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Easy DIY Outdoor Games for Kids from Dollar Tree

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Keep the kids entertained at home with easy DIY outdoor games for kids. Kids will love playing these fun backyard games and you’ll love saving money with Dollar Tree items.

Try these 15 simple to make yard games and outdoor activities for kids to keep them busy all summer long. Each of these simple DIY outdoor activities can be made with items you have at home or picked up at Dollar Tree.

Cheap yard games and water activities to get your kids outside. Stop hearing kids say I’m Bored and be ready for some family fun!

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Easy DIY Outdoor Games for Kids with Dollar Tree Items

Fun Outdoor Games for Kids in your Backyard with Dollar Tree items. DIY kids activities to entertain your kids at home. Chalk games, relay races, water balloons, crafts and more.

Did you know you can order Dollar Tree items online and get free shipping to your local store? Love this!

Obstacle Course

Fun Backyard Obstacle Course for kids.

An obstacle course can be created with anything you have in your garage or backyard. I’ll give you some ideas but use what you have to make a fun course for kids to run through. Then mix it up by adding different items the next time.

What You Need – small cones, hula hoops, balls, buckets

How to Play – Create a DIY Course for kids to run through. Here is a sample idea – Set out cones, chairs to weave around, hula hoops to jump through, balls to throw in a bucket, a board to walk over like a balance bean or a ball to bounce on to the finish line.

Make it a race for older kids by timing them to see who gets through the course the fastest.

Chalk Games

What You Need – A Box of Chalk

How to Play – Draw chalk games on your driveway or sidewalk for kids to enjoy. Make a hopscotch, obstacle course, scavenger hunt, or color hunt. Let the kids help draw out the chalk games.

Find out how to play all these games in our Chalk Game for Kids.

Frisbee Golf

Outdoor Game for Kids - Frisbee Golf an easy DIY game kids will love outdoors.

What You NeedFrisbee, 3-6 Buckets

How to Play – Space out the buckets around your yard. Then let the kids throw the frisbee and aim for the buckets. Your goal is to get the frisbee to land in the bucket.

Free Printable Summer Screen Time Rules for Kids. No more arguing with kids over electronics. Use this daily checklist to get organized and set expectations this summer.

Water Gun Battle

Water Guns Games for Summer Outdoor Activities kids will love.

What You Need – Water Guns, Water, and Large Bucket or Bin

How to Play – Set out a large bucket or bin filled with water for the kids to refill their water guns. This will keep you from having to constantly refill the water guns. Then let them run around shooting the water guns and keeping cool.

Don’t have enough kids for a battle? Let the kids shoot DIY Targets with their water guns. Get some ideas on how to make simple Nerf targets and games with items you have at home.

Make a day of it by doing both a water battle and water target games.

Water Balloon Battle

Water Balloon battle for kids. How to set up a backyard water balloon games.

What You Need – Water Balloons, Water, Buckets

How to Play – Split the kids into two teams and give them each a side of the yard. Make a line down the middle with items you have in your yard. We used buckets. Kids need to stay on their side of the yard while playing. This way you don’t get hit close up with a water balloon.

To start the game give each team a bucket filled with water balloons and let them start throwing the balloons at the other team. Make a rule the balloons need to hit below the head.

Tip: Use Quick Fill Water Balloons that hook to a hose for faster filling.

Water Balloon Toss

Water Balloon toss is a fun DIY backyard game kids will love to keep cool this summer.

What You Need – Water Balloons

How to Play – Pair up the kids and have them stand across from each other. Start out standing close together. Kids then throw the water balloon to their partner to catch. If the child catches it they take a big step back and throw again. Each time they catch the balloon the kids step back until someone misses.

See which team can toss the balloon the most times before they miss.

Water Balloon Baseball

What You Need – Water Balloons, Plastic baseball bat

How to Play – Let the players hit a water balloon with their plastic bat just like they are playing a game of baseball. The game is a great way to keep cool in the summer and to play baseball in a smaller yard.

To make it a game each child gets three pitches. If they miss they are out but if a child hits the balloon they get to advance to first base. Each time a player hits the balloon players on base get to move one base forward until they make it home.

