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Fun Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids on Zoom

Fun Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids on Zoom

Is your child unable to be with their friends on their birthday? Don’t worry, it can still be amazing with these fun virtual birthday party ideas for kids.

Kids, Tweens & Teens can use technology on Facetime, Zoom, TikTok, and even Netflix to engage in an unforgettable virtual party.

I’ll show you entertaining Zoom games, themes, activities, party favors, and all the steps to plan a virtual birthday party for kids. You won’t believe how easy it is to throw a virtual party for your kids.

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Fun Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids on Zoom

How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party for kids. Plan your social distancing party with Zoom games, checklist, and theme ideas. Find themes like Lego Party, Dance Party, Scavenger Hunt, Fortnite, TikTok Challenge, Science and more. A party for small children to Teens.  #virtualparty #birthdayparty #zoomgames #kidsbirthdayparty

How to Plan a Virtual Birthday Party

Pick a theme for your party – What is your child currently excited about? Use that idea to form your party. Below I will give you a bunch of theme ideas you can use to plan the party.

Create your guest list – How many kids do you want to invite? This will be easier to decide once you have planned your theme and type of party.

Plan Game Ideas – Decide what type of virtual Zoom Games you can play with the number of kids you have attending.

Pick Invitations – Send out invitations by Evite or, if it’s a small group, you can text or email the parents.

Order anything you need for the party and create any gift bags or items kids need for games to drop off at children’s houses.

The best part of virtual parties is there really is no setup or cleaning you need to do the day of the party. Just get online and throw the birthday party.

Virtual Birthday Party Zoom Games & Themes

To help make the birthday party easier to throw, I came up with several theme parties you could host depending on your child’s interest. You could also try and adjust some in-person Birthday Party Games.

Look through these birthday themes and see which is the best fit for your child. Your sure to find one they’ll love.

In addition to the party start some new meaningful birthday traditions with your kids. Fun family traditions your kids will cherish as they grow up and look forward to every year.

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Fun Virtual Birthday Party ideas for Kids.  Use Zoom and Facetime to create an awesome social distancing birthday party kids will love. Get game ideas and themes to help you hold an unforgettable birthday. #birthdayparty #virtualbirthdayparty #zoomgames #zoomparties #kidsbirthdays

Zoom Games

Playing Games on Zoom with Kids is a great way to throw a fun virtual party. The games can be added to any of the other theme parties as an extra activity.

Here are a few Zoom Game ideas, but you can find more in my Zoom Games for Kids and instructions for the games.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader – Parents can get the questions ahead of time and see who can answer the questions the fastest in the Zoom Whiteboard.

Or if it’s easier, write the answers on a piece of paper and have everyone hold up their answers at the same time.

BINGO – You can drop bingo cards off ahead of time at each kid’s house with a small goody bag. Then at the party, all you have to do is call out the numbers. Free Printable Bingo Cards for Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day Themed.

Charades – Split the kids up into two teams and let them act out the item you give them for their team to guess. This ends up being a really hilarious game. Grab your Free Printable 192 Easy Charades Ideas for Kids Word Lists.

Heads Up – This is a cool game for older kids using their iPhone on Zoom together. All you need is the Heads Up App. Kids hold it above their head and it shows a word. The other players give them hints so they can guess what the word on their phone is.

Check out Games to Play on Zoom with kids to get more game ideas for big and smaller groups.

Would You Rather Game

Would You Rather Questions for Kids Free printable PDF. Fun party games for kids to play on Zoom, Classroom parties, birthday parties, road trips, school brain breaks, holiday parties and virtual parties. Funny questions that will have kids, parents and teachers laughing and having a great time together. #wouldyourather #kidsgames #gamesforkids #partygames #schoolgames #holidaypartygames #classroomgames #virtualgames #zoomgame

Kids love playing the Funny Would You Rather Game. Ask the kids silly questions like Would You Rather have bad breath or stinky feet or Would You Rather eat worms or beetles?

Kids can answer in the chat feature or raise their hands for their answers. Then find out why they’d eat a worm instead of a beetle. The answers are the funniest part!

Get a free printable list of Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Try these themed Would You Rather Questions too – Would You Rather ChristmasWould You Rather Teens, and Would You Rather Valentine’s Day 

Minute to Win It Party

Minute to Win It Party Games to play on Zoom for kids Birthday Parties. #birthdayparties #zoomgames #partygames #minutetowinit

Kids love the excitement of Minute to Win It Games. They are hilarious one-minute games where the kids race each other or the clock to win.

To do this on Zoom, give each child a list of items they will need to compete. Or drop off a bag of the items they will need at their house before the party. Have the kids set up all the items in front of the Zoom camera.

