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How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine & Stop Smells

How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine & Stop Smells

Wondering how to clean a front loading washing machine? If you feel like your washing machine smells then this easy cleaning solution is what you need. I am so embarrassed to say that mine did and I wasn’t sure how to fix the bad smell.

Turns out your washing machine can be the perfect breeding ground for mold which leads to those bad smells. No one wants a dirty washing machine when you’re trying to clean your clothes.

So, I did a bunch of research and figured out the best way to clean a front load washing machine with bleach, vinegar, and baking soda. Turns out it is really easy to do and takes little effort!

So, don’t be embarrassed like me, just follow these 5 simple steps to clean your front-loading washing machine and feel good about using your laundry machine again.

These are the questions I will answer for you in this step by step guide.

  • How to Clean the sludge out of my washing machine?
  • How Do I stop my washing machine from smelling?
  • What can I use to clean my washing machine?
  • How can I quickly clean my front loading washing machine?

Wondering how to clean your washer? Does your Front Loading Washing machine smell or have mold? Follow these five easy steps using vinegar, baking soda and bleach. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is!

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How to Clean A Front Loading Washing Machine with Bleach

What You Will Need

  • 2 cups vinegar
  • ¼ cup baking soda
  • ¼ cup of water
  • 2 cups bleach
  • Cleaning rag, old toothbrush or small scrub brush
  • Bucket with warm water and dish soap

Step 1 – Clean the Sludge

First, use a cleaning rag and some warm water to wipe down the washer door and give it a thorough cleaning. Then scrub and wipe down the inside of the washer seal with an old toothbrush or cleaning rag.

This will get rid of the soap scum or detergent residue in your washer that soapy water can leave. You will be amazed at how much soap scum and even mold you will find on the door and between the rubber seal and the washer.

Here is how dirty my front-load washer door looked like before I cleaned it.

Cleaning the Door of your Front Load Washer

Make sure to clean the rubber ring part of the rubber seal with your old toothbrush and warm water.

Use a small scrub brush to clean the rubber seal.

Next, make sure to pull back the rubber part and really clean the washer rubber seal. But be gental you don’t want to tear anything. 

Don't forget to pull back the Washer Rubber Seal and clean it.

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Step 2 – Use Baking Soda & Vinegar Mixture

Next,  you will clean the inside of your wahser by creating your baking soda mixture for the first cleaning.

What you need to make the paste and the measuring cup of vinegar.

Do this by combining ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of water together in a measuring cup or small bowl. Separately, add 2 cups of vinegar into a measuring cup.

Now go to your washing machine and add the baking soda mixture to your detergent tray. The tray is the pull out detergent drawer where you add liquid detergent.

Add your baking soda mixture to your washers soap dispenser.


Then pour the 2 cups of vinegar into the inside of the machine. Yes, I know it sounds odd to pour the liquid into the wash tub of the machine but it works.

Last, set your machine to a normal cleaning cycle on the hottest water setting or if you have a clean washer cycle, use that. This step will help break up any mineral deposits and mold growing inside the tub. It will also help get rid of the musty smell.

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Step 3 – Use Bleach

This step is how you will kill any bad smell that is left in your machine. I really wanted to make sure I got rid of all the mold so I did an extra step of running a cycle with bleach.

If you are already taking the time to clean your washer, you might as well take this extra step and finish killing off any mold or soap scum that might spread.  So, bleach is the way to go.

To do this, pour two cups of bleach into the soap dispenser and run the washing machine on the same hot water settings as before.

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Step 4 – Final Rinse

When the bleach cycle is done run a final rinse-only cycle just to make sure all the bleach is gone and you won’t ruin any of your clean clothes.

Step 5 – Final Cleaning

Wipe down the washer’s seal again one more time with a rag and warm water to get out any mold that is left. I would also do one more quick wipe down of the inside drum and the door to the washer with an old towel.

After this, the washer should no longer have a smell and you should have a clean washing machine ready to use.

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After following these steps you will have a clean washing machine.

More Tips to Your Clean Washing Machine

1.After you run a load of laundry, leave the door open to let it dry out after every wash. Or hang an old towel over the door so that it stays open a crack to let air in but won’t be in your way.

2. Remove laundry right away after it is washed to keep mold from building up.

3. Wipe down the rubber seal after each time you use it with the old towel you are going to hang over the door.

4. Check the rubber seal for any little treasures that have fallen out of pockets in the wash.

5. Try to do a regular cleaning of your washer once a month to maintain a clean, odor-free washer.

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I hope this article has taught you how to clean your front loading washing machine with bleach, vinegar, and baking soda. Let me know in the comments how it worked for you.

If you have any other great tips please share them with us in the comments.  I love to hear from my readers.

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Wondering how to clean your washer? Does your Front Loading Washing machine smell or have mold? Follow these five easy steps using vinegar, baking soda and bleach. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is!How to clean a washing machine in 5 easy steps. Get the smell and mold out of your front load washer with a mixture of bleach, vinegar and baking soda. Save money and clean your washer yourself!

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How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine in  5 Easy Steps. Get the smell out of your washing machine with bleach, vinegar, baking soda and a clean rag. You'll be amazed what a difference you can make with these quick cleaning tips. #laundry #cleaningtips #frontloadingwashingmachine #washingmachine #cleanwashingmachine
5 Easy Steps to Clean your front loading Washing Machine. Use Vinegar, baking soda and bleach to get rid of the mold and smell in your washing machine. Just follow the simple DIY tutorial with pictures and you'll have a clean washing machine in no time.

Nina Paul

Wednesday 4th of August 2021

Hi! Thanks for sharing this great advice. What type of vinegar do I need to use like chemical-based or organic?


Friday 20th of August 2021

Hi Nina - I used Heinz Distilled White Vinegar not organic but you could probably use organic if you wanted to. Hope that helps!


Sunday 9th of August 2020

I had a problem with the baking soda dissolving in the water in the soap dispenser. I thought it was well mixed in the measuring cup before pouring it into the soap dispenser. Thoughts? Did I miss something?


Saturday 15th of August 2020

Maybe cut it in half next time? It dissolved in my machine not sure why it didn't in yours. Sorry about that.