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15 Awesome Balloon Games for Kids at Parties & Home

15 Awesome Balloon Games for Kids at Parties & Home

Balloon Games are a cheap and fun way to entertain kids at a party or just at home on a rainy day. All you need to play is an inexpensive bag of balloons and some imagination.

There are tons of different balloon party games your kids will love playing at birthday parties or backyard BBQs. Plus it’s an easy item to pull out at home to keep your kids off electronics and engage with friends or siblings.

The article is divided up into indoor balloon games to play at home and balloon party games. Check out the best balloon games for kids and start playing today. It’s that easy!

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Awesome Balloon Games for Kids at Parties & Home

15 Boredom Busting Balloon Games for Kids to Play Indoor & Outdoors. Find games to play at home on rainy days and balloon party games for kids birthdays. Tons of easy and cheap balloon activity ideas to keep your kids entertained without spending tons of money.

Indoor Balloon Games for Kids

Get your kids up and running around at home with these simple balloon games two to four kids can play together. Perfect for a rainy day game at home.

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Balloon Tennis

Playing balloon tennis is the same basic idea as a real tennis game. Make your own rackets by taping a wooden spoon to the back of a paper plate. Then use a couch or chairs to create a net.

Have the kids stand on each side of the net and hit the balloon back and forth like tennis. If the balloon hits the ground the other team gets a point.


Play this game much like you played balloon tennis but don’t use the rackets. Kids will hit a balloon back and forth over a “net” (couch or chairs) and try to keep the balloon from hitting the ground.

Keep It Up

Have each child put a hand behind their back. Then throw a balloon to each child and see who can keep the balloon up in the air the longest without hitting the ground.

If you want it to be more challenging for the next round let them only use one arm and hop on one foot while trying to keep the balloon in the air.

Tip: This game could also work for larger groups at a party.

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Balloon HORSE

Play Balloon HORSE just like you’d play the basketball game HORSE. Create a basket by using a bucket or waste paper basket. Have the kids make up different shots to get the balloon into the basket.

If they get a balloon into the basket all the kids after need to try and make the exact same shot. If they miss they get a letter in the word HORSE. Once a kid spells the whole word horse they are out.

Tip: You can use any word so if you want the game to be shorter pick Frog or Cat or something like that.

Frozen Ice Balloons

Create cool frozen ice balloons with your kids. It’s super easy to do and the kids will love peeling off the ballons and trying to melt the ice with warm water. You can even hide a dinosaur or small toy inside for the kids to find.

Bonus it’s a fun STEM project to do with the kids. Learn how to make Dinosaurs Frozen in Ice.

Balloon Hockey

Balloon Hockey is a super fun indoor balloon game for kids.

Play indoor balloon hockey with small hockey sticks or pool noodles cut in half. Use the balloon as your puck and a box or laundry basket on each side of the room as your net. Let the kids hit the balloons back and forth and see who can score the most.

Tip: I would suggest setting a number of goals to make to win. Such as whoever get 5 goals first wins.

Balloon Balance

For this game kids try to see how long they can balance a balloon on their finger tip or foot.

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Balloon Party Games

Awesome Balloon Party Games for Kids at Birthday Parties or Backyard BBQs. Fun & cheap games your kids will love playing. 15 indoor and outdoor balloons games to keep kids entertained at the party. Check it out & find the perfect game for your next kids party.

Create super fun and inexpensive party games with balloons. The games are a great way to keep the cost down on a birthday party or BBQ and still entertain the kids.

Use these balloon game ideas to plan your party and get even more game ideas in our super fun Outdoor Party Games. The kids are going to love the amazing party you plan!

Balloon Race

Fun Balloon Race Party Game for Kids.

For this race create a start and finish line in your yard or large space. Line the kids up on the start line and have them place a balloon between their knees.

When you say go they race to the finish line but if they drop the balloon they need to go back to start and begin again. First kid to cross the finish line with the balloon in-between their knees wins.

