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Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas for Kids & Adults Under $20

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas for Kids & Adults Under $20

Need some funny White Elephant Gift Ideas for Kids and Adults? Don’t stress I’ve got you covered! Be ready for your upcoming holiday parties, office parties, and family parties with these hilarious holiday gift ideas under $20. Affordable gifts that are sure to be the random gift everyone will be fighting over this year.

Find out how to host and make a fun gift exchange at your next party. Then look through our funny White Elephant Gift ideas under $20 for kids and adults and find the perfect gift.

Everything you need to plan your White Elephant Party this holiday season.

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22 Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas for Kids & Adults. The best gifts for under $20 & easily bought on Amazon. No Shopping needed. Be ready for your holiday party, office Party or family event with these fun holiday gifts the whole family will love.

How to Host a Fun White Elephant Gift Exchange

It’s really easy to host a White Elephant Exchange at your Holiday Party or family event. What makes the game so fun is discovering what funny white elephant gifts guests bring and the surprise as you open them up.

Let your guest know their goal is to find the gift everyone will fight to win. However don’t put too much pressure on your family members or friends, it’s supposed to be fun.

This holiday game is sure to have everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. Plus it lets everyone go home with a fun gag gift.

You’re going to be shocked by the most randomly hilarious presents your guests find to share.

How to Play a White Elephant Gift Exchange

It’s really easy to play the white elephant game with a group of people.

Invite Friends – Send out an invite or Evite to ask Friends to come to fun White Elephant parties. 

Set a Spending Limit – Decide how much everyone should spend on their white elephant gift to make sure all the gifts are even. For instance $10, $20, $30. It’s supposed to just be a fun game for your Holiday party so it does not need to be expensive.

Ask All Your Guests to Bring a Gift – Ask everyone to bring a wrapped gift anonymously and place it on a table at the party.

Guests Draw a Number from a Hat – Have guests each draw a number to determine the order to pick the gifts.

White Elephant Rules & Picking Your Gifts – Going in the order of your numbers the first player will choose a wrapped gift from the table.

The next person can either take a wrapped present or steal gifts from someone who has already unwrapped a gift.

This is the best part deciding to take a gift that you know what you’ll get or taking a chance on an unwrapped new gift.

If your gift was taken you can then pick a wrapped gift off the table or from another guest but not back from the person who took your gift.

I would suggest implementing some white elephant gift rules like the three-swap rule where a gift can only be picked 3 times. This will keep your guests from fighting over the same gift the whole game.

Continue until everyone has opened a gift. This is the one game you’ll want to have the last turn because the last player has the best white elephant selection of gifts.

Your next step now that you know how to play it’s time to find the best White elephant gift ideas. The list of the best White Elephant gifts below is split up with gifts for kids first and then gifts for adults.

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Hostess Gift

Dollar Tree Gift Basket Idea for Hostess gifts at White Elephant parties. An easy way to say thank you with DIY gift baskets.

If you’re not hosting the White Elephant party this year bring a fun hostess gift to your friend’s house. It’s an easy way to say thank you that they’ll really appreciate.

No need to spend a lot of money on the gift it’s the thought that counts. Find tons of Cute & Cheap DIY Gift Basket Ideas with Dollar Tree & save money on your gift.

White Elephant Gifts for Kids

Here are some of the best white elephant gifts for kids we’ve found. Their funny gag gifts and unique gifts I think kids will love opening.

Tip: These make great gift ideas for stocking stuffers too!

Dinosaur Tacos

What kids wouldn’t want their tacos held by a Dinosaur?

Don’t Make Me Laugh

A family game that has reinvented Charades to make it a hilarious game with a goal of Don’t Make Me Laugh.

Shoot the Poop

A talking toilet tank with funny jokes to share with kids. Just aim and Shoot the Poop into the toilet to win the game. Younger kids will love this.

Funny Socks

These cool Gaming Socks are for kids who like to play Xbox, Nintendo, or any other online games. There sure to be a hit.

Hilarious animal paw 3D print socks. They will love wearing these around the party!

Snow Tub

If you live in a snowy climate kids will want to hop on this Poop Emoji Snow Tube and ride it all winter.

Kids Voice Changer

This might drive the adults nuts but the kids will love hearing their voices change in this mini megaphone. There are seven different voice modifiers and 5 DIY songs to try. This is one the kids will fight over!

Minions Fart & Fire Blaster

With the new Minions movie just out the kids will be cracking up using this silly fart blaster.

Funny DVD

Pick out a funny DVD set or movie like Captain Underpants for kids to watch over Winter Break.

