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Valentine’s Day Word Scramble with Answers Free Printable

Valentine’s Day Word Scramble with Answers Free Printable

Looking for an easy Valentine’s Day activity? Then this free printable Valentine’s Day word scramble is the perfect choice for your kids. A great holiday party game for Valentine’s Day parties in the classroom or at home this February 14th. 

The entertaining worksheet will challenge kids with a list of scrambled words that are Valentine’s Day-themed words. They can work on this fun activity on their own or together with a friend. Then check the answer key and see how many kids were able to unscramble the whole word list.

This fun Valentine’s Day word scramble is sure to be a hit in the classroom and at home this year. Just download, print, and play! 

This free printable Valentine's Day Word Scramble is a fun holiday activity in the classroom & at Valentine's Day parties at home. Kids will have a blast trying to unscramble these 12 valentine's day themed words. Check the Answer key at the end to see if they got the correct answers. Just print it out and play!

Fun Valentine’s Day Word Scramble Worksheet with Answers

As a room parent, I am always looking for easy and fun games to entertain kids at school holiday parties. This free printable Valentine’s Day word scramble is a great activity for classroom use but can also be used as a fun family game night idea in February.

You’ll find this Valentine word scramble game is a little easier than a general word scramble as the puzzle is narrowed to only Valentine words. Kids will only need to think about what words they associate with Valentine’s Day.

There are a lot of shorter words too which allows younger children in elementary school to play. While the longer words can add a bit of a challenge to the worksheet activity.

How to Play A Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

Fun free Printable Valentine's Day Word Scramble kids activity for classroom use or as a Valentine's Day party game. Challenge the kids to unscramble the 12 Valentine's day themed words. Then check the answers. A super easy valentine's day activity kids of all ages will enjoy. Just download, print and play!

First, grab your downloadable PDF file with the Valentine’s Day Word Scramble and answer key. There are 12 themed word scrambles to solve and an answer sheet is included. 

Next hand out the free word scramble to each player so they have their own copies.

If the kids are older you can set a timer and see who can solve Valentine’s words scramble before the timer goes off. A couple of minutes should be enough for high school-age kids while Elementary age kids may need 5-10 minutes. The timer will add a little extra excitement to the game. 

When they are done make sure kids have the correct answer with the Valentine’s word scramble answer key.

Lastly, give a small prize or sweet treats to the winner. 

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

Don’t forget to grab your digital download for personal use – Free printable Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

More Fun Valentine’s Day Activities & Games

Keep the fun going with more fun printable Valentine’s Day games and activities. Pick a few and your whole Valentine’s Day party will be planned! 

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I think kids of all ages will have so much fun playing these Valentine’s Day activities and games. It’s a great way to enjoy the holiday season at home and in the classroom.

Don’t forget to grab your Free printable Valentine’s Day Word Scramble!

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Bonus, you’ll get our free printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt for Valentine’s Day parties, classrooms, or fun at home. 

Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for home or classroom use. Just print and play.

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This Valentine's Day Word Search is a fun Classroom Worksheet for kids. A free printable Valentine's day activity kids will enjoy trying to unscrable the valentine's day themed words. Includes the answers to check their work afterwards. Just download print and play!