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Painting with Bubbles – Fun Bubble Art for Kids

Painting with Bubbles – Fun Bubble Art for Kids

Looking for a fun art activity at home? Try painting with bubbles. Yes, Bubbles! Bubble art for kids is an easy craft to try at home or school. Kids from toddlers to teens will love seeing how the bubbles pop and leave paint colors creating cool pictures.

Let the kids be creative with the color and spacing of the bubbles then turn them into art pieces or beautiful cards for the family. It’s a fun art project everyone will enjoy.

I’ll show you two different ways to make bubble art with items you have at home. The kids are going to have so much fun trying this new art project!

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Painting with Bubbles – Fun Bubble Art for Kids

Easy Bubble Painting Art for Kids. A fun kids craft with bubbles, paint or food dye. Quick to make for kids of all ages with items you have in your home. They love making this unique bubble art.

To make bubble art the kids are going to blow colored bubbles onto a piece of paper. To make the liquid watercolors for the bubble mixture you can either add food coloring or paint.

The goal is to make several different colors of bubbles to create a beautiful picture.

What You Need for Bubble Art

What you need to make Bubble Art at home or school.
  • Blank White Paper (you can do colored paper but the bubbles show up better on white paper)
  • Plastic cups, paper cups or small bowls (for bubbles)
  • Bubbles (buy them at Dollar Tree to save money)
  • Plastic Straws, Metal Straw, or a Regular Bubble Wand
  • Construction Paper (optional -to mount your creation)
  • Either Paint or Food Coloring (I’ll show you how to make it with both)

Tip: You might want to put a drop cloth or some type of table coverings down so you don’t get paint on your table.

Directions for Painting with Bubbles

Start by creating the bubble paint solution used to die the color of your bubbles.

Add 4 tbs of bubbles to a throwaway plastic or paper cup and then add your color.

Using Paint add about 2 tbs or a squeeze of the bottle. Then mix to see the color.

When you use the paint vs. food coloring you’ll get brighter colors on your paper. However, we found it harder to blow bubbles. This might be a better option for older kids.

Use tempura paint to make a bubble paint solution to create a unique art project.

Using Food Dye add 8 drops of food dye to your paint bubbles mixture. Stir it with your plastic straw.

Use food coloring to paint with bubbles.

Next, get your paper ready. Place your paper in a tray or put something underneath it so your table does not get dyed by the paint.

This would be fun to do in the grass on a nice day too.

Use a blank paper to start painting with bubbles.

Use a straw or bubble wand to start painting with bubbles. Make sure if you’re using straws that the kids do not inhale the bubbles.

When you blow bubbles they should come out at the end of the straw. The straw technique might be better for slightly older kids rather than toddlers.

Blowing bubbles to create bubble art for kids

Tip: We found if we dipped the bubble wand in the liquid and then blew a straw through the bubble wand we were able to get bigger bubbles.

Try blowing smaller bubbles and larger bubbles to give the picture more interest.

Blow bubbles through a plastic straw onto paper to create a fun art project.

Tip: Have a cup with water to wash your wand when you change colors.

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Let the bubble art dry and then mount them to construction paper. When you’re kids are all done they’ll have colorful paintings to hang up.

It will be fun to see the creative ways they used to add their bubble shapes to the pictures.

Painting with bubbles art displays

You can also make these works of art into beautiful cards from your kids to family members. Mount the paper onto construction paper and then let the kids write a note. Grandparents would love these as gifts.

Birthday cards and gifts made with Bubble art from kids.

Painting with bubbles is pretty easy to do and I hope your kids have lots of fun trying this unique art activity.

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How to Paint with Bubbles - a fun & easy art project for kids at home or school. Kids make creative pictures by blowing bubbles with different colors onto pieces of paper. All you need is paint or food coloring which you add to bubbles. It's that easy and sure to become your kids new favorite art activity!
Easy Art Activity for Kids - Bubble Painting. Kids will love this fun kids craft with bubbles and food dye. Simple to make at home for an entertaining kids activity they'll want to do over and over again.