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Awesome Valentine’s Day Games Kids Love

Awesome Valentine’s Day Games Kids Love

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with the best Valentine’s Day Games for Kids. You’ll find fun Valentine’s party games to play at classroom parties or parties at home. Fun ideas to celebrate with a mix of free printable games, Minute to Win It Games, a scavenger hunt, Charades, Bingo, Relay Races, and more.

All the games you’ll need to plan your upcoming Valentine’s Day party, classroom party, or family game night at home. Great games kids of all ages will have a blast playing. So break out the candy hearts and get ready to play the best Valentine’s Day Games.

Fun Valentine’s Day Games for Kids

Fun Valentine's Day Games & Activities kids will love. Find tons of party game ideas to plan your Valentine's Day Party. Easy Valentine-themed games like Minute to Win It, Bingo, Charades, Scavenger Hunt, Heart Puzzles, and tons of Free Printables. Everything you need to plan an awesome Valentine's Day with your kids.

This post will help you find easy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your kids or at a big group party. They also have been a huge hit as classroom parties for my kids.

You’ll find a mix of active games to play, group games, and free printables for Valentine’s Day. Look through the list and find the Valentine’s Day party games your kids will be super excited to try this holiday.

You’re sure to find a few great ideas to plan your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

Free Printable Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids. A fun party game for classrooms, Valentine's Day Parties and family game nights at home. Set your kids off on a search of your house and see who can find all the scavenger hunt items first. All you need to do is print it out and your ready to play!

A fun way to get the kids up and moving is with a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt.

Just download our free printable Scavenger Hunt and send the kids out to search for all the items on the list. Set a time limit and see who will be the first player to find all the items on the list.

If it’s a party at school you could try these classroom scavenger hunts too.

Valentine’s Minute to Win It Games

Kids love to play Valentine’s Minute to Win It Games. They are quick challenges with a one-minute time limit. These Valentine’s games work great for younger kids who don’t have a long attention span and older kids who will love the challenge.

You can play them as individual games with kids competing against each other. Or make teams and see which team can win the most award points.

The Minute to Win It Games below are all a Valentine’s Day version but you can get even more game ideas in these two articles.

20 Easy Minute to Win It Games for Kids

Best Minute to Win It Game for Teens & Tweens

Conversation Heart Pick Up

Valentine's Day Minute to Win It Game Heart Pick It Up. A quick party game that moves conversation hearts to another plate using chopsticks. A fun game for kids Valentine's Day Parties.

For this fun game, you’ll use conversation hearts or candy hearts, two paper plates, and chopsticks.

Kids will be given a plate with 10 candy hearts and will need to move them to a second plate using the chopsticks. They need to move all the candy hearts to the second plate before the time is up.

Conversation Heart Stack

Valentine's Day Minute to Win It Game Stack It UP. See how many conversation hearts kids can stack in one minute. A fun Valentine's Day Party game.

Give kids each 10 conversation hearts and see who can stack the most hearts without falling before time is up.

Valentine’s Suck It Up

Fun Valentine's Day Game for Kids. Minute to Win it Suck it up. Transfer Red M&Ms from one plate to another with a straw in under 1 minute.

For this Valentine’s game, you’ll need two plates, a straw, and a bag of Skittles or red & pink M&Ms.

Kids will be given two plates with one plate having 10 Skittles. The kids will need to use the straw to suck up the Skittles to the end of the straw and move it to the other plate where they will drop it down. Kids need to move all the pieces before the time is up.

Cup Stacking

Exciting Minute to Win It Cup Stacking Game for Valentine's Day Parties. An easy and quick game to play at classroom parties or at home with your kids. See who can stack the cups the fastest.

All you need for this game is 21 red solo cups for each player.

When the timer starts kids have to stack all 21 cups into a pyramid without them falling and then unstack the plastic cups before the minute is up.

Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

Fun free Printable Valentine's Day Word Scramble kids activity for classroom use or as a Valentine's Day party game. Challenge the kids to unscramble the 12 Valentine's day themed words. Then check the answers. A super easy valentine's day activity kids of all ages will enjoy. Just download, print and play!

Challenge kids to a classic game of Valentine’s Day Word Scramble. See who can unscramble all the Valentine’s Day words. The first person to complete the scramble can get a prize of candy conversation hearts. 

​Grab our Free Printable Valentine’s Day Word Scramble & Answers.

Valentine’s Day Bingo

Grab your free printable Valentine's Day Bingo Game to play with kids today.

A classic Valentine’s Day game is Bingo. It’s easy to play and simple to set up. Add some fun to the game by using chocolate kisses or conversation hearts to cover the game board where pictures have been called out. Bonus it’s a sweet treat for the kids to eat after the game.

Grab these free printable Valentine’s Bingo Cards and you’ll be ready to play.

Relay Race

Plan a Valentine's Day Relay Race Game with the kids. Create these DIY Relay Rae Wands with constructions paper hearts. Use these to run the race.
DIY Relay Race Wands

Create a relay race in a classroom hallway, living room, or outdoors in your backyard. I find active games are a great way to get the kids moving when you need to burn some energy at the party. This is a great game for the whole family to play at home too!

