary Tattoo

Artistic teens will enjoy creating temporary tattoos with these markers. 

Dr. Squatch All Natural Bar Soaps

Have your teen smell manly with the cold press natural bar soaps from Dr. Squatch. This is a variety pack with 5 different soaps. 

World’s Smallest Super Soaker

Boys love water guns and here is the perfect size to add to a Christmas stocking. 

Sports Ball Pump

Small sports ball pump kids can throw in their backpacks when going to play pick-up basketball or soccer. 

Men’s Hair Bands

With long hair back in style teens need something to hold back their hair to play sports or just to wash their face at night. These wavy metal bans are popular with boys and men.

Mini Handheld Arcade Game

Teens will have a blast playing this mini-arcade game. It’s a handheld game with 156 games inside that you can also connect to a  TV screen. 

LED Light Strips

Let your teen light up their room with LED lights that can be controlled with their phone or a remote control. 

​Star Wars Actions Figure

If your son is a big Star Wars fan or Marvel fan get them a collectible action figure

Water Skipping Balls

These water skipping balls are a fun game to play if your kids go to the pool or beach a lot. Or if you are heading out of town for the holidays. 

Snowball Launcher

Teens will love this cool snowball launcher for their next snowball fight. Snowballs can fly up to 150 ft!

I hope you have found a few good stocking stuffers for your teenager. I love that this list has no junk gift ideas just cool stocking stuffers they’ll be excited to open on Christmas morning. 

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Stop searching all over for the best teen boy stocking stuffers ideas. This is the list you need to find the perfect small stocking stuffers for teens. Cool & unique Christmas gifts teen boys will acutally use and be excited to find on Christmas morning.
Having a hard time finding Stocking stuffers for teens boys? Don't worry we've got you covered with the 65 Best Teen boy stocking Stuffer ideas. Fun & unique gifts boys will be so excited to find on Christmas morning. All small no junk christmas gifts you'll want to give them this year.