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24 Funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids PDF

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Are you looking for fun party games for kids? These funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids are hilarious games that will have everyone laughing. Plus it couldn’t be easier to play with our free printable PDF Would You Rather questions.

Kids can play these entertaining Would You Rather games in schools for classroom parties or at home for birthday parties, Christmas parties, and Easter parties. They are even great to take along as a family road trip game.

You can even make these into engaging Virtual or Zoom games for kids to connect with family and friends far away.

Just print out our free printable Would You Rather Cards and get your party started!

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Funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids with Free Printable PDF

Easy Party Game Would You Rather Questions for Kids. FREE printable PDF cards with silly questions the kids will love answering and you'll be laughing listening too. Use these at school parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, as a road trip game or just as conversation starters. Just print it out and you're ready to play!

Are you ready to try this hilarious game for kids? Here are some quick ideas on how to play Would You Rather and when to use this fun game.

Keep scrolling down to get the free printable PDF Would You Rather Cards too.

If you have older kids make sure to check out our Teens & Tweens Would Your Rather Questions.

This Christmas Season print out the family-friendly Would You Rather Christmas Edition.

Your whole family is going to love playing this easy game!!

How to Play Would You Rather

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids. Learn how to Play this hilarious party game with a FREE Printable.

This game couldn’t be easier it’s a simple series of questions that you ask the kids.

  1. Get Your Questions Ready – Print them and cut out the cards

2. Get all the kids attention either in person or on Zoom

3. Start reading the card and laughing at the kid’s answers

4. Kids can answer by raising their hands for their pick or if your virtual answer is in the chat feature.

It’s fun to see how each child will answer the questions differently. Keep the game going by asking them why they would rather ride a Unicorn instead of a Dragon? Their answers can be the funniest part.

This game is super easy and it’s a great way to liven up your kid’s party.

Free Printable Would You Rather Christmas Edition for Kids. Families will love these hilarious questions to ask at holiday parties, school parties, or family events. Just download the Christmas questions and print them out. It's that easy!

Sample Would You Rather Questions

Here are a few sample Would You Rather Questions:

Would You Rather Be a Super Hero or an Alien?

Would You Rather Have No Electronics or No Deserts Ever?

Would You Rather Have 1 Sibling or 10 Siblings?

Would You Rather Ride a Unicorn or a Dragon?

Would You Rather Have Stinky Breath or Stinky Feet?

When to Use the Would You Rather Cards

When to play Would You Rather with Kids at school parties, holiday parties, birthday parties, zoom games and more. These funny Would You Rather Questions are sure to be the hit for the party.

The funny Would You Rather game is perfect for any kid’s party. But it’s also great for Brain Breaks at school, family road trips, holiday parties, and more.

Here are some times to play this game

  • As conversation starters for kids with parents at dinner or teachers in the classroom

Tip: Have the kids answer in the chat feature for virtual or zoom play.

  • At Restaurants while kids wait for their food

Free Printable Would You Rather Questions PDF

Get your free printable Funny Would You Rather cards and get started playing these fun games with your kids. You can either read it off the sheets or cut it out into cards so you can mix it up.

Print out your Free 3 pages of hilarious Would You Rather for Kids.

Would You Rather Questions for Kids Free printable PDF. Fun party games for kids to play on Zoom, Classroom parties, birthday parties, road trips, school brain breaks, holiday parties and virtual parties. Funny questions that will have kids, parents and teachers laughing and having a great time together. #wouldyourather #kidsgames #gamesforkids #partygames #schoolgames #holidaypartygames #classroomgames #virtualgames #zoomgame

Teens & Tweens Would You Rather Questions

Free Printable Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens. A funny game kids will want to play at school, holiday and birthday parties. Print it out and connect with your teens today!

Older kids will find our Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens hilarious.

It’s an older and clean version of the game for those hard-to-please teenagers. A great game for conversation starters with teens at school or as a fun party game they’ll actually want to play.

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Add some fun to your Christmas parties with our Kids Favorite Would You Rather Questions Christmas Edition. Hilarious questions with a holiday theme your whole family will enjoy.

Funny Would You Rather Christmas Questions for your next holiday party or classroom party. A fun party game the whole family will enjoy playing together this Christmas.

Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions

Use the holiday time to play Would You Rather at school parties or parties at home. Print out this free printable Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Themed Game and have a great party.

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Valentine's Day for Kids. The Free Printable Party Game perfect for Valentine's Day parties at school or home. Or just have a hilarious family dinner. #wouldyourather #valentinesday #partygame #kidsgame #holidaygame #wouldyouratherquestions

Continue the fun with Birthday Interview Questions for kids. A fun family tradition to capture how your kid’s favorite things change over the years. Use this free printable Birthday Interview Questions to create a time capsule for your Kids, Tween & Teens.

Free Printable Birthday Interview Questions for Kids, Tweens & Teens.

Family Game Night

Plan a monthly family game night with your kids. It’s a great way to spend time with your kids off electronics and bonding together. Start the first month with your printable Would You Rather Game.

Need more ideas? Download our printable Family Game Night Planner. It has 12 Months’ worth of complete pre-planned game ideas, food ideas, tips for hosting, and prize ideas. Everything you’ll need in one printable packet.

Family Game Night Planner a 30 Pages Printable. Everything you need to plan a family game night every month for a year. 12 cool game nights kids and parents will love. Print it out and have the best family night at home.

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I hope your kids will love playing these funny Would You Rather questions for kids. The free printable pdf cards should make it easy for classrooms, birthday parties, virtual parties, and road trip games.

Do you have more Would You Rather ideas? Leave them in the comments so we can all add them to our list.

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Bonus you’ll get our free printable Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens.

Free Printable Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens. A funny game kids will want to play at school, holiday and birthday parties. Print it out and connect with your teens today!

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Fun Party Game for Kids- Would You Rather Questions. This hiliarious game will have the kids rolling on the floor laughing. Perfect for birthdays, holiday, school parties and more. It would even make a great virtual party game on Zoom. Free printable pdf with all the Would You Rather questions. #freeprintable #wouldyourather #partygames #gamesforkids #birthday #schoolparty #virtualparty
Funny Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A Free Printable game for kids to play at Birthday parties, virtual parties or school parties. The questions are great for school brain breaks and even as a fun road trip game for kids. Print out this free pdf and start playing this game today.
Fun Classroom Party Games for Kids- Would You Rather. Free printable hilarious questions for kids to use at school for brain breaks, ice breakers or classroom parties. Just print our the PDF and read these silly questions they'll love. So much Fun! #freeprintable #schoolparty #classroomparty #gamesforkids #kidsgames #partygames #wouldyourather

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