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Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, Games & Activities for Kids

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, Games & Activities for Kids

When you can’t be with family and friends for Easter hosting a virtual Easter party is the next best thing. Use Zoom to create a virtual Easter egg hunt, games & activities for kids. These fun Easter ideas are quick to set up and will make for a memorable family Easter.

So don’t miss out on celebrating the holiday with your family this year. Our free printable online Easter Egg hunt will get you started. Then play a few fun zoom games and decorate Easter eggs virtually with the grandparents.

Keep reading to find out how to host a virtual Easter Egg Hunt and plan fun Easter Games and activities for kids. You’ll be set with a full Virtual Easter Party plan.

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Fun Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, Games & Activities for Kids 2021

Fun Virtual Easter Egg Hunt & Party For Kids. How to celebrate Easter when you can't be together. Easy steps to host a virtual Egg hunt with free printable clues. Plus fun Easter games and activities to play virtually for an unforgettable Easter Party.

Are you ready to get started planning your Virtual Easter Egg Hunt and party for your friends and family? It’s going to be so much fun! A virtual party is the next best thing when can’t celebrate in person. So make this year just as memorable.

How to Make a Virtual Easter Party

There are a few quick steps to set up your Virtual Easter Party and be ready for some fun.

If you need more virtual party ideas make sure to visit our Virtual Birthday Parties for kids and Best Games to Play on Zoom with Kids.

Set Up Zoom Account or Facetime

If you don’t have a zoom account set one up to host the party. Or find out if anyone else coming to the party has an account. Most likely someone in your group will have Zoom access so that it won’t cost anything to host the party.

If it’s a small group such as just the grandparents or one other family you could also do Facetime but Zoom works better for larger groups.

Invite Your Friends & Family

Set up a time and invite your friends and family to join you on Zoom for a Virtual Easter. Send everyone a zoom link to attend the party.

Be Prepared for the Party

Let everyone in your group know ahead of time what they need to have ready for the virtual Easter Egg Hunt. You’ll find more on the hunt and each game below so you’ll know what to assign your guests.

How to Do a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

How To Do a Virtual Easter Party and Easter Egg Hunts. Plus fun Virtual Easter Games & Activities for Kids. Free Printable Easter Egg Hunt clues to get started on Your Zoom Easter Party. A fun way to celebrate when you can't be in person with your family & friends this Easter.

An online Easter Egg hunt with your family is going to be so much fun. It’s also quick and easy to set up at each family’s home.

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

First, you’ll need Easter egg hunt clues so you’ll know where to hide eggs around your house. The kids will love this fun Easter scavenger hunt activity to do with the family while on Zoom.

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Clues Free Printable for Virtual Easter Parties or at Home Easter Hunts.

Use our Free Printable Easter Egg Hunt Clues for your game. It’s a cute list of 6 different clues so the game won’t get too long but just enough to entertain the kids.

Send Hunt Clues to Participants

Email or share the Easter Egg hunt clues with other parents participating in the hunt. This way they will know where to hide the eggs in their house. You can use the link to this article (EASTER EGG HUNT).

Stuff the Easter Eggs

Easy Easter Egg Filler Ideas for your Easter Egg Hunt.

Have each family stuff the Easter eggs for the kids to find. It does not have to be the same just fun Easter Egg fillers your kids will be excited to open.

Let everyone know how many eggs to leave at each spot and if you want to have an Easter Basket at the end of the hunt. You wouldn’t want one family to find a lot more eggs than the other kids.

Wondering what to fill the eggs and baskets with? Visit our 90 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids from Teens to Toddlers or Best Easter Basket Ideas for Boys. Find tons of unique ideas!

Hide the Eggs

Before the Virtual Easter Party have everyone hide the eggs according to the hunt clues so they’re ready to go for the party.

Start the Hunt

When everyone is set on zoom start the virtual Easter egg hunt. Have the host read off the first clue and send the kids running to find their eggs. When they get back read the second clue to the group. Continue this until you make it through all the clues.

If you want to be competitive make it a race to see which kids make it back with their eggs to the virtual party first.

When you’re done let the kids eat some candy while you chat on Zoom and catch up.

Virtual Easter Games & Activities on Zoom

Virtual Easter Games & Activities for Kids and Families when you can't be together on Easter. Learn how to host a unforgettable Virtual Easter Party with Easter Egg Hunts and Games everyone will love. #easter

Now that the egg hunt is over keep the party going with more fun Easter Games & Activities. Look through and find a few that will be perfect for your family and friends.

Zoom Games for Kids

Play a few group games on Zoom the whole family will enjoy. Play fun virtual party games like Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Pictionary (use Easter topics), Charades, Heads Up (Tween favorite), and more.

If it’s just the Grandparents let the kids play a one on one game like Battleship or Guess Who. Find tons of ideas in the Best Games to Play on Zoom with Kids.

Easter Games

Entertain the whole family with these 17 printable Easter games kids and adults will love. From Easter Bingo to scavenger hunts, Easter Trivia, Easter Word scrambles, coloring and more. A fun easter bundle to entertain kids at home or in the classroom.

Fun printable Easter games you can play with family on Zoom. Either email a copy of the Easter packet to the other players or read out loud games like Easter Trivia, Easter Jokes and Would You Rather Easter edition. Families also enjoy playing the Easter Pictionary or Chardes on Zoom.

