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5 Halloween Sensory Boxes You Need to Have at Your Next Party

5 Halloween Sensory Boxes/ Mystery Boxes that will be great at your next Halloween Party. Easy and quick to make


Halloween Sensory Boxes – Halloween is such a fun holiday and I love celebrating it with my kids. I like to make it a special and memorable time for the kids but I also only have so much time to work on projects. I was looking for something fun and easy to make for a small house party and to use at the kid’s school parties. So, I came up with 5 quick and easy Halloween Sensory Boxes.  

The fun part about these Halloween Sensory Boxes is watching the kid’s reaction when they feel around inside of the boxes and are not sure what’s in them. They are big mystery boxes for the kids to figure out. Is it really a Warlock’s brain or just spaghetti, is it really the eyes of witch or just grapes? They’re a great fun and easy touch to any Halloween party.  

Steps to Create the Halloween Sensory Boxes

Start with tissue boxes

Step 1:  Alright so now how do we make these mystery boxes. First priority is not spending a lot on something we are going to use for only one day. So, for the box I use empty tissue boxes. I stated saving up the boxes about a month before and setting them aside or if you need them last minute just take out the tissues and refill another box with them later.

Witch and Spider Sensory Boxes
Halloween Sensory Box Complete

Step 2: Covering the boxes up with construction paper (orange, black, purple) or any other fun stickers or things you have at home. I created one to look like a Witch with a black hat and green face. Another box I covered with black paper and used a white crayon to draw spiders on the outside. You could also use masking tape to look like a mummy. Have fun with this part and make them your own.  


What to Put inside your Sensory Boxes

Step 3: Filling the boxes with different items for the kids to guess. Other than the food the rest of the items I find at the dollar store. Here are some of my ideas 

  1. Pealed Grapes =Witches Eyes
  2. Cooked Spaghetti = Warlocks brains
  3. Witches fingers = Witches Fingers
  4. Plastic Spiders Rings = Spiders
  5. Candy Corn = Monster teeth

    Compete boxes with name tags and filling

Note: If you are bringing this to a school party just make sure that these food items are allowed in class. Also make sure no one attending your party has any allergies to these items because the kids will not be able to see what’s inside. You could substitute grapes for a squishy bouncy balls or water beads and Spaghetti for wet yarn.  

Step 4: This next step is up to your preference. How to label the box. You could either have the kids guess what is inside or make a little label for the boxes that says what you want the kids to think is inside. Either way they have a ghoulish quality that makes the boxes fun and exciting. 

I hope these boxes help add to all the fun your family has this Halloween!! Let me know any great ideas you may have to add into these boxes. Please leave your ideas in the comments so we can all learn from each other. 

Happy Halloween! 

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