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36 Things to Do When Your Kids are Bored|I’m Bored Jar

36 Things to Do When Your Kids are Bored|I’m Bored Jar

Finding stay-at-home activities for kids in the summer and days off from school can be really challenging. Especially if you are trying to work from home at the same time. To make it easier use our list of 36 things to do when your kids are bored.

The printable I’m Bored Jar has tons of Indoor & Outdoor activities that kids can do on their own so you can work or just get things done around the house.

Get inspired with our free printable I’m Bored Jar labels with indoor and outdoor activities for kids. Parents can cut them out and put them in a DIY I’m Bored Jar.

When the kids need something to do send them to the I’m Bored Jar to find an activity for a stress-free summer.

Things to Do When Your Kids Are Bored | I’m Bored Jar

Free Thing to Do with Kids when your stuck at home. Fun Indoor & Outdoor activity ideas all on a free printable. Clip them out and put in an I'm Bored Jar.  A fun way to keep the kids & happy at home. #indooractivities #outdooractivities #thingstodowithkids #thingstodoathome #kids #boredjar

How I’m Bored Jars Work

I’ve broken up the list by Indoor activities kids can do on their own while you work and outdoor activities when they need to burn some energy.

The printable also has a blank page so you can add specific activities for your child and labels for your I’m Bored Jar.

Keep the I’m Bored Jar out on your counter and when the kids need to keep busy tell them to pick something from the Jar. Make it into a game and something fun for the kids to do. They’ll love the surprise of what activity they will get to do next.

We started using this jar at home and it has really helped with keeping the kids busy on their own. They love pulling items out of the jar and seeing what their next activity will be. No more listening to the kids say those dreaded words – I’m Bored.

Free Printable I'm Bored Jar with Indoor & Outdoor Kids Activities. Keep kids busy and happy when schools out. Kids can do these while you work from home too! Stop hearing I'm Bored from your kids! #indooractivitieskids #outdooractivities #indoorgames #outdoorgames #imboredjar #boredombuster

Here are your free printables 36 Things to Do When Your Kids Are Bored.

Summer Camp at Home

Create an unforgettable Mom Camp this summer using this printable Summer Camp Planner. Includes camp themes, activities, games, schedules, budgets, field trip ideas, and more. Plan your whole summer with this easy to follow camp planner.

Do you want a more organized and planned summer with the kids? Create your own Summer Camp at Home. It’s easier than you think with our complete Summer Camp Planner.

The Camp planner has 30+ printable pages with 8 weeks of pre-planned themes, activities, schedules & more. All you have to do is print it out and your summer is planned for you!

Check out the Summer Camp Planner and be ready for an unforgettable summer with your kids.

More Activities for Kids

Here are a few of Happy Mom Hack’s most popular activities for kids. You’ll find everything from Minute to Win It Games to outdoor activities and things to do in your local area.

Get even more ideas on our Kids Activity Page.

Minute to Win It Games for Kids – Kids can play these by themselves racing the clock or against family and friends.

Fun Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids – Fun games to play when you’re stuck indoors for the day.

60 Fun & Free Things to Do with Kids Screen-Free – Entertaining activities for kids at home and in their local community.

31 Days of Boredom Busting Indoor Games for Kids – A Free Printable Calendar with a new activity to do every day.

Free Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages – Fun quiet activity with coloring & Dot to Dots

Free Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids – Nature Hunts, Neighborhood Hunts (find fun items in your own neighborhood), and Teen Scavenger Hunts.

Fun Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Ideas & Shadow Art for Kids – The kids will love this fun outdoor art activity

DIY Backyard Games for Kids from Dollar Tree – Easy to make outdoor games for kids with cheap items from Dollar Tree

Free Printable Kids Daily Routine Schedule. Get organized when school is out this summer with an easy to follow routine. Make your summer stress free! #kidsschedule #dailyschedule #kidsroutine #freeprintable

Educational Activities for Kids

Need a few educational activities to do with the kids too? Check out our list of the Best School Apps and Educational Websites for kids.

I’ve been overwhelmed by all the educational resource lists I’ve seen so I created a list that’s easy for parents to use.

The websites are broken down by Math, Science, Reading, and General Education websites. Under each website, you’ll also find the best age group to use the site from Kindergarten to High School Students.

There is also a great list of cool virtual Museums and Zoos to visit too.

Are you ready now to print out some fun things to do when your kids are bored? I find if I have things ready it’s less stressful for me when the kids are home. The I’m Bored Jar is easy to make and a great way to entertain your kids at home.

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Bonus you’ll get our free printable Screen Time Rules for Summer to make your day organized and stress-free.

Free Printable Summer Screen Time Rules for Kids. No more arguing with kids over electronics. Use this daily checklist to get organized and set expectations this summer.

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Indoor Activities for Kids at Home when you need to work. Entertain the kids with an I'm Bored Jar. Free printable indoor activities they can do on their own and outdoor activities to get out their energy. Make being stuck at home less stressful and more fun for the family. #indooractivities #entertainingthekids #outdooractivities #Imboredjar #boredombusters #thingstodowithkids #boredjar
Indoor & Outdoor Kids Activities for an I'm Bored Jar. List of 36 Free Printable things for kids to do on their own while your working from home. Keep them busy and happy. #imbored #kidsactivities #activitiesforkids #indooractivities #outdooractivities

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Fun Indoor & Outdoor Kids Activities at home. Ideas for an I'm Bored Jar kids can use to think of activities while you work. They will be having fun playing while you work from home. See if it works for you. #kidsactivities #activitiesforkids #workingmoms #boredjars #imboredjars #indooractivities #outdooractivities
Fun Indoor & Outdoor Kids Activities when their bored. Free printable lists to create an I'm Bored Jar. Games & activities they can do on their own while you work or get things done at home. Keep the kids entertained and happy all summer long. #kidsactivities  #activitiesforkids #imboredjar #indooractivities #outdooractivities

Jurrien Collins

Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

Today’s kids building forts at home would be cool. We can gather up pillows and blankets, and move around some furniture to help your kids build the perfect fortress. You can make it more like an adventure too. Snuggle in for the night, tell a few ghost stories and build an exciting atmosphere. This is the perfect opportunity to let them have fun the traditional way i.e. away from too much technology!


Monday 27th of April 2020

Yes its amazing the amount of imagination and fun that can come out of building a fort. Love the idea of making it like a camp out too.