A few easy ones would be stacking and unstacking solo cups, stacking pennies, seeing who can keep a balloon up in the air the longest, or using a straw to move Skittles from one plate to another.

Let the birthday child compete or be the clock keeper for the games. They can watch to declare which child is the winner of each round.

Get More Minute to Win It Game Ideas:

20 Easy Minute to Win it Games for Kids

Minute to Win It Games for Teens & Tweens

Craft Party

Throw a craft or art party for kids to do together while on Zoom.

Pick out a craft your child would like to make. Before the party, drop off all the items for the craft in a goody bag to the kids coming to the party.

If the kids don’t live close send a craft kit on Amazon.

Coffee Filter Butterflies are easy to make together and show off while you on Zoom. Have kids color a coffee filter with markers and then spray with water.

Coffee Filter Butterfly craft to do at a Virtual Birthday party for kids.  #virtualbirthdayparty #kidscraft

While it dries, play a game. After the game, fold the butterfly and show it off to the group.

Rock Painting is an easy craft, too. Have the kids pick a rock out in their yard before the party. Then drop off paint and paintbrushes in a goody bag for the kids to paint the rocks.

If you want it as a group project, give instructions on which colors and patterns to make and let the kids follow along.

Emoji Bracelets – Create simple jewelry pieces together on zoom while kids chat. You can pick up small kits to give to each child.

Pinterest is filled with easy crafts to do with kids. Have your child help pick out one that they are excited about and plan the party.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Fun Zoom Scavenger Hunts for Kids. Free Printable Virtual scavenger Hunt ideas for students, teachers and parents. Exciting Zoom games for, classrooms, virtual birthday party, school brain break or family holiday party. Learn how to play and print our your free printable scavenger hunt list. It's a blast! #freeprintable #scavengerhunt #scavengerhuntideas #kids #students #virtualparties #zoomgames

Use a Scavenger Hunt list of items you would like the kids to find around their house. For example, something red, a book, a hairbrush, a watch, or a blue pillow.

While on Zoom, read off one item at a time from your list for the kids to go off and find. The kids then race to find the item and to be the first one back to the Zoom frame with the item.

You could track the child who has the most wins or just let them do it for fun, depending on the age.

Get a Free PrintableZoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Escape Room Party

Plan a super fun Escape Room Birthday party for the kids. To do this virtually have everyone use the same Escape Room Kit so everyone is solving the same game and puzzles.

The first option is to have teams made up of individuals that are physically together in person. Each team is usually 2-5 players so this works to have one family play against another family.

Another option is to email eveyone the game and have the kids work in breakout sessions in zoom to form teams.

To find the best escape room kit for your kid’s age and difficulty level visit our Favorite Printable Escape Room Games for Kids. You’ll find games for kids as young as 5 years old to Teenagers.

Each of the escape kits has extra pictures included which you can tape to the wall behind you as a background for your zoom frame too.

Costume Party

Have all the kids get dressed up for the Zoom party. It could be their old Halloween costumes or something to go with your child’s party theme.

I would keep the theme broad to make it easy for the parents to make the costume such as Super Heroes or Princesses.

It’s really fun to see what everyone dresses up as and for them to show off their costume on Zoom. Then let the kids play a few Zoom games in their costumes.

Sports Subscription Boxes are a fun Birthday & Christmas Gift Idea for Kids. They'll be thrilled each month when they open a box filled with items from their favorites sports. Each box is chosen with a child's age so their sure to get the perfect gift. Give the gift that keeps coming with these fun Sports Subscription Boxes. #gifts #giftideas #christmasgifts #birthdaygifts #subscriptionboxes #sports #boys #girls

Lego Party

Have the kids create a Lego set together. You can drop off or send through Amazon a small Lego set. Then, while on Zoom together, you read the directions and the kids go step by step putting the set together.

At the end, they can show off their Lego builds.

Another option is to do a 10 minute Lego challenge. Kids use the Legos they already have at home and have 10 minutes while on Zoom together to create something with random pieces of Legos, not a set.

At the end of the 10 minutes, hold it up on Zoom to show off their creations.

If you do the Lego challenge, tell parents in the invite for kids to pick out 25 random pieces of Legos to bring to the Zoom Birthday Party.

Dance Party

Hold a Zoom Dance party. You can either just play music and let them show off their dance moves or learn a new dance together.

Use the split-screen on Zoom to show a YouTube video teaching a dance your child likes. Keep the kids on the other side of the screen while they practice the dance.

After you practice a few times, take off the video and play the music for them all to dance together.