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Balloon Pop Race

Hilarious Party Game for Kids Balloon Pop Race. Kids love working on teams to pop the balloon quickest to win the game. Super easy game to play at birthday parties and backyard BBQs

Divide the kids up into even groups of 3-4 kids. On one end of the room put a line of chairs to match the number of groups you have. Then on the other end of the room have a start line with the kids lined up with their groups.

When you say GO the first kid races with their balloon to a chair, places it on the chair, and needs to pop the balloon by sitting on it. When they pop it they run back to their group and the next kid goes.

The first group to get all the kids to pop their balloons on the chair and make it back to the start line wins.

Surprise Balloon Pop

Fill several balloons with small lollypops & treats and the rest of the balloons with just air. Blow up enough balloons to cover the floor in your room with balloons. When you say GO let the kids start stomping on the balloons. The goal is to find the balloons with the treats.

Add Competition – If the kids are older add some competition to see who can pop the most balloons. Have each child pick up the balloon once they popped it and at the end add up all the balloons each child has popped.

Whoever popped the most balloons wins. The best part is it gets the kids to help you clean up the floor.

Keep it Up – Pool Noodle

Balloon Keep It Up with Pool Noodles and Balloons. A fun game to play on rainy days at home or as a cool party game. A cheap and entertaining game kids will love with Dollar Tree supplies.

This is a fun outdoor game with a group of kids. Give each child half of a pool noodle and one balloon. I usually buy a bunch of pool noodles at Dollar Tree and cut them in half.

Make sure to space the kids out so they are not all bunched up together and hitting each other with pool noodles.

When you say go they toss their balloon in the air and use the pool noodle to keep the balloon from touching the ground. As soon as their balloon touches the ground they are out.

The one who keeps their balloon up in the air the longest wins.

Keep It Up – Circle

Have a group of kids hold hands in a circle. If you have a bigger party you can make several circles and create a competition. The goal of the game is to keep the balloon up in the air without using their hands. Players can not let go of the people next to them to get the balloon.

Players can use their legs, head, or pull up their arms with the person next to them to try and hit the balloon back in the air. Do this just for fun to see how long they can keep the balloon going or have different groups compete to see who can keep it up the longest.

This is a hilarious game to watch!

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Balloon Stomp

To create the balloon stomp game tie a ribbon to the end of a blown-up balloon. Then tie the ribbon & balloon to each child’s leg. When you say go the kids try and stomp on each other’s balloons.

When your balloon is popped your out. The last child without a popped balloon wins.

Water Balloon Games

Water Balloons are a summer favorite for kids. They’re a great way to cool the kids off in the summer heat and they’ll have a blast playing.

The first step is making your water balloons. I would suggest using the rapid-fill water balloons that hook up to your hose. It’s so much faster than individually filling each balloon.

Once filled divide the balloons up evenly for each team and place them in a large bin.

Next, divide the kids up into two teams and give each their own side of the yard. I add a line in the middle of the field to divide the two teams’ areas. You can use cones, chairs, or even a measuring tape to make your line. This lets the kids know they can’t cross that line and don’t hurt anyone by hitting them too close with the balloons.

When you say GO kids can start throwing balloons and having fun.

Find more water balloon game Ideas -with water balloon baseball and water gun battles in Outdoor Games for kids with Dollar Tree Items.

Balloon Spoon Race

Balloon Spoon Race Game for Kids - Great Party Game for Kids at Birthday parties or backyard BBQs

This is just like the Egg Spoon race but you use a balloon instead. It’s a little more challenging because you need to walk slower to keep the balloon from blowing off. The smaller you blow up the balloon the easier it is to play.

To set up have a start line and a chair at the other end for the kids to walk around. Have the distance closer for younger kids. Then break the kids up into teams and line up behind the starting line.

The first team member places a balloon on a spoon and when you say GO walks around the chair and makes it back to their teammates without dropping the balloon.

When they get back the next teammate goes and continues until all team members go. The first team with all their players back wins.

Tip: Use a larger spoon like a serving spoon to help keep the balloon from falling off to often.

I hope you found a few balloon party games that your kids will love. These inexpensive balloon games for kids are a great way to keep them entertained both playing at home and at a party.

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