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30 Hottest Tween Girl Gift Ideas for 2020

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Finding Tween girl gift ideas can be tough! They’re not little kids anymore but they’re not quite teens either. The age range of 9-12 years old is a tricky time to shop for kids. So, let me help you find the gifts tween girls are begging for this year.

Stop stressing and find the perfect gift for tween girls birthdays, Christmas, or just a fun surprise. Your sure to find something they’ll love and be their hero.

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Hot Gift Ideas for Tween Girls in 2020

Unique Gift Ideas for Girls at 9-12 years old. Tweens are so hard to shop for! Use this gift guide to find the perfect gift the tween in your life will love for their Birthday or Christmas gift. #giftguide #giftidea #girls #tweens #christmasgifts #birthdaygifts

Are you ready to find the perfect Tween girl gift idea? Follow along and find the gift you’ve been looking for with a variety of gifts for every personality.

3D Pen

Help tweens bring their drawings to life with an MYNT3D 3D Pen. A unique gift for girls who love to create. It can be their latest sketch or create science, math, and architectural concepts. Really anything they can imagine they can create.

Make sure to pick up the extra filament refill packs too. Once they start they won’t want to stop.


Take making friendship bracelets to the next level with an i-loom. Attach your child’s iPad to the loom and learn new patterns by following the app. You’ll be amazed at the intricated creations they can make.

The Comfy

Kids will love snuggling up in The Comfy a super soft wearable blanket. It’s a favorite in our household with the kids wearing them all winter long. The pocket in front is a nice feature to hold their phone or a book.

Kylie Jenner Lip Gloss

The popular Kylie Jenner Make Up line has a fun lip gloss set with 6 different colors. Kids will love trying a different lip gloss color every day.

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Pop Socket Lip Balm

Girls will always have their lip balm with this cute Pop Socket. Just add it to the back of their cell phone and then flip up the lid to get lip balm. Check out all the different fun patterns.

Apple Air Pod Pros

This is the gift all the girls really want the Apple Air Pod Pros. They can listen to their music and Tik Tok videos or use them for remote learning.

Air Pod Pro Case

Find a cool case for their Air Pod Pros to stand out. Take a look at all the fun cases like Mini Mouse, Starbucks, Nintendo Switch, blinged-out cases, and more. Your sure to find one they’ll love.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller strictly handheld version of the Nintendo Switch. Parents will like the lower price point and kids will like the smaller feel and access to tons of games. The only downside is you can only play games that support the handheld mode.

To keep it safe you might want to also get a case or screen protector.

Echo Dot – Kids Addition

Tweens love to call out Alexa and ask questions, play music, and use her assistance. Help them with the Echo Dot Kids addition it has privacy settings, filters for music, and parents can set time limits on its use.

Kids will like that it glows and the cool rainbow look of this Echo Dot addition. If you feel they’re ready you could also try the regular version of Echo Dot.

Unique Subscription Boxes

Give a gift that keeps giving with monthly Subscription box gifts. The girls will love opening something new every month. These unique gift boxes are themed with items for arts & crafts, STEM, baking, cooking, or new books.

Each box contains what the kids need to create their art, STEM projects, and bake their recipes at home. They also make great family activities you can all do together. See if there is a subscription box your child will love.

Sports Subscription Boxes

Your sports-loving daughter will be so excited to receive these cool sports subscription boxes. Each month kids will get fun items to encourage them to go out and play their favorite sport.

Parents & Grandparents can choose from box themes of Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Football, and Hockey. Or choose a mystery box with all the sports. Each month kids will find training aids, gear, accessories, collectibles, swag, and snacks.

Boxes are based on your child’s age so they’re sure to receive the right gifts each month. This is really a fun way to keep their birthday going all year long.

Bedside Caddy

Help organize your tween and make things easy to reach while hanging out in their bed with a fun bedside Caddy.


A huge trend right now is Tie-Dye. Tweens will love a cute Tie-Dye shirt with a fun phrase.