Holiday DVD

A Holiday DVD is always a hit and the kids will enjoy watching it during the season.

Basketball Game

This tabletop Basketball Hoop is both a funny gift and entertainment for the party. You’ll be amazed at the competition this little game will bring out in your guests. Even the adults will want to play.

Knock Knock Jokes

Get the kids laughing reading off these funny Knock Knock jokes at the party.

Bacon Lip Balm

Yummy and funny bacon lip balm is the perfect quirky gift for kids. 

5 Second Card Game

​A good white elephant gift to get kids playing games & off their phones. This hilarious 5 Second Rule Card game will have kids laughing & hanging out together. 

Funny Board Games for Kids

Hilarious board games are good gifts for White elephant parties. They are practical and fun games the kids will all want.

21 Cute Letters to Santa Templates for kids. The free printable Dear Santa letters have 21 different versions so kids can each have their own letter. A mix of blank templates and fill in the blank. Plus 3 Letters from Santa to your kids. A fun Christmas Tradition made easy this year!

White Elephant Gifts for Adults

Funny White Elephant Holiday Gift Ideas People Really Want. All gifts are under $20 on Amazon. 22 unique gift exchange ideas for kids and adults. Make it a new Holiday party tradition with a fun White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Here are some inexpensive and funny gifts that will make great white elephant gifts for adults. Enjoy this game at a family party or adult holiday party with best friends.

Watch Your Mouth

An entertaining game everyone will want to win and bring home to their family and friends. Watch Your Mouth is a great game for all ages.

Giant Burrito Blanket

Who doesn’t want to wrap up in a Giant Burrito Blanket? Try out this soft flannel 60 inch blanket.

That’s Bullshit Button

Great for an office gift exchange. People will love this That’s Bullshit Button filled with funny sayings to make you laugh.

I Flexed and My Sleeves Fell Off

This Men’s tank top will be someone’s new favorite weekend shirt.

Dad Bod Fanny Pack

This Dad bod fanny pack is a hilarious gift for men or women. It’s sure to get everyone talking at the party. 

Taco Socks

The Taco Socks are a universal gift that both men and women can wear. Check out all their sock sayings and find one that fits your friends or family.

Wine Socks

These funny socks are the perfect gift for wine lovers in your group.

Headband Hoop Ball

This is a pretty funny headband basketball game to play with a bunch of adults or kids. Bonus – you’ll not only get a gift it’s another fun game to play at your holiday party.

Because Clients

Your fellow colleagues will want to drink out of these Wine & Beer Glasses every night after work.

Because Kids

A funny wine glass the parents in your group will all appreciate.

Bob Ross Mug

Funny coffee mug with Bob Ross sayings people will be fighting over. 

Saucemoto Dip Clip

This is a practical gift for your car. Fast food lovers will be clamoring to this Saucemoto dip clip

100 Games to Play With a Stick Gag Book

Hilarious gag book for adults called 100 Games to Play with a Stick. Pass it around and you’ll have all the adults laughing.

Laugh Out Loud Jokes Calendar

2024 joke calendar with 1000 punny day-to-day pages. 

Tape Dispenser

Cute tape dispenser gift to put on a desk at home or work.

Hilarious Adult Coloring Books

Get your friends a funny adult coloring book that everyone will want to pass around at your next white elephant party. 

Funny Towels

Who doesn’t want some funny hand towels for your kitchen?

You’re Awesome Candle

Candles are always a big hit especially when they smell great.

Light Up Holiday Hat

Silly light-up holiday hat to wear at the party.

Winter Hat for Pony Tails

Women with long hair will love this fun winter hat.

Beard Hat

Instead of growing a beard Men and Women can wear this silly unisex beard hat.

Hot Dog Toaster

Who doesn’t need a hot dog toaster? It oddly ends up being one of the favorite gifts at White elephant parties. 

Chia Pet

You’ll be shocked at how excited your friends get seeing the nostalgic Chia Pet. It’s sure to be fought over!

Bath Bombs

Soothing bath bombs with cute shapes to make bath time relaxing.

Bacon Bandages

Help your friends be ready in case of a cut with the funny bacon bandages.

Never Forget T-Shirt

Who would ever want to forget floppy disks, VHS tapes, and tape recorders? A great t-shirt gift for people aged 40 years old and up.

Relaxing Self-Care Gifts

Give the gift of relaxation this year with Self Care Gift Ideas women will be begging to win in the exchange.

Are you ready now for your fun White Elephant Gift Exchange? I hope you have found the perfect funny white elephant gift ideas all kids and adults will want to win.

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