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20 Homeschool Supplies You’ll Need for Kids

20 Homeschool Supplies You’ll Need for Kids

Are you getting ready to set up your Homeschool room or just resupplying for the new year? Make it a great year with this easy list of homeschool supplies. It’s everything you’ll need to have a productive year.

If you plan to do remote learning this year this would be a great list to get you started too. I’ve broken up the list with student supplies and parent/teacher homeschool supplies to make sure everyone is ready.

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Homeschool Supplies for Kids & Teachers

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Homeschool Supplies for Kids

Pencils & Pens Holder – Organize all your kid’s pens, pencils, and markers with this cool rotating holder. We like that our kids can find items easier.

Pencils – I like to find fun pencils with patterns for the kids.

Markers – For the kids to draw or do school projects

Pencil Sharpener

Lined Paper – It’s always good to have a plain pack of lined paper

Construction Paper – If you want to do any school projects or art projects it’s nice to have some construction paper

Notebooks – I like to keep subjects more organized by having the kids work in a different notebook for each subject

Scissors – for projects

Glue Sticks – I like them better than glue bottles because they’re less messy

Magnetic To-Do List – We hung a magnetic to-do list on our fridge to help organize our day with a to-do list. It helps the kids focus and they love checking things off.

Magnetic To-Do List for kids to keep them organized at home..

Calendar – If you have younger kids get a calendar to hang up on your wall so you can work on your weeks & days.

Workbooks – That follows the homeschool curriculum you plan to use.

Bins for Storage – To keep everything organized use bins either from Dollar Tree or Amazon. Check out how we organized our Homeschool Room with bins.

Storage Bins to orgniaze your homeschool room.

Educational Posters – turn your house into a classroom with educational posters of maps, literature, and math tips.

Free Printable Daily Homeschool Schedule for Kids. Make homeschool stress-free with this easy to follow schedule. #homeschool #freeprintable #dailyschedule

Parent / Teacher Supplies

If you are going to teach your kids at home here are some must-needed supplies for the teacher.

Hole Punch and Binders – To help you keep your papers organized.

Stapler – To keep all those papers together

File Folders – Keep all the different subjects organized with files.

Timer – Kids often want to know how much more time they have to works so a timer can be motivating for some children.

Laminator – If you want to print something and reuse it over and over a laminator can really come in handy. I like all the extra functions in the one below.

Printer & Printer Ink – An at-home printer is great to be able to print off information or worksheets for the kids. I suggest a wireless printer so you can print things off your phone or iPad too.

I hope these homeschool supplies have you prepared for a great year of homeschool or remote learning.

More Homeschool Resources

If you’re still at the beginning of your homeschooling journey make sure to read our guide on How to Start Homeschooling Your Kids. With everything you need to know before you start.

Find out how to set up budget-friendly Homeschool room organization ideas by remaking your dining room table or desk area.

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Bonus you’ll get a Free Printable Daily Homeschool Schedule for Kids to keep you organized and stress-free when they’re out of school.

Free Printable Daily Homeschool Schedule for Kids. Make homeschool stress-free with this easy to follow schedule. #homeschool #freeprintable #dailyschedule

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Best Homeschool Supplies for Kids - Complete Supply List of everything you need to start Homeschooling your kids. Get organized with school supplies for parents and kids. #homeschool #kids #schoolsupplies #organization #elementary
Must Have Elementary Homeschool Supply List to be ready for a great year of homeschooling your kids. Get organized with these essential supplies for parents, teachers and kids. #homeschool #homeschoolsupplies #kids #school #elementary

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Wednesday 4th of May 2022

This has helped me so much. I appreciate you for doing this as a resource and starting point for new homeschooling parents like myself. This task is daunting as is and this has helped me breathe and feel more confident as I get started. Thank you again


Thursday 5th of May 2022

I am so glad to hear it is helpful. I am sure you're going to do great and have a wonderful time homeschooling your kids. Good Luck!