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Rain Cloud in a Jar Science Experiment for Kids

Rain Cloud in a Jar Science Experiment for Kids

Looking for a fun science experiment for kids at home or at school? They’ll be in awe watching this Rain Cloud in a Jar experiment.

This simple to make science experiment with shaving cream is a great way to teach kids how rain comes out of clouds. It’s also really cool to watch the food coloring go through the shaving cream and into the water.

Your kids will want to do this shaving cream rain clouds experiment over and over again. Check it out and try this easy science experiment at home today!

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Rain Cloud in a Jar Science Experiments for Kids

Cool Science Experiment for Kids at Home - Rain Cloud in a Jar. Teach kids about rain with shaving cream and food dye. The kids will be in awe of this super simple science experiment.

You going to be amazed how cool the Rain Cloud in a Jar science experiment is to make. It’s an easy way to help kids understand weather science by letting them visualize how rain works.

The best part is all you need are 3 items to create this simple experiment which makes it easy to do at home or in a classroom.

What You Need

Supplies to Make the Rain Cloud in a Jar science experiment.
  • Shaving Cream – I pick this up at Dollar Tree to save money
  • Food Coloring
  • Clear mason jar, glass jar, or small vase

How to Make a Rain Cloud Science Experiment

First, add water to almost the top of your mason jar or vase. Let the kids know that the water represents air.

Start by fill up the water to the top of the jar.

Next, add a thin layer of shaving cream to the top of the water. Tip: If you make the shaving foam too thick it will take longer for the food dye to go through.

The shaving cream represents real clouds or water vapor.

Add Shaving cream to the top of the water to represent clouds in your Rain Cloud in a Jar experiment.

Now add drops of food dye to the top of the shaving cream cloud. We used blue food coloring to display rain the first time we did the experiment

The food dye represents droplets of water vapors coming out of the clouds in the form of rain. As the rain forms the mason jar will eventually be all blue water.

After using blue dye the kids had fun trying different colors to see what the water in the jar would look like.

If you add a couple of colors of food dye you can make a rainbow rain which looks awesome. The kids had so much fun they wanted to do this experiment over and over again.

Make rainbow rain by adding  a couple colors of food dye to your jar.

As you do the experiment you can talk to the kids about water being heavier than the rain clouds. Watch as the rain droplets (food dye) gets heavier and moves through the clouds down to the water (air).

Then you can talk about how this simple activity shows them part of the water cycle.

Isn’t this Rain Cloud in a Jar an easy science activity? I hope that your kids will enjoy doing this rain cloud experiment at home or school as much as my kids have.

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How to Make Rain Clouds in a Jar with Shaving Cream. Super Easy science experiment for kids at home. All you need is shaving cream, water and food dye. Kids will want to do it over and over again.
Rain Clouds in a Jar - Stem Activity for Kids. All you need is shaving cream and food dye to make this super easy Science experiment for kids at home. They'll be in awe watching how rain comes from clouds.