This Easter Game bundle has 17 fun games for kids and adults to play.

17 Easter Games Included – Easter Word Scramble, 2 Easter Scavenger Hunts, Easter Trivia, Easter Bingo, What’s Your Bunny Name, Easter Candy Dice Game, Easter Candy Match-Up, Easter What Am I, Easter Would You Rather Questions, Easter Pictionary & Charades Words, Easter Jokes, Guess Who Many Bunny Tails, Easter Finish the Phrase, Tic-Tac-Toe, Easter Roll & Color, and Easter Coloring pages.

Easter Bingo

Easter Bingo Game is a fun holiday game for the whole family to play. Grab your free printable Easter Bingo Cards and your ready to play.

Grab these free Printable Easter Bingo Cards and enjoy a fun game of bingo. If you not playing in person email the cards to your family and then you can play on Zoom too.

Tip: Use jelly beans as markers for their bingo card.

When everyone is set the host reads off the bingo picture. See who can get 3 in a row first. The best part is when you’re done you can eat all your jelly beans.

Would You Rather

Free Printable Would You Rather Questions for Kids. This funny party game is great at kids birthdays, holidays, school events and more. It's hilarious to hear the kids answers. Print out the PDF Would You Rather Cards and play this at your next party. #partygame #freeprintable #wouldyourather #kids #kidsgame #birthday #holidays #schoolgame

If your family needs a good laugh read Would You Rather Questions to the kids at the party. You’ll love hearing the kid’s funny answers.

Decorate Easter Eggs Together

Set up your Zoom view at the kitchen table or outside and decorate Easter eggs together. Make sure each family has an Easter Egg Dye Kit and has pre-made hard-boiled eggs for the party.

Another fun idea is to purchase for each child an Easter egg spinner to color your eggs with markers. The egg will spin while you hold down a marker to color it. They turn out really cool!

This might be quicker to do while on Zoom than the dye as you won’t have to wait for the eggs to dry.

A fun idea– have the egg spinner as the prize at the end of the Easter Egg Hunt for each child.

Virtual Bunny Hop

Virtual Easter Party Dance for a Zoom Easter. Dancing the Bunny hop is a fun Easter Activity idea the kids will love.

Get up and dance together with a Virtual Bunny Hop. The host will play the Bunny Hop song and everyone will hop along. This is a fun dance for all ages in your group.

Make sure to dance in front of your Zoom camera to make it a group dance.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Fun Zoom Scavenger Hunts for Kids. Free Printable Virtual scavenger Hunt ideas for students, teachers and parents. Exciting Zoom games for, classrooms, virtual birthday party, school brain break or family holiday party. Learn how to play and print our your free printable scavenger hunt list. It's a blast! #freeprintable #scavengerhunt #scavengerhuntideas #kids #students #virtualparties #zoomgames

Keep the kids from getting bored with a virtual scavenger hunt while you chat on Zoom with family and friends. Read off the household items to find and have the kids race to find them and be the first one back to the zoom screen.

Bonus it will help get their excited energy out before your Easter dinner.

Use our free printable virtual scavenger hunt.

Minute to Win It Game

Minute to Win It Games are fun indoor games for kids and a cool idea on our list of free things to do with kids.

Set up quick Minute to Win It games for your Easter party. Each family sets up the game in front of the zoom camera. When the host says go the player has 1 minute to complete the task. See which family can beat the clock and complete their task.

A fun Easter Minute to Win It is using a straw to move jelly beans from one plate to another in under a minute.

Bonus these simple games are made with items you probably already have in your house. So they are easy for parents to throw together for a virtual party.

Visit our 20 Minute to Win It Games to find the perfect games for your party.

Virtual Spring Craft Idea

Coffee Filter Butterflies are a fun Craft for Kids at home.

Let the kids do a fun spring craft during your party. They will love showing off what they made to everyone at the virtual party.

Coffee Filter Butterflies are a super simple craft at home. All you need is coffee filters, markers, a spray bottle & pipe cleaner. You’ll be amazed at what pretty butterflies your kids can create.

Are you ready now to host a virtual Easter Egg Hunt party with fun Easter games & activities? It’s always more fun to celebrate holidays with family and friends so don’t miss out if you can’t be together this year.

Easter Basket Ideas

Unique Easter Basket Ideas for Kids, Toddlers, Tweens and Teens. Fun Easter basket stuffers kids will be excited to find Easter morning from the Easter Bunny.

Don’t forget to check out our favorite Easter Basket fillers for Toddlers, Kids, Tweens & Teens. You’re sure to find the perfect gift ideas from a list of the top Easter gifts broken up by age for Toddlers to Teens.

Find the perfect easter basket gift ideas for boys from toddlers to kids and teens.

You’ll also find tons of cool boy gift ideas in our 73 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Boys.

Need More Party Ideas

Find tons of fun Kids Party Ideas on our party page or check out some favorites below.

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20 Pages of Free Easter Coloring pages for kids. A fun Easter activity for kids to do at Easter Parties, classrooms or at home on Easter Sunday or Church. Just print it out and your ready to color.

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Fun Virtual Easter Party Ideas & Easter Egg Hunts for Kids. Easy Easter Games & Activities you can do with family virtually on Zoom when you can't be together in person. Don't miss out on spending the holiday with your family just be creative. Find out how easy it is to celebrate Easter Virtually.