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Ultimate Escape Room Birthday Parties for Kids at Home

Ultimate Escape Room Birthday Parties for Kids at Home

DIY Escape Room Birthday Parties are so much fun for kids. They’re super easy to set up at home and are way cheaper than taking your kids to an expensive party place.

These fun escape games will have all the kids working together to solve the puzzles to try and escape the room. I’ll show you tons of fun escape room games and printables that include everything you’ll need to host the party.

You’ll find escape kits for kids as young as 5 years old and all the way up to those hard-to-please Teens. It’s a great birthday party game for both girls’ and boys’ birthday parties.

The best part is you’ll be able to set up the escape room party in 30 minutes or less. So keep reading and start planning the best escape room birthday party for your child.

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How to Easily Throw an Escape Room Birthday Party at home. Kids will love the cool printable escape room games, decorations, invitations, and party favors. Plus a super cool DIY laser maze to go through as they escape the room. I'll show you how to make it the perfect party for kids age 8 years old to those hard-to-please teens & tweens You'll be amazed how simple it is to plan escape room parties!

What Is An Escape Room

Each escape room game has a compelling and fun story for your kids to follow. Throughout the game, they will be solving different challenges and puzzles with the end goal of escaping the room. Kids will have to work together to solve the clues and use their critical thinking skills.

It really is an exciting experience for all the kids as they race to get through the challenges together.

A great way to get the full escape room experience is to highlight the escape room theme. Make sure to set the tone with the invitation, party decorations, party favors, and activities. Don’t worry I’ll show you how!

Best Escape Room Games for Kids

Fun Escape Room Kits to make creating a DIY Escape room easy.

We love to use printable escape room game kits for our parties because they have everything you’ll need. It makes it so much easier to just download the game and print it out.

All the games have a variety of difficulty levels based on your kid’s age group. This makes it a lot easier to pick the appropriate game for your party guests. You don’t want the game to be too hard or too easy because then it won’t be fun.

To create a birthday party escape room you’ll need the printable game to give the kids, a space to play like your living room, and the minute time limit for the game.

Next, think about the size of your group. If there are more than 3-5 people consider breaking the kids up and giving each team a copy of the escape room puzzle pieces.

With all the escape kits there is a game master that can give the kids game hints or help point them in the right direction. This allows people of all ages to play.

When the teams are done they’ll have such a sense of accomplishment after solving the clues. Even if they don’t escape the room in time they’ll be amazed at how many clues they were able to solve.

This is the perfect birthday choice for kids who like a challenge and the kind of experience they’ll want to try over and over again.

Best Escape Games

Our two favorite Escape kits are from Escape Room Geeks and Lock Paper Scissors. These printable games make it really easy to create your own DIY escape room with tons of different games to choose from

We loved the thrilling story of Houdini’s Secret Room from Escape Room Geeks. Kids will meet 6 different characters with special powers that will give them clues to help escape the room.

Another favorite was The Lost Mummy by Lock Paper Scissors. In this game, kids will unearth Egypt’s secrets and investigate the murder of the Lost Mummy. They’ll use clues left in their uncle’s diaries to solve the mystery and escape the room.

All the themed escape rooms come with a step-by-step setup guide, story & challenges for kids, posters, invitations, and hints & solutions guides. They even have a free app so older teens and tweens can look up hints on their own.

Read our review of kids’ favorite Printable Escape Rooms at home to get a breakdown of all the types of escape kits by age and theme. This will help you find the perfect kit for your kids.

You can SAVE MONEY by grabbing one of these cool escape room game bundles that are 60% off right now. You’ll get more games to play at the party and on family game nights while saving money. It’s a Win-Win! Check out these awesome bundlesKids Box, Big Box, and VIP Box.

Tip: You do not need to order copies of the game for each team. You’ll get the games as a download and can print out as many as you need. Each team will have 2-5 players.

Each team will also need a pencil, scissors, and a sheet of paper for the kids to take notes.

What Age Are Escape Rooms Good For?

How to Plan an Awesome Escape Room Birthday Party Game for Kids.

There are escape room games for kids starting as young as 5 years old and up to teens and adults. Keep in mind if you have younger kids an adult will have to be more involved in facilitating the game.

With the younger age of 5-8 years old, you might want to keep these games as a fun family game night idea. Or plan to have several adults to help out at the party.

For kids aged 9 -11 years old, using the easier games they will be able to solve it on their own with a few hints from the game master here and there.

Tweens and Teens from ages 12-18 years old will be able to do the games all on their own. The kits come with hints pages the kids can use when they break up into groups. They also can use the free app which gives them hints, not answers.

This age group will be more self-sufficient in completing the game and will have fun competing to see which team can escape the room first.

How Many Party Guests to Invite?

The great thing about hosting your birthday celebration at home is you don’t have to worry about paying for each kid you invite. So you can invite large groups as long as they will fit in your house. Or as many as you can handle (:

You will be breaking the party attendees up into smaller groups of 2-5 kids so just keep that in mind. I would not have one large group trying to solve the puzzles together. It gets a little too crazy and the kids will be more focused in smaller groups.

Start by creating a guest list with your child and then you can see if the group size will work for you.

I also would suggest deciding before the party which kids will be in which groups so there is no arguing at the party.

Do You Need to Lock Kids in a Room?

