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Fun Free Printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Fun Free Printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Do you need a cute Valentine’s Day game to play at home or in a classroom? Send your kids on a fun Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt. They’ll love going on a treasure hunt for all the valentine day themed items on the list.

Plus it’s super easy with our Free Printable Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt ideas. Just print it out and play.

Pair it with our other fun Valentine’s Day Games and Valentine’s Bingo Cards and your Valentine’s party is all planned. Your kids are going to have so much fun!

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas with Free Printable

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids. This free printable valentine's game is fun for kids to play at home or at Valentine's Day Parties. Try it in as a classroom party game too. All you need to do is print it out and you're ready to play.

A Valentine’s Day Scavenger hunt is a fun activity for younger kids and older kids to play. The scavenger hunt clues are pictures which makes it easy for all family members to play.

This Valentine Scavenger hunt is a great way to entertain kids at a Valentine’s Day party. You can host one in your home or use it as a school party game with kids searching the classroom for these Valentine’s items.

They’ll have a great time running around the classroom trying to be the first kid to find all the items in the scavenger hunt game.

The best part is it’s a super simple game to play at Valentine’s all you need to do is print out your Free Printable Scavenger Hunt List and you’re ready to play.

Another idea is to play this as a virtual game if you can’t be in person with friends and family or in the classroom. Learn how to play a Zoom Scavenger Hunt. Then add a few more Zoom games and your virtual Valentine’s Day party is set.

We did a Christmas Scavenger hunt and it was a huge hit this year with the kids. I am sure the kids are going to be so excited to try this new Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt.

How to Play a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Here’s how to play this fun Valentine’s Day game.

Grab Your FREE Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

The first step is to download your FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt and print it out. Make sure to print enough scavenger hunt cards for each player to have their own list.

Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids. A fun party game for classrooms, Valentine's Day Parties and family game nights at home. Set your kids off on a search of your house and see who can find all the scavenger hunt items first. All you need to do is print it out and your ready to play!

Make Sure to Have all the Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Take a look at the list and make sure you have all the items on the list. If not make a few out of construction paper and leave them around the house or classroom.

For instance, write LOVE on construction paper and hide it in an area they can find it. You could also draw some balloons or flowers or cut pictures out of magazines. The list doesn’t say they need to be real it could just be a picture of the items.

Another idea is to cut out the pictures on your printable clue cards and use the exact picture for the kids to find.

Go Over the Rules

Give a copy of the Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt to each player. Let them know the time limit to search and if they can count pictures of the items or need to find the actual items.

Setting the rules before you start keeps anyone from arguing about the game.

Is there a Winner?

You can choose if you want this to be a competitive game or not. If you have younger children you might want to let them search the house with a parent for fun.

For older kids set a time limit to find all the items. The first player back with all the scavenger hunt ideas checked off is the winner.

Scavenger Hunt Prize Ideas

A Valentine’s Day prize or a special treat at the end of the game is always fun. It can be a little prize like a small box of Chocolate hearts, a box of Conversation Hearts, or even a small toy. If you’re playing this as a school game give the kids some Valentine’s day pencils or erasers.

For competitive games with older kids, you’ll want a special prize for the winner. I suggest a bigger box of chocolates, a Valentine’s Day book, Stickers, or something you think your kids would be excited to win.

Just make sure if you give out food items that no one has allergies.

Now you’re ready to head out on your Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt with the kiddos. Enjoy doing this fun valentine’s day activity together!

Don’t forget to grab your Free Printable Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt Ideas.

Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids. Fun Party Game for Classroom parties, parties at home, virtual parties or a family game nights.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for kids. Fun scavenger hunt ideas to find at home or in the classroom. Use this easy party game for Valentine's Day Parties. All you need to do is print it out and play.