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48 Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Free Questions for Kids

48 Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Free Questions for Kids

Get your kids laughing this Valentine’s Day with funny Valentine’s Day Would You Rather questions for kids. A fun Valentine’s Day activity to entertain kids at a Valentine’s Day party, in the classroom, or at home. Grab the free printable Would you rather questions to read and listen to the kid’s hilarious answers. It’s a great way to get all the kids talking and having so much fun on Valentine’s Day. 

You’ll get 48 funny questions in this cute Valentine’s Day edition of our printable Would You Rather game. Just download and print and you’re ready to play. 

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48 Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Printable Questions for Kids

Kid-friendly Valentine's Day Would You Rather Questions with free printable cards. A fun holiday game to play at Valentine's Day parties, at home or in the classroom as a great conversation starter. You'll love hearing kids funny answers to the Valentine's Day themed questions. Just print and play today!

Are you ready to play the Valentine’s Day Would You Rather game? It’s a super easy Valentine’s Day party game, classroom brain break, or a funny family game night at home. You can read all 32 fun questions at once or break them up and read the questions throughout the month of February. 

Another option is to cut out all the Valentine’s Day-themed questions and add them to a bucket. Then let your kids pull out questions to ask their friends or classmates. They make great conversation starters in the classroom or at the dinner table at home. 

If you play in the classroom in a large group you can take classroom polls to see how the kids would answer. Or divide up the side of the room so that kids could discuss the questions in small groups. 

Then add some of our Favorite Valentine’s Day Games with the Would You Rather Questions and your whole party will be planned.

Funny Would You Rather Valentine’s Day Questions

Here are the fun Valentine’s Day questions you will find on the Free Printable Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Game. 

Grab your free printable Valentine's Day Would You Rather Questions for kids. With 48 printable conversation starters to use at Valentine's Day Parties, Classrooms or family game nights.

1. Would You Rather Receive Candy Hearts or Chocolate Hearts?

2. Would You Rather have pink eyelashes or pink striped hair for Valentine’s Day? 

3. Would You Rather Listen to a Love Song or a Valentine’s Day Poem?

4. Would You Rather have Heart-Shaped Pizzas or Heart-shaped cookies?

5. Would You Rather Hop with the Easter Bunny or Shot Arrows with Cupid?

6. Would You Rather Make a Valentine’s Day Card for Family members or buy it?

7. Would You Rather Have a first date at the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon?

8. Would You Rather Get a Dozen Roses or a Big Box of Chocolates? 

9. Would You Rather Write a Love Letter or a Love Song?

10. Would You Rather Dress in Pink or Red?

11. Would You Rather Have 5 Chocolates or 10 Hugs?

12. Would You Rather Receive a Teddy Bear or Stuffed Heart?

13. Would You Rather Have a V-Day Party at Home or School?

14. Would You Rather have Cupid’s Wings or a Bird’s Wings?

15. Would You Rather draw a Valentine’s Day picture or write a note for Valentine’s Day?

16. Would You Rather Receive Flowers or Balloons?

17. Would You Rather Get a Funny Card or a Sweet Card?

18. Would You Rather Celebrate Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day?

19. Would You Rather Have Bright Red Hair or Red Teeth?

20. Would You Rather Give a Valentine’s Day Card to Someone Special or to the Whole Class?

21. Would You Rather Spend the Day with Family or Friends on Valentine’s Day?

22. Would You Rather Have a Chocolate Mustache or Flowers in Your Teeth?

23. Would You Rather Get Candy from Your Teacher or a Funny Card?

24. Would You Rather Get Slobbery Kisses from a Dog or Camel?

25. Would You Rather Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Whole School or a Best Friend?

26. Would You Rather Have a Pet Unicorn that Farts Rainbows or Pet Dragon Sneezing Confetti?

27. Would You Rather Receive A V-Day Card from a Superhero or a Talking Animal?

28. Would You Rather Have a V-Day Hug from a Giant Teddy Bear or a Real-Life Panda?

29. Would You Rather Have a V-day Gift That’s Super Sparkly or Super Squishy?

30. Would You Rather Have a V-Day Dance Party with Dancing Dinosaurs or Singing Aliens?

31. Would You Rather Have a V-Day Adventure in a Candy Castle or Chocolate Kingdom?

32. Would You Rather Have a Rainbow Unicorn or Rainbow Elephant?

33. Would You Rather Watch a Romantic Movie or a Comedy on Valentine’s Day?

34. Would You Rather Walk on a Path of Rose Petals or Melted Chocolate?

35. Would You Rather Have a Secret Admirer or a Best Friend?

36. Would You Rather Fly on Cupid’s Wings or Ride a Unicorn?

37. Would You Rather Receive an Expensive Gift or a Thoughtful Gift?

38. Would You Rather Catch a Love Bug or Stink Bug That Smells Like Chocolate?

39. Would You Rather Watch a Valentine’s episode of SpongeBob or Dora The Explorer?

40. Would You Rather Play Valentine’s Day Party Games or Eat Valentine’s Day Candy?

41. Would You Rather Go on a Gondola Ride or Paddle a Canoe?

42. Would You Rather Receive a V-Day Gift that’s as Big as a Mountain or as Tiny as a Lady Bug?

43. Would You Rather Spend Valentine’s Day in a Candy Forest or a Chocolate River?

44. Would You Rather Give a Valentine’s Day Gift or Receive a Gift?

​45. Would You Rather Make Valentine’s Day Cookies or Brownies?

46. Would You Rather Get Candy from Your Teacher or No Homework?

47. Would You Rather Be at School or Home on Valentine’s Day?

48. Would You Rather See It Rain Hearts or Cupids?

 Make sure to Grab Your Free Printable Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions so you’re ready for your Valentine’s Party!

I hope these great discussion starters will entertain your kids on Valentine’s Day. You’ll have so much fun hearing the different ways the kids answer the Would You Rather questions. Plus it’s a super easy way to entertain kids at a Valentine’s Day party at home or a school party. 

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