A crop top Tie-Dye Sweatshirt which would look adorable with a white tank top underneath.

Soft Tie-Dye throw blanket for their bedroom or snuggling up to watch a movie.

Jewelry Stand

Help your tween get all their jewelry organized and look cute in their room with a fun Jewelry Stand.

Sequin Throw Pillow

Kids will like running their hands over a sequin throw pillow and changing the colors or pictures. A great way for kids to decorate their room too.

Birth Year Necklace

Another big trend this year is birth year necklaces. You could also pick a year they graduate or another meaningful year as a fun personalized gift. They look great with other layered necklaces too.

Hoover Board

Hoover Boards are hugely popular with kids right now. It’s a great way to get them outside and off electronics.

But for those that love their phone, they can connect this Hoover board to a Bluetooth speaker. It has self-balancing and it’s easy to ride for beginners to master.

Instax Mini 11

Kids will be excited about these retro Polaroid type cameras with instant pictures as soon as they click. This new version of Instax Mini even has a selfie mode and selects the optimal shutter speed for your environment automatically. You’re sure to get some great pictures.

Consider getting the Instax Mini bundle which includes the film, case for your camera, frames to hang, and more.

Stem Kits for Girls

Does your child love science? Get them excited with this award-winning science kit for girls 9-12 years old. You’ll find a detailed lab book with 19 fun experiments to do at home. Plus tons of ideas for kids to use their imagination and create their own science experiments.

Coding at Home

Learn to code with this beginner coding kit with easy directions for kids to follow. They’ll use computer science skills to build sorting races, mystery mazes, binary necklaces, encryption devices, and more.

Spa Day STEM

Mix a spa day for your girls and STEM with this cool Spa Lab. Kids will learn the science behind creating bath bombs, body scrubs, lip balm, and more. They’ll enjoy a girly day while learning science. The only downside is you will need some of your own ingredients like eggs, yogurt, and oatmeal. Things you’d have around your house.

Felt Message Boards

Let girls express themselves with a fun felt letter board. This double-sided felt board has 3 colors with letters, numbers, emojis, and symbols to help write out their feelings, humor, or thoughts.

Chalk Hair Color

Have fun with their hair by changing up the color using these chalk brushes. They’re easy to apply and are safe for kids to use on their hair.

VSCO Girls

Is your tween a VSCO Girl? Get this fun VSCO Girl pack with scrunchies, stickers, bracelets, steel straws, and more. A fun pack they’ll be excited to start wearing and using.

Pillow Pad

The Pillow Pad has been a huge hit in our house. It lets kids adjust how they watch their iPad with 3 different ways to hold your iPad. Plus a nice pocket on the side to hold your apple Crayon or cell phone. It’s been really helpful for remote learning too.

Writing Journals

Make writing and recording their memories fun with the Dream Journal kit. Kids will enjoy writing in the book and adding their own personality to pages with stickers and borders.

Go Glam Nail Stamper

Decorate the girl’s nails with these fun stamp patterns in the Go Glam kits. Let them show off their personality by creating their own unique fingernail designs.

Just Dance Game

Get the kids active with the Just Dance game on Wii, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox. The girls will enjoy trying to follow the dance move and get better and better each time. A fun way to spend time with friends too.

Crayola Sketch Wizard

Kids who are artistic will enjoy learning to sketch items they have at home with this cool board. You simply put an item on the board and use the photo filter to draw. I was amazed at what my kids could draw with Crayola Sketch Wizard.

Funny Socks

Bring some humor to your gift with socks that have cute sayings. Look through and find a saying that fits your daughter.

I hope you found a fabulous gift idea for your tween girl. Something they can be excited to open on their Birthday or Christmas morning. These 30 tween gift ideas are sure to make shopping easier for you and a very happy girl.

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30 Cool Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls age 9-12 years old. Tween Girls will love these unique Birthday and Christmas gift ideas. Make shopping less stressful with these 30 fun gift ideas. #giftideas #giftsforgirls #tweens #girls #birthdaygifts #christmasgifts #gifts

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