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Cool Things to Make With Cardboard Crafts for Kids

Cool Things to Make With Cardboard Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for cool things to make out of cardboard boxes? Then you’ll love our list of easy cardboard craft ideas and cardboard toys for kids. Their fun and cheap kids activities you can do at home with items you already have.

Turn that rainy day stuck inside into something memorable creating cardboard craft ideas like butterflies, a reading nook, marble run, Nerf targets, slides, car ramps, and more. It’s amazing what you can DIY with a cardboard box.

Look through our list and find a few easy things to make with cardboard your kids will love to try.

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Cool Things to Make With Cardboard Crafts & Toys

10 Cardboard Box Activities, Crafts & Toys for Kids. Turn all your old cardboard boxes into fun things for kids to do at home. Easy DIY Cardboard crafts to make marble runs, race track, reading nooks, building blocks, Nerf targets and more. Tons of ideas to keep kids busy indoors on rainy days.

Get started making your own cardboard crafts and toys by saving up cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper rolls, tissue boxes, and any other cardboard you would recycle.

Find a spot to store the cardboard so when you need a quick kids activity you can pull them out and get started. The best part is your saving money on supplies and teaching your kids how to reuse items that are recyclable.

Cardboard Butterfly

Cardboard Butterfly Craft Ideas for Kids. A recycled Art project for home or school. A great way to use up all your Amazon Boxes.

Turn those flat boxes into a beautiful Cardboard Butterfly craft. All you need is cardboard, tissue paper, and markers. I love how these end up looking like stained glass when you hold the butterflies up to the window.

Get directions and a butterfly template in Cardboard Butterfly Craft Ideas to make with your kids.

Building Blocks

DIY Cardboard Building Blocks for Kids. Make a fun indoor activity for kids by turning all your cardboard boxes into cool building blocks. Perfect for rainy days at home.

Kids love to stack up building blocks so why not make them out of your old cardboard boxes? You can use any small to medium size boxes you have. We have even used old tissue boxes.

To make the boxes seem more special I used colorful tape around the outside of each box. This added some fun and was super easy to do. I picked up several colors of tape at Dollar Tree but you can also find some here.

Then let your kids use their imagination to build a fort, zoo, store, or just see how high they can build the blocks. The great thing about cardboard is it’s lightweight when they fall down so kids won’t get hurt.

Reading Nook

Cardboard Reading Nook or Play house for Kids. A fun indoor playhouse for kids made with cardboard boxes. When your done collapse the box and put it away. Fun on rainy days when your stuck at home.

Create a reading nook out of larger boxes. Again I used different color tapes to decorate our Book Nook. Then we added pillows, blankets and books so the kids could hang out and read.

You can also let your kids get creative with this and use crayons or markers to decorate their own book nook. They’ll love just being able to color this huge box.

Tip – If the box can stay up on its own don’t tape the back wall shut. Then when the kids are done you can fold it down to save space.

Marble Run

DIY Marble Run Ideas with Cardboard. Create this cool STEM experiment at home using cardboard tubes, boxes and glue. Then recorded your observations on a free printable chart. A fun cardboard challenge at home.

Make a cool DIY Cardboard Marble Run for your kids. The marble run can be used as an at-home STEM project and a fun game for kids.

First, let the kids experiment to figure out where to put all the pieces in the Marble Run. Your goal is to try and get the marble to land in the toilet paper roll at the bottom.

Once you’ve made it use our free printable observation chart to mark down where the marble lands the most.

When your done turn it into a game giving each area a marble can land a different amount of points. Compete to see who can get the most points while sending the marble down the shoot.

Get instructions on How to Make a Cardboard Marble Run.

Nerf Targets

Cool DIY Spinning Nerf Targets for Kids. Learn how to make this easy Nerf targets out of Cardboard boxes. Your kids will love it!.