The goal is to have the kids compete to be the first team across the finish line.

First, create a Relay Wand with a Valentine’s Day theme. Use a paper towel roll that you can cover with red paper and small hearts. Then pick relay teams with 3-4 kids.

Then make your race track if you only have a small space have the kids go from their team around a chair and back to their team members. The kids could also hop one way to add a challenge. If you have more space add more obstacles to run around.

The first team member runs the track and then hands the relay wand to the next person on the team. Continue this until the last team member races back with the relay wand. 

If you have a larger track you can have the team members space out around the track. When their teammates reach them they get the wand and run to the next team member until the final team member crosses the finish line.

Heart Obstacle Course

Fun Valentine's Day Obstacle Course for Kids Parties. It's easy to make with paper hearts, cones and hula hoops.

Create a fun Valentine’s Obstacle Course using paper hearts made out of construction paper or poster board. Have the kids hop on the paper heart like a frog then race around cones jump through the hula hoops and walk over a balance beam.

Valentine’s Would You Rather Questions

48 Free Printable Would You Rather Valentine's Day questions for kids. Great conversation starters for Valentine's Day Parties, as Classroom activities or a family game night at home. You'll love hearing your kids answers. Just print out the Valentine's day themed questions and you're ready to play this fun and easy Valentine's Day game of this or that.

Kids will love answering these 48 funny Would You Rather questions all with a Valentine’s Day theme. Just read them off and listen to your kid’s hilarious answers. They’ll have so much fun hearing what everyone has to say. 

Grab our Free Printable Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions print them out, and play.

Want more funny questions?

48 Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Best Would You Rather Questions for Teens & Tweens

DIY Heart Puzzle

Create a DIY Valentine's Day Puzzle with sheets of paper & gift bags. A fun valentines game for kids.

An easy game for individuals to do at the party is solving a broken hearts puzzle. This Valentine’s puzzle is probably a better option for small children as it’s too easy for older kids.

All you need is sheets of paper in red, pink, or purple. You can also use Valentine’s Day gift bags to give your puzzle more shapes and images. You can find cheap ones at Dollar Tree.

How to make a Valentine's Day Puzzle by cutting out a Valentines gift bag or constructions paper. Perfect game for Valentine's Day parties.

Cut out a heart shape from the construction paper. Then cut those hearts up into small pieces.

Tip: On the back of the heart draw out the pieces and number them before you cut them out. This will make it easier to match the pieces later if kids get stuck.

Put these pieces in a zip-lock bag so you don’t lose any pieces of the puzzle. Layout the bags out on a table in the classroom or at the party for the kids to solve.

Valentine’s Ping Pong Toss

Fun Valentine's Day Party Game Ping Pong Toss. Use Valentine's Day bags or Red buckets to spread across the floor. See how many ping pongs you can get in the bags.

For this fun Valentine’s game, you are going to line up 4 -5 red buckets or Valentine’s Gift Bags. You will also need ping pong balls for them to toss into each bucket.

Kids will step up to a line you create with tape on the floor and try to toss the ping pong balls into the bags/buckets. See who can get the most ping pong balls into the buckets.

Valentine’s Charades Words

Free Printable Charades Game for Valentine's Day. A fun holiday game for kids. You'll get 192 Charades words list that you can print out with 10 Themes for Holidays, Animals, Things to Do, Food & more. Plan a full night of Charades games with your kids.

Charades is a great group game to play at Valentine’s Day parties. All you need is some Valentine’s Day-themed charades words and you’re ready to play.

Add the charades words to a bowl when the first player is up they pick a word from the bowl and act it out without talking. Then the rest of the group tries to guess the correct answer. Keep going so that all players get a chance to act out a word.

Find 24 Valentine’s Day words and more Charades words in our Free Printable 192 Easy Charades Words for Kids.

Ice Cube Race

Fun classroom party game to play at winter parties for Christmas and Valentine's Day.

An Ice Cube Relay Race is a fun game to use at a School party it has basically no setup and works great in classroom hallways. For this winter-themed game, all you need is a white styrofoam block. I find them at the dollar store by the fake flowers.

Have the kids break up into two teams and line up. The first player in each line puts the ice cube (styrofoam block) between their knees and races around a chair you placed a few feet away.

When they return they give the ice cube to the next player to go. You keep going until all the team members have finished. The first team to get everyone back wins the game.

More Party Games for Kids

Keep the fun going with more party game ideas for kids. Also, check out our Holiday Page for even more festive ideas.

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Are you ready now to plan a fabulous Valentine’s Day party? I hope these fun Valentine’s Day games will be a hit with your kids whether you’re playing them at home or in the classroom.

All you need to do is grab your free printable Valentine’s Day Games, buy some conversation hearts, cut out your paper hearts, and you’re ready to go. Use all these great Valentine’s Day games to create a Valentine’s Day party your kids and entire family will enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

If you need more fun party ideas make sure to visit our Holiday Page or Kids Party page.

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