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Dinosaurs Frozen In Ice – Easy Science Activities for Kids

Dinosaurs Frozen In Ice – Easy Science Activities for Kids

Looking for fun science activities for kids to do at home? Kids will love finding these dinosaurs frozen in ice. It’s a super simple science experiment for preschool to elementary age kids.

They will love making these frozen dinosaur eggs with you and finding different ways to break the dinosaurs free.

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Dinosaurs Frozen in Ice – Cool Science Activities for Kids

Fun Science Activity for Kids - Dinosaur Frozen Eggs to make at home. DIY science experiment for Preschool kids to elementary kids. All you need is balloons, mini dinosaurs and water. Kids will love trying to melt these dinosaurs eggs and discovering the what's inside. #dinosaurseggs #scienceexperiment #scienceactivity #frozeneggs #frozendinosaureggs

You can play with these Dinosaur Eggs as a fun indoor activity for kids or outdoors in the summer months. All you need is a large Tupperware or bins to break open the frozen dinosaur eggs. All the water should stay inside the bin but just in case you could put a towel underneath.

What You Need

How to make a Frozen Dinosaur Eggs with these items. A fun science activity for kids. #dinosaureggs #frozeneggs #scienceexperiment #prescchoolscienceexperiment #scienceactivity
  • Regular Balloons – don’t use water balloons as they break too easily
  • Small Dinosaur Figures – you could also use any small figures you have at home such as Army Men, Animals, Bugs, Disney figures
  • Water
  • Bin – to play with frozen eggs
  • Water Dropper – anything you have at home to pour warm water over the eggs, like a meat baster, eyedropper, squeeze bottle, or ladle

Tip: You can pick up or order all these items online at Dollar Tree to make it a cheap activity.

Steps to Make Your Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

Step 1 – Blow up your balloon to loosen and stretch it out

Make Frozen Dinosaur Eggs at home for a fun science experiment.

Step 2 – Use two fingers to hold open the top of the balloon and drop in your dinosaur figure. Kids can help you with this.

How to make Dinosaurs Frozen in Ice science experiment. cool frozen dinosaur eggs kids will love figuring out how to melt. #scienceexperiment #scienceactivity #dinosaurs #frozendinosaureggs

Step 3 – Fill up the balloon with water. We found it easiest to attach it to a faucet and then fill the balloon with water. This will allow you to make bigger eggs.

Fill up balloons to make cool Frozen Dinosaur Eggs for a fun science activity at home. #dinosaur #frozendinosaureggs #scienceactivity #activityforkids

Step 4 – Put your eggs in the freezer

Step 5 – Take out your frozen eggs from the freezer. Cut off the top and then peel off the rest of the balloon.

Step 6 – Put the frozen dinosaur eggs into your bowl or bin. Then let the kids use a ladle, water bottle, eyedropper, or meat baster filled with warm water to start melting the eggs. We set up two bins one for the frozen eggs and one with warm water and tools.

Experiment to see if it melts faster using an eyedropper of warm water or a ladle full of warm water. Then try using cold water and decide if the ice melts better with cold or warm water added.

Isn’t this an easy science activity for kids to do at home? Your kids will have so much fun creating these fun dinosaurs frozen in ice and then breaking them open.

Make sure to try different small figures to keep the science experiment exciting. It can be a surprise each time to see what they’ll discover.

Colored Ice Balloons

Consider adding color to your Ice Balloons as another fun experiment. We made these cool Ice Gems and did a fun salt melting experiment. In the Winter the kids used the Ice Balloons in their snow forts.

Create a few colored Ice balloons with your Dinosaurs Eggs.

More STEM Activities

Looking for more easy science experiments at home? Create an Erupting Volcano and make a Rain Cloud in a Jar. Both experiments only take a few steps and are made with items you have in your home.

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Frozen Dinosaurs Eggs Stem Activity for Kids at home. Super Easy science experiment with balloons, mini figures and water. Kids will love melting the ice to discover the dinosaurs hidden inside. Fun outside for summer and indoors on rainy days. #stemactivity #frozendinosaureggs #scienceexperiment #science #dinosaurs #frozeneggs
Frozen Dinosaur Egg Stem Activity for Kids to do at home. Kids will love this easy to make science experiment. Let kids use different methods to melt the frozen egg to discover the dinosaur or any small figure you have inside. Find out how easy it is to create. #stemactivity #frozendinosaureggs #dinosaurs #scienceexperiment #scienceactivity

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