Absolutely NOT, and there are no real locks! The escape room is just an idea there is no locked room. You can have their teams in a separate room or several groups spaced out in one big room for your escape room birthday parties.

All kids need is some space on a table or floor where they can lay out the puzzles to figure out. So think about the spacing in your home and see what works for your house. You could even play this game outdoors on a nice day.

Tip: Remember to space teams far enough apart that they don’t hear each other talking.

If you don’t want to host at your house you could also rent a private room or party room at a park district or local facility and run the game there. This will give you the space to have birthday cake and ice cream after the game too.

Party Planning

Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist. Get organized for upcoming birthday parties with an easy to follow checklist from start to finish. Two pages of everything to remember to do before the party.

Use our free printable birthday party checklist to make sure you get everything ready to host escape room birthday parties. I find this helps keep me on task and from forgetting things I need to get done for the party.


Customize a cute Escape Room Invitations for your child's Birthday Party.

Set the tone for your escape room birthday parties with your own escape room invitation. You’ll get a printable escape room birthday invitation in the Escape Room Geeks and Lock Paper Scissors game kits.

You can edit the invitation to fit your party information. Which I find to be a huge bonus of buying these cheap kits.

If you want something more traditional try one of these Escape room invitations below.

Escape Room Maze

DIY Escape Room Maze to play after your escape room game at home.

When the kids complete the puzzles have them escape through a DIY laser maze. It will really add to the excitement of the game.

They could exit into a room with a treasure chest of party favors or play more quick party games while they wait for the other kids to finish their game.

The laser maze can be through a hallway, doorway, or just stretch the streamers between furniture.

Learn how to make a DIY Hallway Laser Maze.

When we played the Lost Mummy Escape Game it included cute printables for the kids to touch as they make their escape through the maze. You can see it above as my son races through.

Tip: While kids are waiting for the other teams to finish you can play our FREE printable Would You Rather Questions for Kids or Would your Rather Teens & Tweens at the end of the maze. The questions are hilarious!

Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards. #wouldyourather #kidsparty #partyforkids #gamesforkids #kidsgames #pdf

Props & Selfie Stations

DIY Escape Room Selfie Station with props. A fun way to document and escape room birthday party.

Create a super easy selfie station that tweens and teens will love with all the printables included in the escape room kit.

I tape them to my wall to make the background of the selfie station. Then I cut out some of the pictures that were in the escape kit to create props by taping them to a wooden skewer so kids had something to hold.

The picture above shows the station I made for the Lost Mummy escape game printables.

While the party was going on I used the props as table decorations too. The best part is it costs nothing to make and the kids can use their phones for pictures.

If you pick a kit that doesn’t include the props here are a few cute ones you can use too. I’d look for ones that go with your escape room theme.

Party Decorations

Easy party decorations for your Escape room birthday with streamers, balloons and escape room pictures.

Set the mood at the front door of the party by using the welcome escape room signs you’ll get in your kit. I then added some balloons, streamers, and happy birthday signs to complete the decorations.

Tip: We’ve saved tons of money on birthday decorations at Dollar Tree. See how we did it.

If you want more specific Escape Room Game-themed decorations try these.

Party Favor Bag

Create fun escape room-themed party favor bags for the kids to take home or play with once they escape the room.

Add these small Top Secret party favors to your bag and some candy to complete your party favor bag.

Detective Birthday Party

Use the escape room games to create a Detective birthday party theme. Have the kids write secret messages in invisible ink to use in the escape room game. Or before they play have them guess the answer to the escape games and write it in invisible ink. After the game reveal the message to see if they are correct.

Play I Spy with free printable I Spy worksheets to give to kids while they’re waiting for food or desserts. The mystery party theme works great with the Escape Room games. Just add on detective decorations, invitations, and goody bags.

Get more ideas in our Mystery and Detective Party Games for Kids.

Make it a Sleepover

Plan the Ultimate Slumber Party with fun sleepover games, ideas, activities and food. Easily plan your whole night with these cool things to do at a sleepover to keep kids, tweens & teens entertained all night long.

Want to make your Escape Room Birthday Party into a slumber party? Kids love sleepovers and spending the whole night with their friends. The escape games are a great activity for sleepover parties to keep kids entertained.

Find more fun things to do at a sleepover with easy games and activities. Plus fun food options to serve at the party. This guide will help you plan out the night so its fun and stress-free.

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Are you ready now to throw the best birthday party your kid has ever had? This party is a memorable experience the birthday kid will cherish.

These fun escape room birthday parties are a blast for all ages and really keep the kids entertained. But my favorite part as a parent is how super easy & cheap they are to throw.

Don’t forget to check out my review of the Best Escape Room Kits for kids to find the perfect game for your party.

I hope you kids enjoy this party as much as mine have!

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Bonus – you’ll get our free printable Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun game at your next party, family game night, or road trip.

Hilarious Would You Rather Questions for Kids. A fun party game for kids to play at classroom parties, birthday parties & virtual parties. How to play the game and free printable pdf cards. #wouldyourather #kidsparty #partyforkids #gamesforkids #kidsgames #pdf

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How to host an Escape Room Birthday Party at home your Teens & Tweens will love. Learn about the best printable Escape Room Games, invitations, decorations & party favors. Plus a cool DIY laser maze to make escaping the room more fun. Use this step by step guide to easily plan an affordable & super fun Escape room party in your home!