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Use This Snack Organization Trick to Stop Morning Stress

Tray with school snacks

I don’t know how mornings are in your house, but ours is a crazy mad rush every morning to get the kids ready for school and out the door.  Kids always oversleep, take too long to eat breakfast, and forget to pack their backpacks so we are scrambling every morning.  I was starting to get so stressed out with our total disorganization and began thinking of ways to make things quicker and easier in the morning.  I needed snack organization!


How to get your Snacks Organized

Every day, the kids need to bring a school snack. Our school, like many others, provides a snack list of what you can bring so I don’t have to be creative about snacks, just pick things off the list.  I went to the dollar store and bought two Tupperware trays, one for each kid. I bought different colors so they would know which tray was theirs. This helps with the fighting in the morning over who stole who’s snack – another thing that would add to my stress.

Snack Trays for both kids


I put the tray out on the counter and filled them up with a weeks’ worth of snacks. Each morning, the kids have to pick out their snacks and pack it in their own bags. This does two things: gives them responsibility and frankly takes one thing off my morning to do list. You can even put a tray in your refrigerator with pre-bagged and cut up fruit. These trays will be worth the 10 minutes of your time for a week worth of less stress in the morning.

Want to make after school snacks easy too?  Create trays in your fridge or pantry that just have snacks. This way kids know what they can have after school and maybe you will get lucky and they won’t beg for cookies!

I hope this helps you out in the morning as much as it helped me! Let me know some of your great organizational tips.

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