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11 Road Trip Travel Accessories & Games for Kids

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Are you headed out on a family vacation? Wondering how you’re going to keep the kids busy while traveling? You need some fun games to play in the car or airplane rides. Let me show you the best travel accessories and road trip games for kids I have found on Amazon for my family.

Keeping the kids busy while traveling is my key to having the best family vacations. The busier they are, the less time the kids have to whine and the more time for fun!

Find fun busy bag ideas, magnetic games, arts and crafts, bingo, Mad Libs and more. Check out these easy to get travel accessories and road trip games that will help you have an amazing family vacation.

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Best Travel Accessories and road trip games for kids you can easily get through Amazon. Don't stress about upcoming road trips or long plane flights be prepared with things to do to keep the kids busy on family vacation.  You'll love all these fun gadgets and toys from Amazon! #travelaccessories, #familyvacation, #traveltips

Family Vacation Road Trip Games and Travel Accessories

Road Trip Games

1. Magnetic Games

My kids can keep busy forever playing bingo on the long car rides or plane rides. Here is one of the Bingo sets that we use and love. It is a self-contained metal box with magnets for the game markers so you don’t lose pieces all over the car.

Also, it is small enough that it will easily fit in your carry on or backpack. It is even great for little kids because it is all animal pictures with no words to read. Amazon has several different versions of these magnet games so check them out and see if there is one your child will like better. I thought the Hangman game would be great for older kids.

2. Car Bingo

Are you looking for a more traditional car bingo? One where the kids need to watch out the window to find the bingo items? Here is a great one we use that has sliding windows on it to mark the items you find. Easy for a car ride with nothing to lose. The game comes with four playing cards so I play with my boys when I am not driving. It’s tons of fun and keeps the kids distracted on the drive.

3. Mad Libs

Remember playing these as kids! It’s a great way to pass the time finding words to fill in the blanks of the sentences provided. The kids can come up with some pretty funny answers so it can be very entertaining. They might even learn something while having fun.

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Arts and Crafts For Car Rides and Plane Rides

4. Wiki Stix

These super fun bendable wax sticks are great for car rides, plane rides, and keeping busy at restaurants. We were given these at a restaurant one time and have been using them on trips ever since. Kids can use their imagination to make all kinds of creations.

The Stix are reusable so the kids can play with them over and over again throughout the trip. The best part is they are mess-free and easily fit in your purse. I usually store them in a large zip lock bag.

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5. Color Wonder

Have you tried these amazing Color Wonder markers and coloring books by Crayola? They have “magic markers” that allow the color to only show up on the special paper. No more worrying about your child coloring the airplane, car, or restaurant seats.

The coloring books come in a wide variety of characters and many come with the markers. Find one with the character your child loves and let them be free to color anywhere.

6. Paint by Stickers

A new fun activity book for kids. It is kind of like paint by number but uses stickers instead of paint. The book has stickers with different shapes and numbers which you match up with picture outlines to complete the picture. A fun and time-consuming activity.

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Travel Accessories for Road Trips

7. Snack and Play Travel Tray

When you are on a long car ride, your kids need a flat place to play with their toys and eat a snack or meal. We have the Star Kids trays for our boys and it works great for all their activities and eating. It even has a higher edge so that their cars, crayons, or other items don’t roll onto the car floor. 

I have tried two versions of this tray, one with the flaps on the sides like the one below and one without. I have found the one with the flaps on the sides does a better job of staying on their laps and not sliding off.

The pockets on the side flaps are also an easy way for kids to reach their own stuff so you are not constantly handing them things. These trays have been awesome on our long road trips. Here’s my son using the tray.

#affiliate - Great travel tray for kids on Road Trips

A new option that has come out is this tray that has additional pockets to hold small books or art supplies. Both are great it just depends on what you think your child will use the tray for in the car.

8. Kick Mat and iPad Holder for Your Car

I love having a kick mat on the back of the front seats to stop all the dirt from the kid’s feet and to hold some of their toys on a long car ride. The Oasser kick mat I found has a bonus of holding your child’s iPad to make it easier to watch movies.

There are openings placed in the iPad holder to connect their earphones and charger too. It also has a huge pocket to hold books, 2 drinks holders and comes in a 2 pack.

The mat is a great way to keep the car organized on long trips and entertain your kids. Here is what it looks like in my car. Click on it for more details.

#Affiliate - The best Car Kick mat for family vacation. Holds kids eye pads, drinks and huge pocket for books and activities. Love that sides on iPad holder open to plug in earphones or charger. Great for road trips.

Here is another great one I found that has more small pockets that you could use to watch a phone on a long car trip. Keep in mind when choosing the height of your child’s eye line in the car. With these additional pockets, the iPad holder will be lower but if they are watching a phone this one might be better.

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9. iPad Holder for Car Rides and Planes

Want just a holder to hold the kid’s iPads instead of the whole Kick Mat? Try this cool one that comes highly recommended to me from a friend.

You can strap it to the front car seat on long car rides or you can use it on plane rides by strapping it to the airplane fold down tray. Just fold down the airplane tray and strap the holder on the bottom of the tray.

Next, fold up the tray and it will be right in front of your child to watch. Bonus: it has a sturdy holder just in case the iPad drops.

10. Neck Pillow

I find my kids are always falling asleep in cars and planes in the most uncomfortable head positions. You know the ones where their chin is touching their chest and they wake up all crabby. I found bringing along a travel neck pillow helps them sleep better. Plus what parent doesn’t love the part of the trip where they have a quiet sleeping child.

Here are two pillow options. I like that the first one holds up the chin and the neck and has several positions. Both have the added bonus of snaps so that you can attach the pillow to your carryon and it’s not one more thing you need to schlep around.

11. Travel Potty

Ever been on a road trip in the middle of nowhere and your kid has to go to the bathroom right now! This is the portable travel potty we throw in our trunk for just this occasion. It’s also a great alternative to the outdoor bathrooms when camping, heading to national parks, hanging out at a beach, or anywhere with porta potties.

The descriptions suggest buying special bags to use with it but we just use plastic bags from the grocery store. Have a newly potty trained child in the house? This potty can turn into a real lifesaver on a road trip.

I hope that you found some items on this list to help make your next family vacation easier! You’ll find these road trip games really keep your kids busy and the travel accessories just make your life easier. If you’re looking to save some money check out my 15 Best Road Trip Games from the Dollar Store.

Have you found other items that have been a great help on a trip? Please share with all of us in the comments.

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