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Best Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens PDF

Best Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens PDF

Need a quick and entertaining game for teens & tweens? Print out this funny Would You Rather Questions for Teens and you’ll have them laughing and chatting. The free printable is a great way to get those hard-to-please teenagers having fun together.

Would You Rather games are perfect for teens and tweens as ice breakers, conversation starters, holiday games, school parties, family game nights, and more. You can even read them at the dinner table to get your teens to talk with you (:

The questions are in a free printable pdf quiz format that’s easy to read and play. Try it out with your teens today and have fun.

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Funny Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens

Funny Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens. A free printable game even those hard to please teens will enjoy playing at school, holiday parties and birthday parties. Print it out and play today!

This is seriously the easiest game to play and connect with teens. All you need to do is pretty much download the Would you Rather Questions for Teens and your set.

How to Play Would You Rather

1. Download the free printable questions.

2. If you would like to ask them in a different order just cut the questions out. You can then add all the slips to a bowl and let the kids pull out a question to answer.

Or simply read through the list of questions in order if you’re in a big group.

3. Start reading the questions and listen to their funny answers. The best part is hearing what the kids think about each question and the conversations the questions start.

Number of Players – You can play with two kids or a large group of kids. If the group is large have the kids raise their hand for the choice they would make so everyone can participate.

This would be a great game for a Teen birthday party too.

Sample Would You Rather Questions

There are 32 questions for teens and tweens to answer. Here are a few sample questions you’ll find.

Would You Rather Give up Social Media for 1 year or TV & Movies for 1 Year?

Would you Rather Miss Senior Prom or High School Graduation?

Would You Rather carry a flip phone or use a desktop computer?

Would You Rather be on American Idol or America’s Got Talent?

Would You Rather have your parents dress as teenagers or dress as grandparents?

Download your FREE printable Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens

Free Printable Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens. Perfect game to get teens engaged as conversations starters or fun at parties.

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I hope your teens will love answering these Would You Rather questions. The free printable pdf cards should make it easy for classrooms, birthday parties, virtual parties, or family dinner time.

Do you have more Would You Rather ideas? Leave them in the comments so we can all add them to our list.

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Teenagers will love playing the Would You Rather Game at school functions & holiday parties. A fun way to get hard to please teens involved and enjoying time together. The free printable questions will keep the conversations and laughter flowing. Enjoy a fun time with your teenagers today!
Free Printable Would You Rather Questions for Teenagers & Tweens. A fun game they'll love playing in the classroom or at birthday & holiday parties. 4 pages of questions your teens will have a blast answering and hearing their friends answers. A great way to get your teenagers to participate in family & school events.

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