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Ultimate Disney Packing List for Park Bags | Free Printable

Ultimate Disney Packing List for Park Bags | Free Printable

Wondering what to bring to Disney World for your family vacation? There are a few Disney park essentials that everyone needs in their Disney backpack. Our ultimate Disney packing list will make sure you remember everything you need to put in your park bag.

Use the free printable Disney packing list to get yourself organized for your vacation. Follow along to see what you should pack for Disney and why you’ll need it.

Then print out your Free Disney Packing List and be ready for an unforgettable Disney Vacation.

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What to Bring to Disney World the Ultimate Disney Packing List

Free Printable Disney Packing List for your Park Bag. All the Disney Essentials you'll need visiting the park with your kids. Don't' stress about packing for Disney use this checklist to make it easy. Plus some great Disney Tips for your Visit.

It can be overwhelming getting ready for a Disney vacation. There is so much to plan and think about before you leave from planning your ride schedule to restaurant reservations and picking your hotel.

Don’t make remembering what to bring in your Disney backpack another stress for you to plan. Let’s make it easy with this complete Disney Packing Checklist.

Is this your first time to Disney? Make sure to read our 15 Tips for Disney World First Timers before you go or refresh your memory from your last trip.

What Should I Pack for Disney

Disney Park essentials to pack in your backpack for the parks. Everything you need to bring with you for a fun family day at Disney. Including a Free Printable Disney Packing List.

Let’s go through all the Disney park essentials you’ll need for your day at a Disney Parks. The free printable Disney packing list is broken up into categories to make it easier for you to pack.

I created this list when I was planning my own Disney vacation and wanted to share it to make it easier for other parents to be prepared. Let’s go through these categories and figure out what you will need in your Disney park bag.

Bonus the more you remember to bring the less money you’ll have to spend at Disney Parks.

Baby & Toddler Gear

Disney Packing List ideas for babies & Toddlers. What you need to bring to make it a stress-free Disney Vacation with the kids. Free Printable Packing Checklist

If you have little ones you’ll want to make sure you have the basics they will need all day in your backpack or stroller.

Diapers – Bring extras as you never know when there will be a blow out.

Disposable Wipes – Wipes are great for changing diapers but also work to wipe off sticky hands after treats in the park.

Sippy Cup – Try a Mickey Mouse-themed sippy cup or get throw away sippy cups you won’t mind losing at the park. Even if you order a drink at a restaurant for your kids it’s nice to pour it into a cup they won’t spill.

Tip: The restaurants do not have straws which makes it harder for younger kids to drink. Consider packing some straws in your bag too.

Bottle, formula and bottle cooler bag – Don’t forget these as it’s hard to find formula at Disney.

Snack Cup – Bring snack cups with a top so kids can use them while walking or in the stroller. Fill a cup with snacks before you go so it’s ready when you need it.

Tip: Snacks are also a great way to keep kids in their strollers while you walk from ride to ride.

Best Stroller Hack – Use a Stroller Strap on snack cups and sippy cups so if your child drops the cup from the stroller you won’t lose it. I put these on everthing from strollers to high chairs & car seats.

Free Printable Disney Park Bag Checklist for Families. Everything you need to bring to the Disney parks for a stress-free day. Follow this easy checklist and you'll be ready for your awesome Disney Vacation.

Stroller Accessories

Items to bring to Disney for your Stroller for an easy Disney Vacation.

To make things easier make sure your stroller is ready for a day at the parks too. Adding cup holders and organizers to your stroller will help with storing items you need while walking around the parks.

Also, make sure to add a stroller tag or ribbon to your stroller. The stroller parking areas are full and it can be easy to grab a similar stroller without realizing it. So make sure to mark your stroller in some way to make it stand out.

Cup holders – Add a drink clip to your stroller so your not holding everyone’s water bottles.

Stroller Organizer – Be able to find your phone, kids’ snacks, toys, and drinks.

Stroller Tag – Helps to find your stroller amongst all the other strollers at Disney.

Stroller Rain Cover – It rains a lot in Florida so it’s good to be prepared with a rain cover that goes over the stroller.

Stroller Fan – It also gets hot and humid so a portable fan can really help cool kids off when they are in the stroller. The bendable fans are great to adjust the flow of air toward your kids.

Sit & Stand Stroller – This is the stroller I used when my kids were 2 & 4 and it worked great. The baby could sleep and the 4-year-old could hop on when he got tired of walking between rides.

I love the flexibility to adjust the stroller to have two seats or one seat and one bench in the Joovy Caboose stroller.