Balloon Tennis

DIY Balloon Tennis for Kids. Fun indoor and outdoor game with plates, wooden spoons and balloons. #balloontennis #balloongames #outdoorgames #indoorgames

What You Need – DIY Kit Balloons, Paper Plates, Wooden Spoon – Or Buy tennis set at Dollar Tree

How to Play – Blow up a balloon to use as a tennis ball. Then make tennis rackets by taping a wooden spoon to the back of a paper plate. Kids can then play tennis indoors or outdoors hitting the balloon back and forth.

Tip: Let the kids color their plates/rackets as a craft before they start playing.

Find More Fun Balloon Game Ideas15 Awesome Balloon Games for Kids

Dinosaur Hunt

Outdoor Dinosaur Hunt for Kids. Fun kids activity

What You Need – Bag of mini-figure dinosaur

How to Play – Hide the dinosaur figures in the backyard for the kids to find. Give them a couple of clues and send them out on a backyard dinosaur hunt.

Tip: This would be a fun indoor game on a rainy days too.

Shaving Cream Art

Outdoor Kids Craft Ideas- Shaving Cream Art

What You Need – 1 can of shaving cream, 1 plastic Table Cloth

How to Play – Layout a throwaway plastic table cloth. Then spray shaving cream on the cloth for the kids to mix and play with their hands. They’ll love the feel of the shaving cream and mixing it up.

Add a drop of food color to a make shaving cream different colors.

Tip: Make sure younger kids don’t eat the shaving cream.

Sports Day

Fun Sports Activities for Kids outside.

What You Need – Several different types of balls, basketball, football, baseball, bouncy balls, and a hula hoop

How to Play – On your driveway prop up a hula hoop so you can throw a ball through it. Then let the kids try all the different balls and see which ones are easier to get through the hoop.

Make it a contest and see how many each child can throw through the hoop.

For younger kids lay the hula hoop flat and let them toss the ball to land inside or bounce into the hula hoop.

Jump Rope

Jump ropes area fun way to entertain kids outdoors. Plus it's great exercise.

What You NeedJump Rope

How to Play – This is an oldie but a goodie. Make jumping rope a game by seeing how many time the kids can jump before hitting the rope.

Sponge Game

Outdoor Game for Kids - Sponge Toss. All you need is wet sponges, hula hoops and a bucket. Or just draw the circles with chalk.

What You Need – Sponges and hula hoop or buckets

How to Play – Kids are going to use wet sponges to throw at a target. Make the targets by spacing out a line of buckets or row of hula hoops. You can also use chalk to draw your targets.

Put the sponges in a bucket of water to get wet. They will be easier to throw far if they are wet. Then kids line up to try and hit the target with their sponge.

Search for Bugs

Fun Outdoor activity for kids finding bugs and studying them in your bug catcher.

What You Need – A bug collector, magnifying glass, shovel

How to Play – In your bug collector add some dirt and grass to the container. Then let the kids start digging in the dirt to find some worms or bugs. Catch them and place the bugs in the bug collector. Kids can watch the bugs and study them with the magnifying glass.

Frozen Dinosaurs

What You Need Mini-Figure Dinosaurs, Balloons and Water

How to Play – Stretch out a balloon and add a mini-figure dinosaur to it. Once the dinosaur is inside fill the balloon up with water and put it in the freezer to freeze. Once frozen peel off the balloon and let the kids try to free the dinosaur.

To free the dinosaur give the kids a large bucket with water and place the frozen dinosaur in it. Then let them have eye droppers, ladles, and meat basters to pour water on the dinosaur to help it melt.

Learn more about making this fun STEM Dinosaurs Frozen in Ice.

Summer Camp at Home

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Don’t stress about keeping the kids busy this summer! Plan a fun Summer Camp at Home. It’s easier than you think with our complete Summer Camp Planner. 30+ printable pages with 8 weeks of pre-planned themes, activities, schedules & more. Check it out and be ready for an unforgettable summer.

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Dollar Tree Outdoor games for kids in your backyard. Cheap kids activities to keep kids busy outside and off electronics. Boredom busting games they'll want to play over & over. Plus their super easy to make without out spending tons of money. #outdoorgames #gamesforkids #kidsgames #kidsactivities #Dollartree

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