Make Up Party

Older kids love to watch YouTube videos on hair and makeup. Take this interest and make it into a fun party. Have each kid do their Zoom by a mirror and have makeup ready.

A fun goody bag would be to drop off eye shadow or the type of makeup they will use in the video.

Do the Zoom split screen again with a YouTube video tutorial on one side and the kids practicing on the other. Once done, let the kids show each other how they look.

Fortnite Birthday & Video Game

Are your kids huge Fortnite or Video Game fans? Have a set time for all the kids to go on and play video games together.

We like Fortnite birthdays because up to 16 kids can play on Creative mode together. The great thing about this game is kids do not have to have the same type of device to play. They can play on mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. This will allow more kids to play.

Then they can hop on Zoom when done to celebrate the birthday child with a cake or a Zoom game. I’ll talk more about the cake below.

TikTok Challenge

Older kids are loving TikTok right now. To play, let the birthday child come up with a TikTok challenge idea. Then send out an invite with the challenge. Have each kid make their own TikTok and then show it off on Zoom to each other at the party.

Or pick a popular TikTok dance and let the kids try to do it together on Zoom. This does not need to be filmed, just do the dances for fun all together. You can show the video on your Zoom split-screen for the kids to learn the dance.

Netflix Watch Party

Movie-loving kids will love Netflix’s new Watch Parties. Kids can watch a movie together at the same time and talk in the side chat feature as they watch. All you need is a Netflix account and Chrome Browser Extension.

If you don’t have Netflix, use any cable channel or the new Disney+ and let the kids watch together on Zoom.

Add to the party atmosphere by dropping off microwave popcorn and candy as a goody bag to all the kids before the party.

Science Birthday

Have a fun science birthday by doing a few cool science experiments for the kids to watch. Pick ones that are quick and have a big bang. Then set the experiment right in front of your computer so all the kids can see it on Zoom.

An example would be to make an exploding Volcano. They’re really easy to make and super cool to watch. Find out how to make a Volcano in 3 easy steps at home.

Rain Clouds in a Jar is another quick and fun experiment. All you need is water, shaving cream, and food dye. Use all different color food dyes to make a bigger impact on the video.

Get more easy at-home science experiment ideas from Happy Mom Hacks Pinterest page.

Birthday Marathon

Set up 10-15 minute Zoom Calls with a small group of friends or family several times throughout the day to celebrate your child’s birthday.

A big Zoom group can be overwhelming and hard for the kids to talk so smaller groups, especially with younger children, will be easier.

Birthday Party Favors & Signs

Virtual Birthday Parties Ideas for Kids

Birthday Party Favors

If your guests live close by, consider dropping off the day before the party birthday party favors filled with items they need for the Zoom call. Plus maybe some candy or something with your theme.

With guests that live further away, use online ordering like Amazon to get small Lego sets or crafts sent to the kids attending.

Birthday Signs

Much like the popular birthday parades kids are going to now, have friends attending the Zoom party create birthday signs for your child. They can all hold them up when they get online to greet your child.

Cake or Dessert

What is a birthday without a cake or dessert? If the people invited live close by, drop off a small dessert or cupcakes to eat with the birthday child on the Zoom call.

At the Virtual Party, have the guests sing Happy Birthday and let your child blow out the candles on their cake. It will make it feel more like a birthday party.


Decorate the background of your virtual party with streamers and balloons to help give a festive feel to the birthday celebrations. We love to find Cheap birthday party decorations at Dollar Tree.

Birthday InterviewsFun Birthday Interview Questions for Kids -Free Printable

Free Printable Birthday Interview Questions to rememer what you kids, tweens & teens were like each year. Just print it out and let you kids fill in the answers.

Make sure you’ll remember all your kid’s favorite things each year with a Birthday Interview. Good questions to ask your kids on their birthday to capture that year of their life. It’s so much fun to hear your kid’s answers and to look back on them when they’re older.

Free Printable Birthday Interview Questions for Kids

Have you found some virtual birthday party ideas for kids and tweens you can use for your child’s birthday? I hope these Zoom birthday games and virtual party ideas will help make your child’s birthday memorable when they can’t be with friends.

Virtual Holiday Party

Enjoy celebrating more than birthdays with your family over Zoom. Host virtual parties for the holidays with your family too. Even after the pandemic, it’s a great way to see a family that doesn’t live close to you.

Find ideas in our Holiday Page or below.

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Virtual Easter Egg Hunt & Party on Zoom

More Birthday Party Ideas

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Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards. #wouldyourather #kidsparty #partyforkids #gamesforkids #kidsgames #pdf

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