Sun Gear for your Disney Packing List

What to Pack for Disney World to Stay cool at the parks. Plus all the other essentials you need to bring to the Disney Parks and a free printable checklist.
Use a cooling towel on your neck to stay cool

The Florida sun can get pretty intense and you are often standing outside without shade. Make sure you prepare to keep yourself cool. You can buy many of these items in the Disney stores but it will be a lot more expensive.

Hats – Bring a hat for everyone in your family to wear. It could be a simple Disney baseball hat or a Disney sun hat with a wide brim. If you don’t buy this ahead of time it would be a fun souvenir to purchase at the parks too.

Sunglasses – If you don’t have these for the kids already you might want to buy them for the trip.

Cooling Towel – An easy way to cool off at Disney is to use a cooling towel. All you need to do is run it under a bathroom sink or drinking fountain to activate the cooling towel and wring out the water.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly it can bring down your temperature when placed on your neck.

Portable Fan With Mister – Another great way to cool off quickly is a portable fan with a mister attached. You can fill it up with water at the drinking fountain and stay cool while waiting in line.

Sunscreen – Make sure you bring with sunscreen to reapply while at the park. We like to use sunscreen sticks for quick application on your face while in line.


Portable ChargerThis is very important for a trip to Disney. You will be using your phone for checking ride line lengths, ordering food, checking park maps, and more. All of these drain your battery quickly.

We used the Anker portable charger and it worked great to keep our phones going all day long.

Waterproof Cell Phone Case – Protect your phone at Disney pools or water rides with a waterproof cell phone case. You can easily slip them on your phone and never miss a great picture of your kids. This is the case we used Waterproof Case.

Clothing & Gear

Make sure to bring rain gear to Disney. Use this free printable Disney Packing List to make sure you remember everything you'll need to pack for a day at the parks. Be prepared for an amazing vacation with your kids.

Be ready for all the different weather changes by adding additional clothing & weather gear to your backpack. You can check these items off on your Disney packing list.

Extra Clothes – Depending on your kid’s age it will determine how much extra clothing you’ll need. For babies, you might want more and teens not so much. I would throw in extra shorts or a shirt if you plan to ride any water rides.

Rain Poncho – With the amount of rain Florida gets you’ll defiantly want to pack a rain poncho for everyone. The ponchos are nice because they are lightweight and small so it’s easy to pack. If you are in Disneyland this might not be needed depending on the time of year you go.

We got a family box of rain ponchos with adult and child size ponchos. These were a little thicker so they didn’t rip.

Sweatshirt or Light Jacket – If you plan to stay all day at the parks it can be cooler in the morning or evening so you might want a sweatshirt. Also inside shows, restaurants and rides can be cool with the air conditioning.

Order a cute Disney Zip up before you go and save money by not having to buy it at the parks when your kids get cold.

Travel Umbrella – Throw a small travel umbrella in your bag to be ready for a Florida afternoon rain storm their famous for.

Extra Padded Socks – You will be walking a ton at the Disney Parks and your feet will feel it. I suggest purchasing some padded socks and throwing an extra pair in to use if you stay all day long.

These were a lifesaver for me at the Disney World. Here are the padded socks I got and found them to be really comfortable to wear all day.

Safety & Extras for Your Backpack

Ultimate Disney Packing List for families. What to bring in your backpack to the Disney Parks to be prepared for a fun day out. Free Printable Disney Packing List too!

Your Disney backpack will also need a few safety items to use for your day at the parks. Here are some must-haves for all ages of Disney visitors.

Check out the Safety Wristbands we highly recommend for younger kids who can’t remember your phone number.

Child Safety WristbandWorried about losing your kids in the park? Give your kids a Silicone ID Bracelet to wear that is customized with your child’s name and parents’ phone number.

This will make it easy for a Disney Cast Member to call you when your child is located. The parks can get really busy and crowded and this bracelet will give you a little peace of mind. Just make sure your kids know who to go to if they lose you.

We liked the Id bracelets from Mabel’s Labels – To get 20% off of order over $50 use code TWENTY.

Travel First Aid Kit & Band-Aids – Yes you can find a Disney Cast member to give you a band-aid but when your kids fall and is crying you need something right away. I found it easier just to throw a small band-aid pack in my bag.

Face Masks – As of writing this article Face Masks were still required for visitors. If you do need to wear masks bring extras because they will get hot and sweaty. It’s best to have one for the morning and one for the afternoon. We bought these cute Disney Masks for our last trip.

Hand Sanitizer – Your kids will be touching everything whether you want them to or not. Throw a small hand sanitizer in your bag to use before they eat or put their hands in their mouth.

