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Best Halloween Mystery Box Ideas for School Parties & Home

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Halloween Mystery Boxes are a super fun Halloween game for kids to do at home or at Halloween school parties. A Mystery Box is easy to make and adds a spooky and surprise element to the party.

All you need are a few supplies you already have at home to whip these up for your next Halloween party.  

The great part about these Halloween Mystery Boxes which are also called Sensory Boxes is watching the kid’s reaction when they feel around inside the box. They’ll wonder is it really a Warlock’s brain or just spaghetti, is it a witch’s eye, or just grapes?

A simple and easy Halloween game to add to any Halloween party or family game night at home.  


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How to Make Halloween Mystery Boxes 

Fun Halloween Mystery Box Ideas for Kids Halloween Parties. These sensory boxes are great for school parties or Halloween parties at home. They are simple to make with tissue boxes, construction paper and spooky fillers. Don't worry I'll give you lots of ideas. Check it out and use this game at your next Halloween Party!

Supplies for Your Mystery Boxes

  • Tissue Boxes
  • Construction paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Markers
  • Mystery Box items to feel (listed below)


How to Make Halloween Mystery Boxes

Follow these simple steps to make these Halloween-inspired sensory boxes the kids will love!

Step 1:

Make your Halloween Mystery Boxes with Tissue boxes and construction paper.

Find an empty tissue box to use for your Mystery box. I started saving up the boxes about a month before and setting them aside.

If you don’t have time for that just take out the tissues and refill another box with them later.

Step 2:

Use items like construction paper to decorate your Halloween Mystery Boxes with spiders, and witches.
Halloween Mystery Boxes Complete

Covering the boxes up with construction paper (orange, black, purple) or any other fun stickers or things you have at home.

I created one to look like a Witch with a black hat and a green face. Another box I covered with black paper and used a white crayon to draw spiders on the outside. You could also use masking tape to look like a mummy.

Have fun with this part and make them your own.  

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What to Put in Your Halloween Mystery Box


Step 3:

Make a Halloween Mystery Box or Sensory box with spooky items the kids will squeal to touch. Put inside the box grapes for eyes, candy corn for teeth, spaghetti for brains and more. Find out how easy these are to make. They are sure to be the hit of your next Halloween Party.

Filling the boxes with different items for the kids to guess. Other than the food the rest of the items I find at the dollar store. Here are some of my ideas 

  1. Peeled Grapes =Witches Eyes
  2. Cooked Spaghetti = Warlocks brains
  3. Witches fingers = Witches Fingers
  4. Plastic Spiders Rings = Spiders
  5. Cut up balloons – Dry & Withered Skin
  6. Candy Corn = Monster teeth

Note: If you are bringing this to a school party just make sure that these food items are allowed in class. Also, make sure no one attending your party has any allergies to these items because the kids will not be able to see what’s inside.

You could substitute grapes for squishy bouncy balls or water beads and Spaghetti for wet yarn.  

Step 4:

Simple Mystery box labels to let kids know what their feeling in this fun Halloween Game Idea.

In front of the boxes put a label with what you want the kids to believe is inside.

For example – witches’ eyes, or monster teeth. After they feel around ask them what they think is inside. 

How to Play the Mystery Box Game

Now that you made your Mystery boxes the kids can play. Set out your boxes on a table with the label in front. Then let the kids one at a time feel what’s inside and guess what they are feeling. Is it really a witch’s finger?

After everyone has guessed let them know what they are really feeling. 

If you don’t want this to be a group game but more independent on the back of the label write what is inside. After the kids feel the box and guess to themselves they can flip the label and see what’s inside. 

When to Play This Game

A great place to use this game is as a School Party Game. It’s easy for teachers or room parents to make ahead and have it ready to play.

You can also play this at home with your kids or at a Halloween party, you throw.

This is a really fun and easy Halloween activity. I hope these Halloween Mystery boxes add to all the fun your family has this Halloween!!

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Let me know any great Halloween Mystery Box ideas you may have to add to these boxes. Leave your ideas in the comments so we can all learn from each other. I love hearing from my readers. 

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Halloween Bingo Cards are the Perfect Halloween Party Game for home or school parties. Entertain the kids with these free printable Holiday Bingo Cards with 9 different card options. Just download the PDF and your ready to play!

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  1. You could also have this set up as a Halloween party game for kids. It would be perfect for a home or classroom party. Maybe go easy on the gross stuff if there are kids involved.

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