Do your kids love playing with Nerf Guns? Then they’ll want this DIY Spinning Cardboard Nerf Target. Kids will enjoy the challenge of trying to hit a spinning target and the box will collect all the targets that hit it. So less to clean up!

You can also use paper towel rolls with ping pong balls on top as extra targets. We usually place these above the spinning target.

Get Directions & pictures in How to Make a Spinning Nerf Target.

Cardboard Golf

Easy Cardboard golf game for kids. Turn your cardboard boxes into golf tees in your home. A fun indoor activity for kids.

Make your own indoor golf course with cardboard golf holes. Use a box that is the size of a shoe box or large tissue box. Cut one side of box open so you can hit a golf ball into it.

Glue a colored piece of construction paper on top and write the number. I try to have each hole have a different color and then pick the number based on where I place the hole in the room.

Next, get out a kids golf club and foam golf balls and try to hit the golf ball into the holes.

Hockey with Cardboard

Indoor Cardboard Box Hockey for Kids. Play indoor hockey by using a cardboard box and hockey sticks. Keep your kids active when your stuck indoors.

Making a floor hockey game out of cardboard is really just creating a goal for your kids. To do this I used a medium-size box and just folded in the flaps. You could also cut off the flap it keeps the ball from rolling in.

To play indoor floor hockey kids need a small hockey stick and we just used a foam ball. That way nothing gets broken if the ball hits anything in the room.

Tip: If you need to buy a hockey stick you could also use this stick for golf so you don’t need to buy two items. The kids don’t really care if it’s the right stick they just want to play.

Exercise Dice

Use the Cardboard Exercise Dice to get your kids moving when your stuck indoors on rainy days.

Want to get your kids moving? Keep them active with this fun exercise dice. Use a cube-shaped box that can work as a dice. To add color I added different color tape around the edges of the box.

On each side of the dice write a different exercise for the kids to do. Then let them roll the dice and try the exercise. You can all do the exercise together or have just the person who rolls do it.

I use this as a rain day activity and it’s a great way to get some energy out.

Exercise Ideas for the Dice

  • Skip Down the Hallway
  • Hop on 1 Foot
  • 10 Jumping Jacks
  • 5 Push Ups
  • Run in Place
  • 5 Sit Ups
  • Roll Again
  • Skip Turn
  • 5 Squats


Fun Cardboard Slide Ideas for Kids. Create a cool indoor slide using cardboard boxes and your stairs. Great rainy day activity for kids.

Turn a large box into a slide down your stairs. This is super easy to make and tons of fun. Flatten a large box and lay it onto of your stairs. Then place a few pillows at the end to make a soft landing and to keep the box from slipping down.

Next let the kids slide down and have fun. My kids also let their dolls slide down as a race.

Car Ramp & Race

DIY Cardboard Car Ramp for Kids. Recycle Cardboard to make this fun indoor activity for kids. Perfect for kids who love to play with match box cars.

The same way you created a slide you can make a car race or ramp for your kids. To make car lanes we add roadway tape. Add this to the box to create your different lanes down to the bottom of the box.

Have the kids lay on their stomachs at the top of the stairs and race the cars to the end. If you want the ramp to flatten out at the finish line add another flattened box to the end of your stairs. You can add a finish line to that box and see which car makes it over the line first.

Did you find a few things to make with cardboard that your kids will enjoy? I hope you’ve come away inspired and ready to make cardboard crafts and toys with your kids.

Do you have any other cardboard craft ideas your kids love? Please share with us in the comments so we all can try it!

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Cool DIY Cardboard Toys for Kids. Fun ideas to use up all your old cardboard boxes. Kids will love helping you make these cool cardboard crafts and then playing with them all day. Plus their super easy to make!
Fun Cardboard Box Ideas for Kids at home. Kids will love these Indoor activities made out of cardboard boxes. Super easy to make and a blast to play with! Find everything from an indoor slide to golf, marble runs, craft butterflies, reading nooks, car ramps, building blocks and more. A great way to recuse cardboard at home.