Moleskin – With all the walking at the parks comes the dreaded blisters even for the most in shape visitors. Your blisters can make it really hard to walk without pain and put a damper on your trip.

I used Moleskin padding on my blister and it made a huge difference. I was able to walk the next day without any pain. Honestly, I questioned the need for this before I went but was so glad I ended up bringing it with me to Disney. You just never know if you’ll need it.

Medication – The parks can be a lot I would bring with a few Advil, Tylenol or Excedrin in your bag for the adults.

If you or your child has motion sickness I would bring with Dramamine too. There are many virtual rides and spiny rides that can make you feel sick.

Travel Tums – With all the different food you’ll be eating it’s easy to get heartburn so just throw a few in your backpack.

Large Freezer Bags – This is great for wet clothes, items the kids pick up or anything you might need to throw in a bag last minute at the parks.

Travel Tissue Pack – Throw in a few travel size tissues.

Free Printable Disney Park Bag Checklist for Families. Everything you need to bring to the Disney parks for a stress-free day. Follow this easy checklist and you'll be ready for your awesome Disney Vacation.

Disney Fun

Save money at Disney by buying souvenirs before you go to give to your kids. It is so much cheaper to buy these a head of time. You can pack them in your bag and surprise your kids once you get to the hotel.

Souvenirs for your Disney Packing List

Autograph Book – If your kids like to gather autographs from all the Disney Characters bring a book for them to use throughout your vacation. Tip- Get one with a pen holder so your not searching for a pen when you need the autograph.

Disney Headbands – Your kids will love getting into the Disney spirit with a fun Minnie Mouse headband. Mom’s will love wearing them too! Here’s an adorable Minnie Mouse Ear Scrunchies for kids with ponytails.

Classic Mickey Mouse Ears – It’s also fun to wear the classic Mickey Mouse Ears when you’re at the park. A great piece of nostalgia for adults too.

Magic Bands – The Disney Magic Band works to open your hotel room door at Disney Properties, keeps your park tickets, works as a wallet to buy things at Disney, and links to your Photo Pass. Plus they are so many different patterns and colors to customize to your personal look. Our kids loved wearing these!

Disney is moving to use the cell phone app for all of these things but there is something about the fun of wear the bracelet while at Disney that I just can’t give up yet.

It is cheaper to buy your magic band before you get to the parks on the My Disney Experience website and you can have them waiting for you at your hotel when you check-in.

If you want more design options than you can find on the Disney website look at Amazon for tons of cool patterns & Disney characters. Then have the wrist band linked up by Disney staff when you arrive.

Disney Snacks & Drinks

Packing Snacks for Disney and buying Snacks for kids.

The cost of food and drinks at Disney parks can get really expensive. I would suggest balancing out eating snacks and meals you buy at the park and food you pack in your park bag. This will help save you money.

Snacks – Here are some easy snack ideas- granola bars, fruit snacks, pretzels, goldfish, or apple squeezes. If you have a cooler bag throw in some pre-packaged apple slices or other small fruit.

If you want to balance all the Disney junk food visit our Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids.

Keep in mind that you can only carry so much on your back so you might want to let the kids try one Disney Snack each day. Our kids loved the Blue Milk in Star Wars Galaxy land and Mickey Ice cream bars.

Tip: Disney sells a refillable Popcorn Bin you can buy the first day and refill for only $1 after that. This is our go-to cheap snack to eat with the kids. It’s easy to eat in line while waiting for rides too.

Refillable Water Bottle – All drinks are expensive at Disney even water. Bring a refillable water bottle with you and ask for extra cups of water when you order meals to fill it back up. There are some refillable water stations throughout the parks too.

Tip: Bring a few frozen water bottles with you in your bag. They will melt in the day and still be cold to drink.

Gum / Breath Mints – Toss some gum or hard candy’s into your bag to eat while waiting in line or after a meal. These also work to hold over hungry kids when you stuck in a ride line.

Now you know what essentials to bring in your Disney park bag. I hope the Disney packing list takes the stress out of getting ready for your Disney Vacation.

Make sure to print out your Free Printable Disney Packing Checklist. Use your complete checklist to make sure you remember everything you need to pack.

Free Printable Ultimate Disney Packing List for your Park Backpack. Everything you need to bring to Disney World & Disneyland with kids.

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Free Printable Disney Checklist for your park backpack. All the essentials you'll need for a day at the Disney parks with your kids in 2021. No more worrying about what to pack just print out this checklist and you'll be ready.
What Disney Essentials to bring in your Disney Park Bag. A free printable Checklist with everything you'll need in 2021 with kids. Make packing easy and stress-free for a fun Disney Vacation.