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Remote Learning Brain Break Activities to Get the Wiggles Out

Remote Learning Brain Break Activities to Get the Wiggles Out

Do your kids need to get some energy out while on Remote Learning breaks or when they’re stuck inside? Use these quick brain break activities for kids to get the wiggles out and help them refocus.

15 energy busting indoor activities kids will love to do. Parents can use these activity ideas whenever the kids have a break at home. Teachers can use many of them to get the kids up and out of their chairs while still on Zoom.

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Remote Learning Brain Break Activities for Kids

15 Fun Remote Learning Brain Breaks for Parents and Teachers. Indoor activities to do on Zoom & at home to get kids energy out at break time. You'll be amazed how much more productive the kids will be! #distancelearning #remotelearning #brainbreaks #energybusters #kids #indooractivities

Are you ready to help your kids get the wiggles out with these quick and fun brain break activities? I think your kids will love them.

If you need games to play with the whole class or just to help your kids connect with friends make sure to check out our favorite Games to Play on Zoom with Kids.

Energy Busting Brain Breaks

Jumping Jacks and Push-Ups

Use jumping jacks and push-ups to get out a quick burst of energy. These can be done standing in front of the class on Zoom or anywhere in your house.

Climb Stairs

Running the Stairs is a great energy busting break from distance learning.

Have the kids run up and down the stairs 3 times on a quick break.

Run in Place

Have the kids run in place for a minute or 2


Make hopscotch a fun indoor activity for kids with painters tape.

I use Painters tape on my floor to make hopscotch because it’s easy to remove afterward. Have the kids hop through it on their way to lunch breaks. Make it more of a challenge by hopping on one foot.

I put it at the bottom of my stairs so the kids could run up the stairs to burn even more energy.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Fun Zoom Scavenger Hunts for Kids. Free Printable Virtual scavenger Hunt ideas for students, teachers and parents. Exciting Zoom games for, classrooms, virtual birthday party, school brain break or family holiday party. Learn how to play and print our your free printable scavenger hunt list. It's a blast! #freeprintable #scavengerhunt #scavengerhuntideas #kids #students #virtualparties #zoomgames

Use a Scavenger Hunt list of items you would like the kids to find around their house. For example, something red, a book, a hairbrush, a watch, or a blue pillow.

While on Zoom, read off one item at a time from your list for the kids to go off and find. The kids then race to find the item and to be the first one back to the Zoom frame with the item.

You could track the child who has the most wins or just let them do it for fun, depending on the age.

Learn more ways to play with Zoom Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids.

Simon Says

This would be easy on Zoom for teachers or for parents at home.

If you say Simon Says, the kids need to do that task. If you don’t say Simon Says before you speak, then kids freeze. Here are some examples:

Simon Says hop on one foot

Simon Says make your arms go in circles

Simon Says jump up and down 4 times

Long Jump

To play indoors use painters tape to space lines and see how far the kids can jump. If you have a longer break head outside and use chalk on your sidewalk to draw a long jump.

Get more quick outside ideas in our Fun Outdoor Chalk Games for Kids.

Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance game to play on brain breaks during remote learning.

Parents and Teachers can play music and let the kids dance. When the music stops, they freeze.

Scavenger Hunt

Give the kids an item in the house to find and have them race to find it first.

For Example – Find something Blue. Find a hairbrush. Find something round.

Teachers can make it more general items and parents can be more specific with the items you have in your home.

Jump Rope

Have the kids jump rope for 5 minutes

Balloon Tennis

Indoor Balloon Tennis a fun indoor activity for kids. Easy DIY game to help get your kids energy out when you can't go outside. #indoorgame #indooractivity #activityforkids

Play this cheap indoor game with paper plates, wooden spoons, tape, and balloons. Create the rackets by taping wooden spoons to the back of the plates to make tennis rackets. Then let the kids hit the balloon around.

See full directions in our Rainy Day Activities for Kids.

Hula Hoops

If you have space, let the kids try hula hooping in the house.

Laundry Basket Game

Laundry Basket Balloon Hockey a fun indoor game for kids.

Let the kids play a quick game of basketball or hockey with your laundry baskets as the net. Great energy buster for lunchtime or after school.

Hockey – turn 2 laundry baskets on their side as nets then use a hockey stick, fly swatter, or small brooms to hit a balloon or ball.

Basketball – Put out two laundry baskets and let your kids either play a one-on-one basketball game or have a shooting contest.

Obstacle Course

Create a small obstacle course in your house. Use couch cushions and objects in your home for kids to run around and jump over.

Hallway Laser Maze

Indoor DIY Laser Maze for kids to keep them busy on rainy days when your stay indoors. #indoorgames #indooractivities #lasermaze #kidsactivities #kidsgames

Create a fun laser maze for your kids to climb through on breaks from class or after school. It’s super easy to do with streamers taped across your hallway. I suggest using painters tape so that you don’t ruin the paint on your walls.

When it’s all set up let your kids try to get through the maze without touching the lasers (streamers).

You can keep changing the course to make it easier or harder for your kids. Learn more about making your own DIY Hallway Laser Maze.

Red Light Green Light

Have the kids stand on the other side of the room from you. When you say Green Light, the kids walk towards you. If you say Red Light, they stop. It’s a race to see who can get to you first.

Get more energy out by having them hop on one foot, leap, or run to you when you say green light.


Yoga with your kids is a great way to relax your kids during distance learning.

If your kids need something more calming, try yoga at home. It will help bring a sense of peace and can refocus their energy to concentrate on school work.

Get more fun indoor game ideas in our Rainy Day Activities for Kids.

Are you ready now to get all that energy out with our fun brain break activities for kids? Jumping up and down and getting the wiggles out can really help with their concentration while remote learning.

Make sure you have a designated space to do remote learning at home, too. A quiet space with all their school supplies will make all the difference in their productivity level.

Plus, they’ll love having their own space. Get inspired with our easy and Cheap Homeschool Room Organization Ideas or explore all our Homeschooling & Remote Learning Resources for parents.

Need more fun activity ideas for kids at home? Make sure to visit our Kids Activity Page filled with fun boredom-busting games and activities they’ll love.

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Fun Brain Breaks for Distance Learning & Remote Learning. Let the kids get out their energy with indoor activities and exercises. Easy for Teachers and Parents to do on Zoom & at home. Plus there Fun! #distancelearning #remotelearning #brainbreak #energybusters #kidsactivities #indooractivities #kids
15 Remote Learning Energy Buster Activities for Kids at home. Indoor games & exercises to do on quick breaks from distance learning. Teachers and Parents will love these easy kids activities that will help them refocus on their school work. Plus their super fun!! #remotelearning #distancelearning #energybusters #kidsactivities #activitiesforkids #indoorgames #indoor

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